Of the people, By the people and For the people. With this answer by heart from out childhood for the exam do we really understand the meaning behind this simple sentence? If no then its high time you understand the meaning and act accordingly.

Being part of democratic republic country its our right to select a leader whom we think is capable of ruling the country, and leading it towards the success respecting all the civilians of different religion and their sentiments, and making sure  that they live in peace and harmony. Being responsible leader he should work hard for the growth of his country and his countrymen rather than his growth or his family member’s growth. Whichever rules and regulations he implements should be for the welfare of the countrymen.

While voting don’t wont for the person because he sponsored you the Quarter or biryani, don’t wont because you liked her/his movies/serials, don’t vote because you liked her/his item songs, don’t vote her/him because you saw her crying in public rally cladding in khadhi sari(where the hell were her khadi clothes before election), don’t vote because he had cute little dimples and is mamams boy, don’t vote because he talks BIG and promises shining India instead vote for a person whom you really think is capable and who stick to the promises he makes.

This generation politicians are like monkeys keep on jumping from one party to other seeing their profit. Do they really stick to the promise they make before the election? My fellow Indians ,dont fall for their fake tears, don’t fall for their newly provided footpath or bus stop, Don’t fall for their dialogues of “elimination of poverty “, “more employment”, “24/7 electricity”, “safety for women and “women empowerment””. Some things in India will never change corruption, poverty and dirty politics…..and it goes on and on. Many might promise you the moon before the election and show the moon after the election saying “Moon can never be reached”. Don’t be the prey for the fake promises. India may always remain cripple only because of the rotten politicians who work for their welfare rather than countries. Don’t be blind keep your eyes open and vote for the person who you think is capable ruling our beautiful country with peace and harmony.

With knowing the true meaning of democracy lets all make use of this golden opportunity of election. Pick your identity card, stand in the queue and vote for the person whom you think is capable to rule without selfish motives rather than making use of the public holiday spending time with family, watching TV and talking about India’s rotten politics and  dirty politicians. Article 326 clears says every Indian above 18 has right to vote.


“With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds…. “(Abram Lincoln)

Thats what i call SexY

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Anybody ever thought in which type of clothes men look sexy and more breath taking?neiher the swimming trunks nor the formal pants. neither the shorts nor the boxers.Its Indian traditional wear (Dhoti).


Thank you Neeru Bhai for giving me permission to publish this pic:)




The Game OF LOVE

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MDmleooeRolan D’mello:  One of the hardworking, risk taking, good reader, carrier oriented, food loving guy , humorous guy I ever know.  When first time I had seen him in the school I knew it “this one is not ordinary one”. Degrees he obtained are too many to mention!!B.E, MBa, MS and so many certifications I hardly remember. He keeps on updating his CPU(brain) every now and then. He loves to do things in his own way more efficiently and innovatively. He is WEB designer as well as APP developer. If any of you wants to avail above mentioned service please contact me not him. He had showed me the biscuit of goodies if I act as an intermediate. Most important part “Did I mention he is still single!! “

Thank you Rolan D’mello for giving me this platinum opportunity to  publish your work. Thanks a ton. Hope to see you in my blog as much as possible


After hours and hours of thinking and years of experience of meeting people and seeing a number of relationship, both mine and others, here’s a compilation of wisdom which I believe would helpful to you blokes and blokettes out there :P .
Now, I’m no pro at this nor am I a God of small or big things, and I’m definitely no “Hitch“, but I believe there are a lot of things people can always learn and things which can be helpful.
So, in no context is this a manual for dating, relationships, marriage or sex. But rather, consider it as another addition to the way of the old but with a slight twist and personal experience. :)
So here goes….

