A simple Love Story

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Once upon a time there lived a gummy bear named Balu



It was summer when Balu’s eyes fell on pretty Chakori. It was love at first sight for Balu



Balu proposed Chakori and she agreed to become mother of Balu’s kids



Every day they both sit together and see the clouds float. They even danced to the song “Maine payar thumise kiya hai”.


After 9 months Lukka was born. Fat and bubbly he was his parents apple of eye.


They all sit together then and watch the clouds float. While Lukka clapped his hands and screamed Balu thanked god for all his happiness.

sleepy gummy

It was one night when Balu, Chakori and Lukka were sleeping when a monster named SnL attacked them. That monster killed them all and feasted on them.


The mountain still stands there weeping silently for the loss of his dear viewer.




I Will Wait Till The End….Chapter 23

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“You could have made it your mission if you wanted to. You didn’t care for Ron and why waste your time on his widow? Go back Kegan from where you came.” she said sitting on the bed when she felt her legs weak. She needed all the courage to digest the new things about Ron she felt.

“There is small correction Jenny, you are not Ron’s widow anymore, you are my wife. It’s my duty and responsibility to keep you safe and secure.”

“Hell with the responsibility and I was never your responsibility” she spat on his face. With Kegan’s back to her she continued “you lied from beginning, you never told me or Mr Lewis about your secret mission. Why? What was the necessity? Who knows you might have killed Ron to take his position and now you are cooking a cock and bull story to cover the whole mess. I was just beginning to like you but not anymore. Trust, you killed it with one secret blow; you lied about everything. How I hate you, you never loved me, if you were on your secret mission then every single fucking word you said about your love is a lie, I am sure” She looked at him  accusingly “Even you marriage to me is a lie, which I am still living. How I hate you, I can never forgive you. Hell with your secret mission” She let go of her emotions without holding back. She had nothing to lose. She lost the first man she loved to the destiny and second to a lie. It was bitter truth she didn’t wanted to agree but its true she had fallen fall Kegan. And here she was trying to gather the scattered pieces of her heart

“My Ron would never do this to me. I let you hold me, let me kiss me and I let you in my heart against my will. Thank you Kegan for letting me know that you were forced to marry me because you were on secret mission of saving dead man’s widow god knows from whom”.

“Enough!!” Kegan screamed and Jenny startled with shock. He walked to her and held her by shoulder and shook her with all his might “Damn you woman, I wouldn’t have risked my status to save you. When someone says how madly they love you for once in your lifetime listen to them. I knew it you are cow headed, you never listen what people try to tell, you just listen what you want to listen. Ron warned me about your stupid attitude but I ignored him. And yes I would have sacrificed my life to save him if I could. How I wish I could have done that, then you would have been saved from this torment and I would have rotted in closed casket. If not for the promise I made him to look after you and I wouldn’t have bothered to show my face to you. And yes it was Love at first sight for me. When I saw you for the first time I fell in love with you knowing that you are Ron’s widow. If falling in love with a widow is a sin then yes I am a sinner. You think it’s easy take the second place?. God dammit woman, I do everything for you, to keep you alive and here you are accusing me for the things I haven’t done” He stopped for a while to catch his breath. When he realized he is still holding her by shoulders he pushed her back ruthlessly and said “I married you because I wanted to not because I felt I am obliged. I wanted to be the one to bring smile on your face, to hold you when you scream in your sleep.  But if you feel it’s all meaningless you don’t have to stay married to me, I am sure you will be delighted to live without my name associated to yours. If that’s what you want then be it. I am after all human; my patience is gone with the wind thanks to you. You are free to waste your life because you promised that no matter what you will wait till the end to a dead man. Mr and Mrs Lewis know about the mission, in fact it was Mr Lewis was happy when I told him how much I wanted to marry you after all I am Ron’s best friend”. He moved his hand through his hair and said “you are free and you owe your freedom to me, hats off to your stubbornness. You can do whatever you want, go anywhere you want, I don’t care about it. I am done with you. I am going home, my home far away from here where I don’t have to see your sad face.” Saying he walked out of the room banging the door

Jenny sat on the bed hugging her knees close to her heart. She felt so lonely she wanted to scream. She long to be in Kegan’s strong arms where comfort always welcomed her in all her troubles. She was angry at him for leaving her alone after dropping the bomb, just like that. There were still so many questions pondering in her mind for answers. The painful things she buried years back were now out in open. Kegan’s every word hit her like blow piercing through her heart. No matter how much she wanted to hate him she couldn’t. He had risked his life several times to count only to keep her safe. She cursed herself for questioning his loyalty. Second time in life she lost a man she loved.

