If you find a old, shaggy, dirty, black and white dog with paw printed water bowl, sitting under a big name plate, with security guard few feet away from him then you are in Museum Road, Bangalore.

Its almost been 3 months and I find him at the same spot. With his fancy paw printer water bowl he  looked like he had been there all his life.


View inside my hostel room

Yeah, that my stuff sleeping on the bed. You are smart if you recognized my pink stole .

Who says travelling alone isn’t fun, I was enjoying every bit of it, see the pictures and you will know because I am not there in any of it.Staying in a hostel just outside the castle is sexy or not?. Hostel was another level of paradise, tourist from all around the world male and female all together. Even though I couldn’t interact with them due to my lack of social skills I was lost in the game of watching them(there are many people who share my interest), handsome guys in their ganjis playing pool, reading the news paper, doing nothing sitting on the couch, washing their juice glasses, talking..US.Japan, Canada, Aussie and one Indian girl(that is me me me).

As there was a walk I was back to my hostel before 2PM,As our sexy, handsome guide started the walk after checking our footwear he went on pointing this and that and explaining. With his accent rhymed like a wind shay-me I was lost with my the grasping capacity gone to White Walkers beyond the wall. I was like Teddy, my dog moving my head 30 degree and 60 degree without blinking but watching intensely.


Indian may not be famous but Indian food is.

Bobby, the Grey-friars who waited on his owners grave faithfully, till his end, in the graveyard made my eyes wet. People near by took care of him, giving him food and water. Is there any story involving with happy ending?.

This is where the Harry Potter and the whole series was born

I was jumping Jane when the walk begin, after slogging my ass day and night in office first outing I was enjoying. It was not even 15 minutes when I started panting. Aint I country girl who loves to walk miles and miles with Archie, tailing with Rum Teddy, aint I the same girl who avoid auto so that I can walk?I doubted. “If this is the case I might not even to see the face of my unborn kids and their father(I am still hopeful)”

Fu** Arthur, Fu** his Seat I was singing the song taking breaks every 5 minutes. “Was I crazy to climb this?was I?Was I” When my conscience was fighting within I was fighting for air. We Indians stop exercising once we get a job unless for cousin wedding or own or to impress any girl/guy from college, may be its just me. Few more days on that chair in front of system and my tummy will be like my manager’s beer tummy, trying to fit in medium size shirt, revealing little bit of that dirty passage from behind.

While our guide reached the top in no speed I was thunder stuck with his physique. “I climb this place twice in a week in 45 minutes”. “What the …?” Is he freak? Here I am trying my ass out not to collapse and he climbs Arthur’s fucki** seat twice a week. I was bit relived when I saw two US girls became my 5-minutes break partners. saying “Say what” when I cracked some PJ’s

When I reached the top I realised how breath taking it was. Sexy view from F**Arthurs Seat. I became active listener rather than the talker in my walk group. With my Indian accent and terminology it would have taken days to explain Indians things to them.

Ascend was difficult but descend was disaster. Being the last in queue I am sure they would have figure it out that I am Roza Pinto(Nishas granny, according to Nisha her grannys ghost rest in me). Handsome guide took pity on me and waited for me to get down from the sloppy way. I dont know why I did what I did, may be the dead kid in me wanted to came to life or wanted to impress the guy behind me. Before I know I jumped from certain height on the uneven ground. “Surrrrrp”, those old Bones

The super energetic GUIDE

5-minutes break partners.

We reached the bottom and all were walking. I realised by then I was slighting limping my right foot. “Its just temporary” I was consoling myself

“Any one of you hungry?” When guide said they were many who wanted to refill their empty tummy. I just followed because I had nothing much to do

“I am from Philadelphia” one guy was saying

“Me to, where you stay in Phil” Girls who were taking break with me while walking said


I was just looking their face in first in first order base. Then they were talking about drinking games, save the queen, thump up…

“I keep on travelling, Parague, Budapest” one who happens to my room mate was saying

“I am off to Ireland next week for St Patricks day” other sharing too.