Pre-Dating and Dating, do’s and don’ts :

Starting with tips for guys:
You are a single guy, been in wait for a lovely woman, your one and only. You are a decent guy, good manners, well behaved, but haven’t been able to find your one and only. You are sitting at a coffee shop alone waiting for your coffee and right across you, seated is a beautiful lady, beautiful eyes, lovely lips, long dark hair, cute smile and everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman. But you know, you could never talk to her, and start thinking to yourself, she’s too hot, way out of my league so you just leave it be, and just fantasize about meeting such a girl. She looks across at you, sizing you up from afar, and then gets back to what she is doing. You are in shock thinking, what happened? Why did she look at me. And then she looks at you again. This goes on for quite some time, and then she leaves, leaving you puzzles.
Guys, and girls, this is a lost chance, you could have just gone upto her and said the best line there ever was and that’s ‘Hi, my name is bla bla bla, I noticed you sitting across alone, would you like me to join you?’
But no, you chose to fantasize and think, damn, she’s too hot for me and let it go. If you just had tried that line, she might have even asked to go ahead and join her considering that you are decent guy, not creepy and have a nice smile while saying it.
Even if she told you no, you could have said, ok,  have a nice day and walked away. At least you tried and it didn’t kill you.
Well, that’s one. Never let go of an opportunity. You never know what might happen. Take a chance once in a while.

Now say, you already have a girl in mind, say a cute girl at office or a friend of a friend or someone you met a party or something, don’t sit on it and wait for a miracle to happen. Go, talk to her, don’t go nuts and start complimenting all of a sudden. Be nice, be fun, be yourself unless you are an idiot, then don’t be yourself. Be confident, don’t ever be a pussy and chicken out if she says something. And don’t do the cocky attitude thing, no one likes that even if a lot of your friends tell that or even if magazines tell that. Know your manners, play with words, enjoy the company, and if you are not serious about knowing the girl, then don’t even go and talk to her because you don’t deserve to know her!!! This is only for serious people!

Once you get talking to her, if you love the company talk to her some more, get her number and leave at the end of the conversation. Don’t linger around too much, sometimes looks like desperation unless she’s lingering around too ;).

Once you go home, don’t start pestering her with calls and messages and look like a frigging phone psycho. Just leave a nice message saying that it was fun talking to you. And if she replies with something nice, great! You are ready for the next part.

Let a day go by, and you could start off with a message. If she doesn’t reply, don’t pester with multiple messages, just wait. And then the next day you can follow up with a call. When you message or call, follow up with her pace, don’t go too fast, or too slow. Don’t talk too much, but don’t shut up either, try matching with her. Know that when you are out of topics to talk, that you need to divert attention and tell her that you need to go and will catch up soon.

Make a play of words, don’t always talk boring stuff, and talk about yourself, her and everything around. Listen. The key word here is LISTEN. Listening gets you more closer to the heart than talking. Don’t interrupt, listen carefully to what she says, hear her out. You don’t need to be a problem solver, just a listener, and don’t dare fake it! Its worse than not listening at all. Be honest about what you say.

[More to come in part 2 :D]

Grooming for guys:
Always be presentable, love could be waiting anywhere!!
You don’t have to be overtly fashionable, but having a good sense of dressing can take you a long way.
In office, if you have to wear formals, see to it that you wear complementing tones, e.g. vertical striped shirts with vertical striped pants or plain pants and vice versa.
Don’t ever wear anything too bright, i’ve seen people wearing florescent coloured shirts and pants. DON’T!! You aren’t a firefly, light pleasing colours which complement each other are best.
Classics, black and white never fail and neither do black and blue nor blue and white.
For casuals, nice fitting jeans ( not the tight ones ) and a nice tee shirt or a nice shirt for semi-casual does good.
Always see to it that the clothes fit, shoulder stitch close to the shoulder. Sleeves at the wrist, pants not too tight or too lose. These are the basics.

Nicely combed hair, or messy, as long as you have messed it up looks good. A clean shave or a light stubble is good, don’t go full on mountain bear or patchy beard, that’s just too careless.

Nails nicely cut, a good bath, and a good deodorant or a whiff of perfume ( don’t spray too much or you’ll end up being a stink bug ). Yeah, the ladies don’t like too much odour.