She wanted to run away from all her misery so she started to walk not caring the road or the time. No matter how hard she tried misery was stick to her like second skin. She had tried hard to forget Ron to get over her pain and loneliness that’s the reason she was serving in army. Then she met Kegan, she tried harder not to fall for him but she could not help herself from falling for him. Here she is walking the alone, suffering with pain because of the feelings she had for him. It was getting dark and she didn’t care. She looked at the pair of birds flying back to their nest and she envied them for their company of each other. She didn’t want to go back to her home where people hid secrets from her.

The roads were empty and darkness ruled with pride with the cold wind. How hard dark clouds try to cover the moon, they lost their fight. She stood watching the magic forgetting all her misery. She heard a familiar bark at distant and she knew she is not alone anymore. There was still someone who loved her without any lies. She turned around to see RJ running towards her.  RJ jumped on her and was licking her face. Her smile vanished with the clouds when her eyes fell on Mr. Lewis standing looking at her.  She knew time for her questioned to be answered have come.


After Mr Lewis had told her whole story behind Kegan presence she felt terrible for saying those cruel words to him. Not only Ron but his elder brother Shawn lost his life due to the conspiracy of their own army officer Sachin Sharma. When Shawn tried to collect the proofs he was murdered to keep the secrets untouched. Then there was Ron who found out the real reason behind his brother’s death and discussed the whole thing with Mr Lewis. It was Mr Lewis along with his second son was trying to collect the proofs against Sachin Sharma when Ron lost his life but not before handing over the data to Jenny. Jenny knew it her golden locket was not any ordinary locket. Thieves’ broke in to their study were behind the same data. They were unaware that it’s something Jenny carried along with her day and night. After the first break in Ron had made sure Jenny was guarded no matter what because he felt he may not be around always to protect her. Ron had explained the whole story to his best friend Kegan and asked him to watch over Jenny when he felt he may not be alive to see the murdered of his brother put behind the bars. Mr Lewis was aware of Kegan’s mission from beginning still he kept quiet not raising any suspicious. He was waiting for right time to play his cards guarding the secrets. Mr Lewis was bit taken when Kegan said he wanted to marry Jenny but when he realized how much Kegan loved his widow daughter in law he had given his blessings happily.

When Jenny stood there crying silently listening to her father in law he hugged her and said “Mr Sharma is arrested now and he confessed all his crimes .Kegan is done with his mission and he have decided to go back, away from here. I am sure he might be having his own reasons and I don’t want to question him. Life is giving you second chance Jenny grab it, don’t let it go”.

After lot of thinking and more thinking there she was knocking on Kegan’s door with RJ besides her wagging his tail eager to see the man they both loved so dearly. When nobody opened the door Jenny rang the bell again being sure Kegan is hiding inside avoiding her. She smiled and walked to the backyard followed by RJ. She tried the back door and wasn’t surprise when she found it unlocked. She pushed the door and walked in the darkness adjusting her footsteps from the dim light illuminated from the hall. Her smile broadened when she saw the silhouette of the man she love dearly seated on the chair with whisky glass in his hand. Trying to gulp his pain with help of alcohol she thought and slowly started to walk towards him.

“Watch your footsteps Jenny, Its one way, you can come with your will but you cant go back. You see the way you chose happen to cross mine so think well and decide whether you want to walk forward or not”.

Eyes focused on Kegan’s masked face Jenny took her next step. “I don’t have to think for I know I want to walk Kegan” She took the next step still eyes glued on Kegan “I want to walk Kegan, walk with you and I never want to walk back unless ,” she paused and looked at him pleadingly and said “Unless you don’t want me anymore”. She expected him to come and hug her easing her short distance but he sat there still looking at her. With every step she took towards him he seems to lose his patience. When she was few feet away from him he stood from his chair and threw the glass to the floor, liquid spilled to the floor with glittering pieces of glass. “Tell me what you want from me Jenny, for god sake stop this cat-mouse play. Just get out of my sight once you tell what you want. Let me live in peace”