Swamy Devare(Oh Dear god)Where I go for my vacation?I catch Sugama bus and go to Mangalore then back to Bangalore. Listening to them I realized how people from other countries try to explore, take risk, meet new people. while we Indians just stick to social norms, study our ass off, get job, work our ass off, get married to, make babies, pay their tuition fees and then suffer with cancer or tumor, and die paying the hospital bill.  Fun filled life with peace and adventure we haven’t tasted that phase of life

When I reached back to hostel there was a commotion in the wash room. I saw men shaving, girls combing, applying make up.Then it hit me, they were getting ready for PC. I wasn’t keen on it as my leg was screaming with pain. “what 30+Roza pinto will do in midst of youngster”, I was telling myself.”Yeah What I do”.

Then against my will I got ready, “Lets see what happens in pub crawling”.With my hostel seal on my hand, I followed the cheering, hopeful herd limping.  “ID Please” when the security guy asked me I wanted to hit my head to the wall for my ignorance. Remember always carry a book to read,credit card to pay bill, umbrella for the protection:) and fu**ID card for identification. Dont be like SNL. I blinked 20timespersecond  like Loly and tilted my head 30 degree and whispered “I forgot Sir”. “Step aside mam” he said firmly.”You better go and get your I-Card” he said politely. I walked out away from the merry people, music from the pub slowly floating towards me, the night was young but I wasn’t. With my swollen knee I have to limp all the way up to hostel and back here. “Next time” I said and walked away. I was sad just for a moment then the Roza Pinto was back. “You should have listen to me”


Back in hostel met a short but sweet guy from Japan, my roommate,who was travelling, making friends with Japaneses to English translation book. MAN!isnt it fantastic. I loved his courage.He reminded me of my best friend Golu. short but sweet but with lots of confidence. I dont remember his name but yeah I remember his face.

When the event filled day came to an end I wished my time in Scotland to last forever. Yeah I was being greedy who wouldn’t be when you are in Scotland

1: https://snlworld.wordpress.com/2017/06/18/lazy-bum-in-scotland-on-her-own/

Want to see lake, visit Bangalore roads on a rainy day

Imagine walking in that dirt piss water. Forget pedicure, you need Dettol+Phenol+Alcohol+…. to free tour feet from bacteria.

You know swimming then take a chance of crossing the road

Definitely we need boats to cross those flooded roads in Bangalore. While many of us sit at home sipping hot coffee, eating bajji’s watching some old Hindi movie lying on that ass pampering couch there is someone out there, in that heavy rain, on those flooded road working their ass off.  Bangalore Traffic Police, Bravo

It was 11 but I couldn’t close the book ,few more chapters were eagerly waiting to be read. “So you are not sleeping?” my husband asked me.”you go to bed darling, I want to finish this one, good night” I said kissing my husband on cheek. Switching off the light I walked in the hall and picked a spot near the bed lamp on the couch. I never liked the hotel rooms but today I really didnt care.I flipped the next page.


Sankirthi never imagined life would be merciful and filled with color. She was finally enjoying her life with Leeroy beside her, this time as her husband.

Sankirthi and Leeroy had knocked on her parent’s door hoping to take blessings from her parents after the court marriage. With her heart pounding louder than the drums of a heavy metal she held Leeroy’s hand for support wondering how her parents will react. Her father opened the door, she could see her father’s jaw tighten and fingers curl into fist. Without saying a word he went inside, leaving Leeroy and Sankirthi glaring at the half opened door. She risked a quick glance at her husband who winked at her and kissed her hand which was trembling in his strong firm hand.

When George asked them to take blessings from Sankirthis parents Leeroy’s had glared at his father open mouth

“Seriously dad, after all this you expect us to take blessings from them. Are you kidding me?”,Leeroy was being reasonable

“Trust me son, that’s the right thing to do. Like it or not they are Sankirthis parents. When a girl marries she leaves behind her parents who took care of her, loved her since her birth. She expects them to bless her on her new beginning with her new family. You do the right thing; let them decide what they want to do”.

Result of which, Sankirthi and Leeroy were standing in front of Sankirthis half opened door. First time in her life Sankirthi was not scared. With Leeroy beside her she knew she doesn’t have to worry. Her mother never loved her so she expected to be rude but it’s her father her heart wept for. He was always around when she needed her mother. When she bruised her knees it was her father who wiped her tears and tended her wounds. When she had nightmares it was her father who held her trembling body in his assuring everything will be alright. Her eyes filled with tears with every memory she spent with her father.