Grooming for ladies:
I won’t comment anything on this, since I’m a guy, but trust me, the same thing that goes for guys works for girls as well, well-fitting goes a long way.
To be Continued…..


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Some LOVE stories are meant to end before even they begin

With a half awake mind, I started to walk in January’s chilly breeze. Thank god it doesn’t snow in Bangalore, I thought. Cursing myself, I waited in the BTM bus stop for the BIA12, my ride to the airport. Gratitude to BMTC for the volvo service to the airport.
I pulled the hoody over my head and thought may be a coffee could help. Rubbing my hand, I looked across the road. When I couldn’t spot a cycle chai vendor, I stood there shivering in the cold. With my laptop bag hung on my back and one hand holding the stuffed travel bag, I closed my eyes for a what you may call a quick power nap.

It must have been 15 mins when the green color bus with binging ‘BIA12′ stopped in front of me with the conductor yelling “Airport…Airport”. When I saw his energy in this chilly weather, I thought may be he had his peg in the morning instead of evening. Whatever, I pushed my hoody back, picked my bag and got into the bus. When I felt warmer in the bus, I thanked my stars. I kept my bag in the luggage space and occupied one of the four face-to face seats. I never liked those seats because two monkeys will be sitting opposite to us with their legs colliding with the other two monkeys who are facing them. And when suddenly the driver applies breaks, two monkeys facing the front yell and fall over to the monkeys facing backwards literally hugging them. I had seen this plenty of times. I had valid reasons to sit there. As I am 6’3”, sitting at the back would have been a problem so to catch up on some of my lost sleep, I felt monkeys seat will help me. After paying for the ticket I pulled the hoody over my head, put the head phones on and closed my eyes.

When I got a good response to my “6ft talls, fair complexion, IT by profession, 32 years old, Well settled in Bangalore, owns a flat, looking for educated, broad minded girl” matrimony ad I had asked my self “They like me or my assets”?. Due to my mother’s pressure I had published that ad in some matrimonial sites. As I wanted my own space, I had moved out of my parents’ house three years ago. My parents were staying with my elder bother and his wife. Its since last year that my mother started reminding of my marital status. To make her happy I had published that ad. To be honest, I never belived in arranged marriage where girls’ expectations over power guys’ expectation , they reject guys because he doesn’t have a car or a flat. I know practically these things are needed but I wanted to fall in love with somebody and marry without telling my status or bank balance. I never tried explaining my philosophy to my mother because she will never understand. My dad on the other hand said only one thing “Enjoy life as long as you are single and ready to mingle with beer you my dear”. I alwys loved my dads attitude towards life. Live life with your own terms.
Rising sun was a witness of the heavy traffic on the road. I was dozing when the bus started filling up. Most of the people use the airport bus if it comes their way. I guess they feel paying INR 20 extra is far better then getting rubbed by the conductor. When I felt it was impossible to sleep I took my iPad and started to read the morning news. Its my habit that as soon I reached office, before checking my email I read the news because it relaxes your tensed muscles before you open up your flooded inbox. As I was lost in the world of news I didn’t realise an old man with neck collar coming and sitting in front of me. As soon as his ass hit the seat he said “Can you keep your leg a bit to your side”. How I wanted to pull his neck collar and say “Can I keep it on your head?”. Casting my fake smile which I use often in front of my boss I said “Sure”. When I could no longer take that the guy was scanning me I closed my eyes. You see when a girl stares at you its a good sign but when a guy stares at you its a bad sign. Cursing the guy and adjusting my legs, I increased the volume on my iPad as the loud radio played in the bus was starting to get into my nerves. I tried to calm down and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes in the next stop it was over crowded with office people. As the legs of the guy sitting across me were touching I felt I was being molested without my knowledge. I shut my eyes and dare not to open again.