Jenny saw Kegan fighting with his self-control and continued walking. “I am not going anywhere Kegan, I am going to stay, this is my house too, remember I am your wife…”

“Thanks darling for reminding me, In that case you stay I will go” saying he tried to walk but then collapsed on the just vacated chair. Jenny smiled at the half drained whisky bottle and thanked god for her luck in her mind. Kegan had to stay no matter how badly he wanted to run. She continued walking towards him, holding his head in his hand, bending over his knees he said “Why are you doing this to me? First you accuse me and then you tantalize me with your sweet talk”

Jenny knelt down in front of her husband and pulled him towards her in a tight hug .With his head resting on her chest she said “I am very stupid girl to say all that bad things. I am a cow head as you said but I am not going anywhere without you Kegan. I walk beside you holding your hand miles, ages I don’t care but I want you. Because…” She paused for a while when Kegan pulled back and looked into her teary eyes. With choking voice she said “because I am in love with you Kegan. See I said it”. Kegan wiped her tears and crushed her towards him saying “I thought you will never say that my darling”. He kissed her tears for they were painful, he kissed her eyes because he saw true love in them, he kissed her cheek because he felt its right thing to do and he kissed her lips because he wanted to. He never felt so happy and content his whole life


Jenny looked at her husband who was sleeping so peacefully. She kissed him on his cheek and covered him with the blanket. She had to do something before she left this place. Quickly she changed her clothes and walked out of the house with RJ. Both jogged to the park where Ron and Jenny used to meet. Sitting on her usual place she looked around it still looked calm and peaceful. Flowers were blooming, butterflies looked happy too, birds were welcoming the new day with their new song, and sun rays were just kissing the earth. “I am breaking the promise I made you Ron and I am not sorry. May be even you wanted me to do the same thing. You are the first man I loved so dearly and you will remain in my heart forever. I am leaving this place Ron, because every little thing reminds me of you. I will remember you like sweet morning mist Ron, short time it might live but it’s magical. I am moving with Kegan to Bangalore to start a fresh beginning. Keep smiling, enjoy your ride until we meet again, farewell my darling, and love you always”.

“I love you too darling” Kegan whispered slowly in her ears hugging her from behind. “Wonder when you will stop running out of the house without informing anyone”. Kissing her hair he sat next to her patting RJ. She held Kegan’s hand in hers and sat silently watching the sun spread his rays proudly. It’s was a new day with new beginning .She smiled at Kegan and said “thank you”. Kegan chuckled and said “and I love you”. Jenny laughed holding Kegan’s hand even more tightly and thanked god for second chance


The End

I Will Wait Till The End….Chapter 22

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Jenny held her breath every time Kegan flinched, the nurse touched his wound. His was doing good and his wounds were healing but it was Jenny who didn’t allow the doctors to discharge him from the hospital. She wanted him to heal completely before he got discharge from the hospital. As a result there he was lying on the hospital bed with his midriff covered with white bandage. Nurse was asking him something and he was staring at his wife who was still holding his hand in hers. Sooner or later he has to tell her and she may not look at him with those loving sparkling eyes. His craving to feel her skin against his palm became unbearable, so he slowly touched her cheek with back of his palm. This time she didn’t move away instead let him touch her. He smiled thinking may be even she started to feel nice every time he touched her. Her eyes were still fixed on the professional hands working on his wounds and he missed looking into his wife’s tantalizing eyes.

He grinned seeing the nurse leave with her medical equipment’s closing the door behind her.

“If you want anything let me know, I will get it for you don’t get down from bed” Jenny said picking up her book from the extra bed on which she slept in the night.

Kegan smiled what he did often in the past few days. Every time he got down from his bed she was there to help him, holding him supporting him. Even though he was able to walk without any difficulty he pretend to be giddy, holding her every chance he got touching her, smelling her hair. It was his fourth day in hospital as well with his wife. Jenny rarely left his side. When she was not around he missed her terribly.

He looked at her hoping not to miss her so badly. She was reading one of her book with glasses perched on her nose, she was lost which gave full freedom to him to explore her face.

“I am still same, no matter how much you stare at my face It wont change trust me” Jenny said still immersed in her book

“That’s very unfortunate, I was wondering you might turn into a monster” He replied.

Smilingly she looked up at him and he stopped breathing for a minute. It’s now or never, he had to decide. He coughed pretending to be in pain, within second Jenny was there beside him rubbing his back telling him it’s alright, it will pass. She started to care for him and he didn’t wanted her to stop, he wanted her to go on and on.