When she heard somebody walking inside she wiped her tears preparing for the moment to pass. Her father opened the door and dumped the packed bags in front of them.

“Everything in there” he said pointing out the bags. “Never ever come back”; there was only hatred, pure hatred.

“Would you at least bless me father..?” Sankirthi took her courage and said in a low voice which she couldn’t believe was belong to her.

“Don’t call me father!!!. He spat at Sankirthi, glaring at her ferociously “Blessings!!!! over my dead body, you can never live in peace. Trust me, you never going to get the blessings from me. Every time you smile think about your parents who suffer because of you. You will be never happy.”

Sankirthi couldn’t hold back any more, tears were rolling staining her cheeks. Leeroy wrapped his hand around his wife’s shoulder. When he was about say something to his father-in-law Sankirthi stopped him. He looked at his wife who looked so miserable and sad. His features soften; he picked the bags lying in front of them

“Thank you for packing Sankirthis things, it saved our time and energy, isn’t it Love” he winked at Sankirthi with a grin. Even she was feeling miserable she wanted to giggle at Leeroy’s nerve. When her father was cursing her, there he was making her laugh right under her father’s nose. When they were kids, he was beside her like a true good friend but now he was beside her like a loving husband. She wiped her tears and helped her Leeroy with remaining bags. She looked at her father for one last time in the door way and walked away with hope someday he will understand her


George waved at the newly married couple on their way to honeymoon when they pushed their trolley with their luggage and walked into the Bangalore International airport. Leeroy and Sankirthi hand in hand boarded the flight to Spain. One royal week they spent exploring the beautiful place, trying out their cuisine, enjoying the sun rise on hill top, watching the bird fly back to their nest at sun set, making love in the night.

They watched people dive from a bridge, individuals, couples, screaming their guts out, enjoying.   Excited it looked but Sankirthi was scared thinking about the jump and height.

“We should try Ki”

“Are you crazy?I don’t want to, if you want to go ahead please” Sankirthi said swallowing the rising bile.

“Fight your fears Ki, let them vanish, don’t let them dominate you and scare you. I am here what you have to worry about”, Leeroy said assuring her and wrapping his arms around her.

“Fighting fears is one another thing, jumping from this crazy bridge is other thing. Dont compare them”

“Come on Ki, do it for me” he said boyishly and Sankirthi’s heart melted

Sankirthi didn’t dare to open her eyes scared that she might die if she does. Bile rising, adrenaline pumping she held to Leeroy tightly.

“You are crazy Roy, total crazy” she muttered eyes still closed. It happened in fraction of second before she knows she was falling with Leeroy.

“Open your eyes Key, live the moment, make it your. Let go of your fear” Leeroy whispered in her ears

She opened her eyes and saw the Leeroy smiling at her with his hands spread out like a falcon and her fear vanished.  She let go of her arms which were still wrapped around Leeroy and slowly spread  wide open, enjoying the moment, living it, capturing it and sealing it. She wasn’t scared anymore, never till Leeroy is beside her. As their head hit the surface of water she felt as if she is born again.

“It’s your new beginning. You are going to write every chapter of your life with your own hand” Kissing his wife Leeroy said.

Sankirthi smiled content to be under the wings of a falcon


When they boarded their return flight back to Bangalore Sankirthi snuggled closer to her husband, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Thank you Roy,…”

“For lending my shoulder?“ He raised his eyebrows questioningly his wife who was getting comfortable on his shoulder him; there was a smile on her face for a change

“Don’t interrupt Roy, let me complete. Thank you for being there for me always, when I was small and when I grew up, thank you for trusting me when my own parents didn’t, thank you for honoring me by making me your wife, thank you for teaching me to fly”

Leeroy pecked his wife who looked so peaceful, head on his shoulder “you don’t have to thank your husband, Ki”. Leeroy said closing his eyes and drifting to sleep.


To give the newly married couple some space George flew to Dubai to his relatives. Sankirthi and Leeroy enjoyed every single minute in each other’s company talking, listening, and arguing about every little thing. When they didn’t talk they sat on the couch beside each other watching TV or reading books in silence.

Every morning Leeroy would drop Sankirthi to her office; stand and watch till she reach the main entrance of her office , turn back and send him flying kisses. Instead of pretending to catch her kisses he would just stand and watch that million dollar smile on her face. She then turned her head making weird angry faces at him for not catching her kisses and run waving at him. She had been through a lot of ups and down, now it’s his responsibility to keep her happy always. Heaven is what he intend to gift her on a platter.