I was almost snoring soundlessly when my phone rang. When I saw it was my friend calling, I smiled. It was his wedding in Chennai that I was going to attend. I picked the call and started talking to him. Its then that my eyes fell on this lady sitting across me. When did the old man disappear and she came? Since when has she been sittin there? And like a jackass, I was sleeping!!! With my eyes on her I could hear my heart singing some romatic hindi songs. May be it was playing a violin like in “main hun na”, I don’t know. With my head leaned on the glass window, I looked at those closed eyes which were flaunting the neatly applied eye liner I thought she must be pro to do that without spreding it. I had seen my sister in law fighting with the brush and rubbing it with tissue. With her free flowing unstraightened hair, she looked like a goddess to me. Her thick glasses were the proof of her nerdyness or excessive television watching; a question to ask for later, I thought. Rose color looked tempting on her lips. With the extra glow on them all I wanted was to taste them…….i shook my head and tried to get hold of my head. I didn’t like the direction in which it was going. The stole wrapped around her neck was hiding the rest of the view. Her hand bag was resting on her lap right across my lap. I could smell her mild perfume in the air which was tempting me to bend a bit and breathe it in. Her legs were slightly brushing against mine. I didn’t care, infact I liked it and it felt so right. How I wanted her head to rest against my chest, my fingers itched to play with her hair. I don’t know how long I sat there drinking in her beauty. There was something about the way she was sitting that captivated my heart. Its then I realised that my friend was shouting on the phone. Telling him that I’ll call him later (not atlest for the next 3 hours) I disconnected the call.

She must have sensed me staring at her because the next thing I know was that her eyes were open. I was caught off guard. Her eyes jet black like her hair. She just looked at me and when she felt I am harmless went back to sleep. I must have moved my legs because she was staring at me again. I looked at her, gave her one of my cute little smile and said “Sorry”. She just looked at me with her “Don’t you dare to do it again” look. As her eyes were open I couldn’t see her directly. But I didn’t stop watching her under my lashes. With blue jeans and printed top she looked casual but professional. When I saw the size of her handbag, I just wondered whether she was carrying any cosmetics like other fashionable women I know from office. I looked at her closed eyes again and wondered what would be her name. It must be a melodious like my name ‘Summer’ or the name of some Goddess? My phone started ringing in its usually Linkin park song again. When I looked, it was my same friend calling me again. I smiled and said hello and he started blabbering something, which didn’t make any sense to me that time but I didn’t care. I sat there with the phone in my hand listening to my friend and watching the sleeping beauty in front of me. I searched her left hand for a wedding band. When I found none I knew this was my ‘it girl’. I don’t know how long I sat there drinking her beauty, taking in all minute things. Like her star shaped earing, neatly shaped long eye brows, spectacle supported on a cute little nose and her rose colored lips. Lips which were tempting me. I shook my head and shook it hard this time. I never felt this way for any woman in my entire life. May be it was what they say “love at first sight”. Love, infatuation, I don’t know what the hell it was but all I knew was that with every passing minute, I was drowning deeper into this girl whose name I did not know. I wanted to listen to her talk, wanted to see her walking, wanted to see her smilling. I brushed my hair with my fingers, wondering whether I am loosing my mind. I cut my friend in between and said “I think I am falling in love”. My friend laughed his lungs out but when he sensed my seriousness he said “I believe you found your lady love today because till yesterday you were in good health and not infected by this love disease. I smiled and said “Yeah, right in front of me, taking a nap”. He said “most of the women look pretty and breathtaking only until their mouth is zipped and become bossy once they open their mouth. I didn’t say anything because I knew that nothing was going to change. I felt it in my bones. My friend continued “If you still want to try just give a try buddy, wish you good luck. Call me once you reach Chennai Airport.” I disconnected the call and kept it in my bag. Suddenly, without my notice, her eyelids flapped open and she gave me a hard look. Something which I couldn’t decode, so I just looked out of the glass window. With my heart pounding heavy in my chest, butterflies flying high in my stomach, goose bumps swallowing my skin, I felt my sixth senses were warning me of the upcoming storm. Slowly, I tried to look at her but when my sight collided with hers, I looked away like a kid who robbed a candy. Prettyy hot sun rays forced me to put my shades on.