“How long you gonna pretend?” she asked standing in front of him, folding her arms on her chest, smile on her face.

“If you are going to be around me, rubbing my back, holding my hand then Forever” he replied.

“I better tell the doctor to give you sedatives so that you rest without any actiong” she said smilingly and walking towards her waiting book.

Kegan slowly held her hand and stopped her from walking away from him. He was not ready now and will not be ready in future.

Jenny was standing few inches from him and looking down at him while he sat on the bed holding her hand looking up at her.

“I never thought I will lose my heart to someone. Look at me I am just a mass of body with lost heart.” Kegan let go of her hand and held his head in both of his hands “There were several times how I wish I was Ron, dead he might be but he is luckiest. You know why because you love him madly. While living we cant possibly make anyone love us and here you are loving your dead husband beyond words and keeping your promise.” He held her hand in both of his hand scared to lose her touch “Tell me Jenny, what I should do to make you love me. Tell me, But please don’t tell me to die, Its not that I am scared it just I want to see the world, live my life with you beside me” saying he slowly pulled her close wrapping his arms around her and pressing his face to her stomach. She stood there watching Kegan lose his control. She wanted to run and hide in sanctuary of her room with RJ because she couldn’t take anymore torment. Truth or lie she was already in love with Kegan but she was not ready to accept that. The pleading in his voice blocked all her wise thoughts. She had totally forgotten about Ron, she wanted to weep, she wanted to be alone. Every time she was with Kegan her mind started to stop and her heart started to beat harder. Now Kegan weeping against her tummy tore her into pieces.

“You may not love me, but I love you Jenny, with all my heart, my body and soul. Second place though but I am happy and I will make sure I will be around whenever you need me”. With all that said he lifted his teary face towards his wife whose cheeks were wet with her own tears. She may not have bragged about her love for him but her eyes were telling him all he needed to know. He pulled her towards him and kissed his wife with pure, sacred love h felt for her. He didn’t let her go when he felt her tears on his lips, he didn’t let her go when his brain told him. She was holding him for support. He held her even more tightly, giving his warmth, his love, taking her warmth, begging for love. He just wanted to have some more lone time with his loving wife. He wanted good memories, all filled with his dear wife

He just held her for some time regaining his control. Slowly he took out her locket from his pocket and held in front of her so that she could see it properly.

“Why you forget to wear your locket?..” He waited for her to react

With ashen face she looked at the locket and then at him “It was at home and how come you have my locket.?I don’t like anybody going through my personal things” saying she tried to pull her dear locket from Kegan’s hand.

“If it is that dear to you then why are you not wearing it?” saying he slowly stood and made her wear it which Ron had given to her. ”Do me a favor and never take it out, when Ron gifted you he had his own reasons, trust me…”

“I never told you Ron gifted me that locket then how you know?”

She looked at him with questioning eyes. The love shining in her eyes is replaced by doubt, anger and he feared the worst.

“You didn’t tell me but he did” saying he walked to the window to escape from her stare

“What???!!!!Ron told you? Before he could answer her she was standing in front of him demanding for an answer

“You met Ron? You met him before you met me? then please do tell me why you couldn’t save his life?why?why?tell me why?” her eyes were flooding with tears. She was in deep pain. Her long buried wounds were visible and it was him who was opening them with every detail he revealed to her.

With form voice he said. “Because saving his life was never my mission but saving you is”.