Once Leeroy reached his office he would call Sankirthi asking how she is doing, whether anyone is troubling her, what code she’s is writing; breaking her head, noon Sankirthi would ring Leeroy telling him how much she miss him and how sleepy she is, evening before Leeroy would leave office he would call Sankirthi telling her to be ready for her pick up, followed by n number of “heart”, “kisses” and “Love” emoji’s in what’s app, infinite times. Out of two days of weekend, one day was meant for cleaning the house and grocery shopping. Whose turn to put the clothes in washing machine, whose turn to change the bed sheet they argued all time. So to avoid the confusion and Leeroy’s lies claiming last weekend he was one who did the whole cleaning, Sankirthi maintained a sheet; displayed on the fridge which used to disappear on every Friday night. Sankirthi would watch Leeroy, who would be busy watching TV sipping his beer, unaware that his dirty deed is discovered. One look at him, who was almost inside the TV with the soccer players, jumping every time a player made a mistake; her heart would melt and she would fall in love with him all over again. Especially when he cursed, throwing his hands in air, stamping the floor with frustration. Then Leeroy would call out for her, biting his nails “love, can you pick a beer for me” Sankirthi would scream back “pick it yourself Roy, you are not their coach for heaven sake, move your ass from that damn couch.”

Seconds later Leeroy appear in kitchen with beer can in his hand and sexy smile on his face. He would open the beer can and then scratch his stubble and wink at her asking lazily.

“Need any help Love?”

Sankirthi would glare at him like a bull with kitchen knife in hand dead tired cooking.

“You should learn from me how to be nice…….”

“Get out of the Kitchen Roy, before I start chopping you….”

He would place his beer on kitchen counter and walk to her slowly with that sexy smile on his face. With his gentle finger he would massage her stressed neck and shoulder. Sankirthi would lean back against his chest making purring sound in her throat like a well petted kitten. With his skillful finger he would turn off the gas and pick his dear wife in his strong arms and walk towards his room. Food and soccer game long forgotten, along with the half chopped vegetables.

Sundays were meant for long rides, exploring the new places in and around Bangalore. It’s during those ride Leeroy taught Sankirthi riding his beastly royal Enfield. Her knees and elbows still bear the scar of bruises

It’s not that they had only good day’s, sometimes they would argued about whose turn it was to throw the thrash in the morning, or pick clothes from dry clinic. Leeroy being pampered always forgot his turns. Early morning Sankirthi would argue telling how he need to be responsible and how tired she is reminding the old man suffering from Alzheimer living in the young body. Angry and furious Leeroy would get ready to office, pick his helmet just walk away without even caring how Sankirthi would go to office.

They would stay angry whole day with no calls, no message’s, not even single smiley crossed between the two ends of an angry bridge. As the night drew closer Sankierthi go crazy unable to bear the silence. She then try to make the amends by keeping flowers and sorry cards in front of Leeroy, who blindly ignore them. With her all tricks down the bin, when she felt her defeat is near she used her last weapon, which is very handy when its men who are involved in the war; “Seduction”. If he wouldn’t budge Sankierthi would shower his face with kisses apologizing million times for being pain in ass. She would blame her monthly fucked up hormones, her nerves and they would forget the whole thing lying in each other arms, happy again. Life wasn’t bed of roses as it was real but with Leeroy it was magical every moment

Sankirthis father walked away whenever he encountered her, ignoring her existence. Sankirthi would ask politely “How you doing father?” and he would walk past her without answering her. She never bothered to acknowledge her mother, she tried but she couldn’t. She didn’t hated her parents anymore she felt sorry for them for being blind and being so bitter at their old age.

George came back after 6 months stay in Dubai. He looked old and lone. Sankirthi tried her level best to bring smile his face; she could never fill the empty space created by Lydias early departure. Leeroy took his father along when he went to gym in the morning to keep his mind occupied. Leeroy tried his level best to humor his father who seemed to be lost in the past.