The same conductor now stood next to my seat and scanned me for a while with his old specs and then looked at the lady sitting in front of me. May be he wanted to act as a warrior or impress the lady . He asked the lady “Madam, is he disturbing you” in his broken English. How I wanted to punch the guy on his big nose. The lady smiled with one of the sweetest smiles and said “No, nothing that I can’t handle. Thank you anyways”. A mischievous smile appeared on my lips and she must have sensed it. As my eyes were were masked with the shades she couldn’t see my eyes’ delight. She said “When they see a girl, men forget the world and start hitting on her, they forget their manners, their surroundings…”. I cut her in between and said “To be honest, ma’am, when they see a pretty lady sitting in front of them they can’t resist themselves. They just admire the beauty. Whats the use of the beauty which is not admired”. I was sure that she will fall for the compliment and laugh her heart out like other girls. Any tough girl would also fall for the compliments that my brother had taught me. She didn’t smile. She sat there looking at me. Finally she said “You think that I’ll fall for that?May be you guys are born with these pickup lines”. There was a twinkle in my eyes and she missed the view, thanks to my shades. I laughed capturing other passengers’ and the conductor’s attention who was now obviously jealous of me and said “May be God thought that it would be handy for the boys to live in this big world”. I was sure by now I had made her uncomfortable and at any moment she would change her seat. But at the moment even the seats were in my favour. No other seats were empty. I took it as a sign and continued looking at her. She said correcting “to flirt in this world. You guys are never happy with one; always want another”. I removed my shades and bent a little so that only she could hear and said “I still don’t have one. I am looking at her and she is looking back me; lets see whether I’ll have one by the end of the journey”. She must have sensed that I am not zesting and became serious. The blush on her cheeks were the proof. I said “I am no harm; you can realx” saying that I replaced my shades. I dont know how my legs were collodied with her. It looked intentioal but it was not. Before i could apologise,she smiled and I wondered what made her smile. She said “But I am harmful”. Saying that, she sprayed something that smelled like pepper onto my eyes.”I scremed and cursed the guy who invented the spray and cursing the gal whom I thought I almost married. Nobody came to my help as they thought it was right for me to suffer for tormenting the gal. I requested the driver to stop the bus for a while. Thank god my shades were on so the effect was not that much. I sprinkled water on my eyes and tried to ease the irritation. When the driver said he cant wait and either I had to get down from the bus or get in I got into the bus. Thinking if I get down with my temporarily damaged eyes I’ll be mobbed, I started walking like a blind man inside the bus. People were murmuring “Good thing girl taught him a lesson”, “Couldn’t he mind his own business…” I said “F***, I was minding my own business until she opend her mouth”. As my friend said “when the women open their mouth you want to run away from them”’ I sat there in some seat which people directed me to. The girl must have enjoyed my suffering, I thought. I searhed the gal from where I was seated. It didn’t take much longer to spot her with those specs of hers. She looked at me. Covering one of my eyes with a hand, I saw her looking down apologetically. Girls all are someone a minute ago and someone else the next. They do or say something and next minute you find them saying “Sorry”. Even though she sprayed that damn pepper spray on my eyes, I didn’t hate her. I loved her guts. With every passing minute I was more clear that she is the one who I am going to marry. As my eyes were burning, I closed them and tried to ease the pain. Wih my eyes closed, I could sense her watching me with concern.