Adios UAE

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Miss L asked “What’s the name of the station SnL?”
With all 4 eyes on me, I scratched my head and tried to recollect. Darn the complicated name!!!
‘Abu Raz’ I said with a hope of scoring , right at the first shot!!
“It’s Abu Hail, SnL” Miss N corrected me.
“What will I do remembering these names? I am never coming back” I said ,quite firmly
“Never say never…” said Miss L, giving me a loving pat on my cheek while blinking her big beautiful eyes for what seemed like 10times/Sec.
“Yeah, whatever” I said walking behind Miss L and Miss N to catch the metro.
We were at the metro station, strolling along the platform, talking and giggling when Miss L noticed the waiting metro.
She started running and yelling all at the same time “hurry, we can catch the metro..”
I followed her, running with all my will, to make it to the waiting metro. Miss L jumped into the metro and turned back, making this “hurry, come on girl” gestures.
While I was making a dash to the waiting metro I just turned around to check on Miss N and saw her walking the “Lady gaga walk” softly and slowly, unable to comprehend what was happening I just stood there perplexed and by the time my brain could process everything, the doors were already closed and Miss L stood there inside the metro, midst of all the strangers, watching me and Miss N. I wanted to kill Miss N but there she was holding her hand to her stomach and laughing her lungs out. “Imagine….,SnL……..if you were left behind………alone……..on the station…”She could manage to say between her laughs.
“You have no freaking idea about the place, you cannot even make a call.. Just Imagine!!!….”She was still laughing loudly oblivious to the intense stares she received.
I actually wanted to kick her butt but then I decided to ignore my over dramatic instinct and maintain my cool, just so that I don’t make a scene at the station and attract few additional unnecessary looks.
After about 30 minutes “Miss L :Which station you are guys in, “Miss N:This bozo is missing you already……” and then when we three met, I thanked the almighty, and yeah it goes without saying Miss N and Miss L found all of this totally hilarious .
After bidding farewell to my Dubai-tour guide Miss L and I were on our way to the serene Abu Dhabi.
“Say bye to Dubai SnL” Miss L said lovingly.
Watching the passing skyscrapers, fancy roads, well maintained sideways, tall- sexy, still in view, Burj Kalifa, groomed palm trees, shapeless big Villas, I silently slipped into my thoughts on the way back from the Iconic city “Farewell the never sleeping, super wealthy Dubai. I may or may not see you again, for the short time I have known you, I tried to fall in love with you, like most of the population. But I don’t know why I just couldn’t force myself to do so. For every minute spent with you, was the more of a reminder of the time spent away from home. It might not be as rich and clean or shimmering with gold like you but at least summer is not 49 degree Celsius. I don’t want to compare you both because you both are unique in your own way. You may have shiny Ferrari’s running through your well maintained and administered roads but I still prefer to walk through the early morning mess on our roads and run to catch the metro, namma Metro ,my everyday transport”

It was night, time to leave, my bags were packed, filled with gummy bears, marshmallows, gummy bears and more of gummy bears. With a heavy heart I said bye to size L
With a Big No to Miss L’s “I’ll drop you to the airport”, I started off to the airport. I am one heck of an Independent working girl , I don’t need to be taken care of, also not to mention I take complete pride in myself for that. Once my ass hit the taxi’s back seat, I relaxed hoping to have a restful drive ahead. But then of course Malme didn’t think so, he started speeding up, indifferent to the regular warnings from the automatic machine to slow down. The craziness and excitement to ride alone was quickly replaced by the fear of dying alone. I started saying my rosary, my only weapon in helpless situations like this. I started looking out of the window, desperately looking for some distractions but then when just I could see sig boards with “Dubai” everywhere I almost peed in my pants. Completely panic stricken by now, my train of thoughts decided to add their bit as well, I started wondering, Is he going to sell me in Dubai? Or Will he just take me to the nearest desert and once he is done with me, he will leave me to die? Wasn’t there a severe punishment for abduction in UAE? Why daddy? Why ?why didn’t you send me to Karate classes? Dear god, I thought, I don’t want to die on a foreign land and become the sensational headline back home….”, God!!!All of this was driving me totally insane , but then I said to myself it’s not the time panic, instead if I think quickly and intelligently I can devise my escape plan. I kept the Driver’s name and permit number handy, so just when he stops the car I would be quick enough to get out, make the first move and run for life, asking for help .And then I realized I will have to leave the gummy bears behind, I felt so stupid for not carrying them in my hand bag. Stupid SnL I said to myself.
Malme continued to speed up and the warnings, more frequent,I assumed my end was near and I am destined to die hear in UAE. “God, I want to die in my own country with proper funeral and burial…….”I was pleading with god in payers and just then I saw the plane picture on one of the sign boards on the road, Boy, was I relieved and happy. I wiped the sweat from my brows and thanked god.
“Silly SnL, you were terrified unnecessarily”. I paid Malme, got down from the car hoping he might help me with my luggage. But NO, he sat there punching buttons on his mobile. Men, they can be the real gentlemen at times and the ignorant bastards, groping cannibals at some other. I pushed the trolley with my luggage and a bright smile on my face. Being independent is fun,I get to do all my things myself. It’s a pain sometimes but I love it anyways.
It was 8 in the morning sun was just waking up from his long deep sleep, I was in midst of the clouds, in the early hours of the day watching the sun rise and shine; spectacular view. I wasn’t scared anymore I was happy because, I was home