It was one morning Leeroy and George were getting into their car when they saw Sankirthi’s mother collapsed in the garden. Leeroy rushed her to hospital and stood beside her when she lay unconscious in the hospital bed, after informing Sankirthi and her father. Minutes later when Sankirthis father walked in to the hospital Sankirthi was already there seated outside the ICU with Leeroy and George. With his grey hair, unshaven beard he looked old and devastated, it was Leeroy who consoled him and informed him that due to low sugar level Sankirthi’s mother fainted. They need to be careful in future. After seeing his wife, lying unconscious on the hospital bed, he came out and sat on the bench outside, shaken to the core, Sankirthi walked to her father and sat beside him. As she didn’t know what to say she sat beside him in silence

“Tell thanks to Leeroy on behalf of me Sankirthi, your mother is alive because of him” he said after a long killing silence.

“You can tell him yourself father, he wont bite” she said slowly

Her father looked at her then walked to Leeroy, who was seated beside George. Sankirthi smiled at him when he looked up seeing her father approach him

“Thank you Leeroy, My wife is alive because of you”

“That’s what family do right, take care of each other” he said hugging her father.

Sankirthi was so proud of Leeroy, he didn’t let the bitter past spoil his present relations. She wondered how he can do that so easily. She never imagined her father will talk to Leeroy but there he was thanking him from bottom of his heart.

Couple of weeks passed; Sankirthi’s mom was still recovering. She was discharged after a week in hospital; with strict orders from doctor to be cautious. It was Leeroy who completed the hospital formalities and drove her sick mother and father home. George insist she go and visit her mom but Sankirthi couldn’t bring herself to visit her mother; she needed more time, time to forget the past and move on like Leeroy. On the other hand Leeroy visited her mother every day. Sankirthi could never understand how easily Leeroy can do that. Out of curiosity she asked him one day when he was just returning from visiting her home.

“How could you do it? After they abused you so badly you still find it easy to visit them”

Leeroy held his wife’s hand in his gently

“Remember what I told you Ki, you can never win hatred with hatred, but you can with Love. Don’t worry I will help you”

He pulled Sankirthi gently into his arms

“I know love it’s hard for you, but give it a try. Don’t be bitter about them, they are your parents, they need you”

For a moment or two Sankirthi felt content in Leeroy’s arms; loving her mother who never loved her and father who never trusted her. Her eyes filled with tears, it’s not easy for her.

“I cant Roy, I cant. They never trusted me; you know how much it hurts to know your parents  doesn’t trust you.”

Leeroy rubbed her back lovingly

“I know love, but what I am saying is don’t be bitter about the past, give them a chance, whatever they did it was in pit of anger …”

“Anyhow Roy, I cant right now, it’s hard for me. Don’t push me, may be when my wounds heal I will think about it”

Leeroy kissed the top of her head and crushed his wife to him in his strong but loving arms.

My Rating:8

“Jeon Jin-ho, struggling architecture is desperate to get a new project. In the bid of exploring the best work of famous architecture he ends up on Park Kae-In’s doorstep. Not to see her but to see her father’s architectural work, her house. She lives in a beautiful little house thanks to her dad, the house is pretty famous in the locality. Jeon pretending to be gay rents a room in Park Kae-In house when, her father is on overseas trip. All he want is to explore the house, see the architecture and escape before his true intention is revealed.

Park Kae, is good at heart and bit naive can never imagine people cheating on her. When her boyfriend and best friend got married she was the last person to know. Oh yeah, now you see her dumbness! Without much contemplating when she rents a room to Jeon it was evident that she will fall for him, gay or not. You see Love doesn’t have gender. The story might be slow with its pace and people meddling in but it isn’t boring. The cute little things Park Kae wears, the furniture she designs, her pull overs and finally her weather report. Picking the things with wings, massaging Park Kae’s tummy when she have cramps and ton more cute little things Jeon does for Park Kae makes you say “How I wish I had a oppa like him”

The story gets twisted with her dad back from his trip and Jeon getting caught with blue print of Park Kae’s house. This part sucks, with Park Kae’s bucket full of tears, lots of Soju and piggy back riding.

But the apple cut in horizontal shape results in happy ending with Park Kae and Jeon sharing the same bed.”


Kumavo Samida

He might be lone but not sad. He is hopeful for better future enjoying Bangalore’s(Richmond Road) semi hot weather .

School days are the best, do worries, no responsibilities, Just study, play and balance your legs up in the air.