I must have dozed for while because next time when I opened my eyes, the bus had stopped in the Bangalore international airport. My eyes were burning badly. I thought the girl had damaged my eyes permanently. I looked at the seat where she was sitting. She was gone. I hurried and got up from my seat so that I could catch up with her before she got into her plane. It was then that I saw this post-it slip saying “I am sorry” stuck on my bag. I smiled looking at her hand writing; very cute I thought. I picked my bag and got down from the bus. With my eyes burning with pain, heart pounding continuously, I was dying to find her. And there she was walking towards her terminal. With the hand bag hung on her shoulder and other hand pulling her trolly I thought she didn’t even give a damn. But then suddenly she stopped. Slowly she turned back and stood there watching me. Like how they show in the typical hindi movies. I thought even this can happen in reality. I was stoned to where I was standing thinking something bad will happen if I move. I felt happy because I felt I found the gal who I was going to marry, the gal who won my heart on this journey. With my ears filled with the sound of my uncontrollable heart beat, I smiled at her and waved. She smiled at me and waved back. I felt like I was the first person who visited moon at that moment. Before I could walk towards her and talk to her. She turned back and walked into the crowded terminal. I stood there trying to understand what was really happening. I hurried towards the terminal where she was standing and tried to find her. I searched every corner but couldn’t spot her. Not even 2 minutes had passed and I already started missing her.When I inhaled her familiar faded perfume I got a little bit of comfort in that crowded terminal. I stood there where she was standing two minutes back and closed my eyes One minute I felt I found her and second minute she was gone. Gone for good or bad I don’t know.

The same conductor who was staring at me in the bus walked towards me and said “Sorry sir; I didnt know you were serious or else could have helped you sir.Your love story ended before it could begin. Don’t worry sir you will find someone”. I chuckled and nodded my head pretending to be agreeing with him. How could I explain to him that I didn’t want anybody but her? How could I explain that how her image is imprinted in my mind and heart that I cant stop thinking about her? How could I explain to him that she was the girl who captivated my heart without any conditions or requirements. I waved at the conductor and started walking away with my heavy heart wondering whether some love stories are meant to end before even they begin. Passenger “Let her go” was loudly playing in my iPad and i thought what a timing.


Here’s golden sorry platinum opportunity to bring out the englisk ka baap “oxford” and english ka grandpa “wren martin” within you. click on button and be part of the blog.


As the owner and publisher of SnLWorld is lazy,busy and lazy again(very lazy) she(in other words me) is looking for a editor. Who can edit the write ups(specially stories because their damn lengthy) accordingly and bag the title of “Official Editor of SnLworld. Those who are interested you dont have to send the resume to my instead send me a simple mail saying “you are crazy and smart enough to accept the job”

Job Description:

  • Questions regarding the stories are not accepted
  • Suggestion to change the flow will be burned with kerosine
  • stories needs to be updated within the times allocated. Laziness and negligence will e considered as …..(hmm what the hell!!…which word they use next??…hmm..time to change the sentence)….hmm(still not happening). In one word negligence and laziness wont be tolerated(this looks fine)
  • Comparing SnL stories with other stories will defiantly harm your post or may be life(not sure)
  • Good feed back is appropriated with pat on your upper back and negative feedback with a whack on your lower back
  • Sick leave, casual leave are unavailable during the editing work


What you will take home:

  • Joy of working with great(great dane dog is more famous than Snl) personality
  • To be the first person to know about the new write up
  • Little pain to correct, understand the the meaning of the half eaten words
  • Some goodies accordingly to the occasion
  • One time Lunch/meal depending on the editing work
  • Occasional free hugs depending on the SnL moods
  • Mind blowing appreciation if your work meets the standard
  • Credit of turning the ugly, uncorrected story to beautiful, corrected queen of stories

Interested candidates please hurry limited time only(if I get one mail ill keep matha ka jagratha)

Peek at Kinnigoli dry Fish Market

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It might stink bad but telling you it has worlds best taste. Dry fish curry with raw mango, chutney with dry fish, dry fish fry,dry shrimp chutney are the famous dishes in Mangalore. If you ever visit Mangalore dont miss dry fish dishes telling you they are yummmmmmy.

I love AUTO

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I was returning to my pg after having my dinner with my friend. I was above to get into my pg when a weird sound from the auto startled me. With my friend beside me i peeped slowly inside and was greeted by this street dog. He was sleeping like a king in absence of the auto owner. I am sure the dog will leave at dawn  leaving proof of his presence and keep the driver wondering “which Son Of ***** slept in my auto.