*There is no place like home. Dirty, crowded, ugly it might seem be but HOME is always HOME
*Other countries are not as heavenly as they have been depicted on tourism websites or google images. Unless you visit and stay, your imagination is just a piece of code which never went live.
*When you are far away from your home, your country; your friends always make sure you’re loved enough.
*Sand calls you in different languages; It’s you who needs to hear to its voice. It could be good, it could be bad, it’s all up to you. Whore houses are common in UAE, that’s one business which will continue to bloom no matter which place, until there are men.
*Abu Dhabi Airport is like a Maze, walk, walk, search and search. After using the wash rooms in the airport I wanted to shout at the top of my voice “Amigo’s, you still press Flush button, LOL, visit Bangalore airport sometimes, we have automatic flush, I love technology and yeah I love my country. It’s classy and well maintained unlike your poorly kept airports. If Bangalore is too far you can give Mumbai a try.
*No matter which corner of the world you travel to, $ is always welcomed with a open heart and broad smile even when Mr Franklin doesn’t return the smile.

                                                    No more Dubai Talks,I am done with it.Trust me!!!!!!!!!!

UAE, Day 3

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Warm bed, cool air, the temptation to warm the bed for a little longer was making it impossible for me to open my eyes. I rolled on the bed from right to left and then left to right, without any obstacle, I realized the other two asses were up already. Miss L was busy in the kitchen as usual and Miss N was lost in her novel.

My legs were still paining from the previous day’s participation in The Dubai Mall Marathon.

“Where are we going today?” I asked lazily

“For that, you my queen, should get up.” Miss N spat, face still immersed in her book.

“Let’s spend some quality time indoors, chuck sightseeing. It’s all the same, sand, crowd, cars…………..”

“We have spent enough quality time in Bangalore. People plan every minute of their vacation impeccably when they visit a new place, let alone a new country and look at you, least bothered, lazy bug”. Miss L complained from kitchen.

“I am your guest, it’s your responsibility to do that “I said

“There’s absolutely no difference even after calling you here, Bangalore or UAE, you are just the same.” Looked like Miss L was angry with my laziness and me.

After having the breakfast prepared by size L, size M and size S headed towards the super market to pick up the grocery. It was so hot outside all I wanted to do was run back into the house and sit inside the fridge for a while.

Miss N was picking up the stuff and I was stuck at my favorite counter, glaring at the chocolates, gummy bears with mouth wide open, just like a kid at the candy store.

“OMG SnL you are impossible, nobody can say you are “blabla” years old. Move now we have to pick the groceries” Miss N literally pushed me away from my favorite counter. One of the best things of being in Gulf, you can indulge yourself into a variety of chocolates from the world, starting from the gummy bears to the most exclusive assortment of dark chocolates

While picking up the meat at the nearby butcher shop Miss N aka google queen started “Most of the meat comes from Pakistan. You should try some of their Masala powders and you won’t stop licking your fingers”. While my KT was still on, the butcher carefully chopped the meat with his sharp knife. “Look there, that’s a skill. He is an expert, no doubt”. While my KT still continued in the background, we both stared at the butcher skillfully separating meat from bone.

On the fish counter there sat an Indian fellow smiling, appearing to be a total harmless guy. Miss N continued “Look at that monkey. Today, if you think you are obliged to return his smile because he is your fellow countryman then tomorrow you will find him right at your door step. Men are the same everywhere, it is really independent of the country you are in or the country you are from, as long as they have the live snake inside their pants you just cannot  trust them”.

When you are in your own country nobody gives 2 fucks, but when you are on a foreign land, people will always want to meet up, get-together and everything else that follows. Given the time constraints, we decided to honor the wishes of one of them, and so the three of us headed towards the one lucky-winner, out of the many invites received.

One look at the house and I was in love with it. Cozy comfortable black couch in front of a huge wall mounted LCD TV, wooden table with an antique Chinese clay doll, contrast color curtains drawn back revealing the million dirhams view of the setting sun. Sliding doors were inviting us to the balcony, with pink Bougainvillea at the corner and a promising view of the city. Kitchen was so elegantly constructed with a spectacular view of the street from the sink. Man I went crazy seeing the house. It was exquisite! Lucky-winner smiled at our eye balls popping out expression and said “Make yourself at home”. I guess that’s all I needed. I sat with my legs folded neatly on the couch, eating banana chips brought from India, watching the sun finally disappear. As the lucky winner was not around we took the liberty to explore his kitchen cabinets , filled with mom-made pickles, lime juice, Marulla juice and coffee. I began to relax eating the mom made pickle and Indian banana chips. Few things from India and the Loving Indians are just enough to make you relax and feel a little less homesick. Suddenly it hit me why is it that everybody wants to play a host to their “people”, when in a foreign country, probably they know how hard it is to be away from your own country among zillion of strangers and this is their way of making your stay as comfortable as possible, as a kind sweet gesture.

Sipping the lime juice and eating banana chips, there I was, lost in my thoughts of so called Dubai, The Heaven. I looked at Miss N and Miss L and took a deep breath. It’s never easy to stay away from your own home, your family and your country.

After an hour long discussion, of what’s there and not there to see in souk between the Lucky winner M and my Miss N, we finally came to a conclusion on the souk’s tourism value and the four of us headed towards our gold and spice souk exploration.

alif laila

That’s me in my Alif Laila Costume

With the tons of gold displayed in all forms, my understanding “only Keralites love gold” was killed instantaneously. If Keralites love gold, Arabs eat gold, sleep gold, and poop gold. I wouldn’t be surprised even if these Arab’s wore golden underpants. We walked through the lanes filled with shops showcasing gold in all forms, crown, bikini, rings, jaguar, and god knows what else. Fish market, fruit market, flower market well that’s everyday story but hey this was the first time I was seeing gold souk and I was going bonkers.



Lucky winner M’s yapping, our very own tour guide Miss N’s explanation on world’s biggest ring, Miss L’s photography, who said souk, is boring. Even a pebble looks interesting when you have the right company. Walking through the old lanes of Dubai amidst the old shops still untouched by modern infrastructure, brought back  the memories of the oldest metropolitan city of my country; Calcutta. No nice and neat, no cozy,….geeeeez, of course the feeling was short lived, One walk  across the street and all those rules about driving, walking, riding and the never ending streams of  ‘always drive on the right’, ‘open the door only to your  right’  brought me right back to reality just as soon.

In Dubai I travelled by pretty much every and any means of transportation available; metro, bus, taxi, car. While the experience was very distinct from the ones I had back home in some cases, it was just the same in others, our country isn’t totally imperfect after all. Well my next ride was on water, sailing through the Dubai waters. Time of our guide to provide her 2 cents,”see if you go by road it takes more than 20 minutes that’s why people take boat…..” If you are under any impression about the ride being serene and breath-taking with the setting of the starry evening sky, you couldn’t be more wrong. We were just sailing through stinky water to get to our destination in less than 20mins ;), not something we haven’t done back home. Come to think of it Boats were the only ones with no ACs installed, not long before they got them, in these too, I am guessing.

While we inhaled the familiar stinking smell, “The TAJ” shone like a twinkling star in the midst of other building.

“See there, its “Taj”,” I screamed. “I feel so nice, at least there are things ……” . I started with excitement, chest already blown with pride

“Its “The TAJ” they are everywhere. You never visit them while in India, neither will you here, for heaven’s sake stop acting like a goose dying of home sickness” Miss N uttered.

“Whatever man, it’s a nice feeling you see. Something magnificent my fellow countryman owns on a foreign land, I may never visit those fancy hotels but still It’s a thrill to see them even if it’s just from the outside, especially when on a foreign sand” I said with my head held high.

As we sailed through, no traces of scorching Sun, just the mild moon, blooming with pride. There was middle aged Arab dressed in traditional attire walking on the road. I remembered Miss L saying Arab’s don’t wear underpants beneath their traditional wear and giggled. Miss L looked at me and chuckled “I know what you thinking, you pervert SnL”

I just laughed my lungs out

We were waiting to cross the street, with heavy traffic.

“You think if I show my hand they’ll stop, like how we do in Bangalore” I asked innocently with an eye on the speeding cars

“SnL this is not Bangalore, this is Dubai. You have to wait till the walker light turns green or for the rich punks to stop their car out of pity.” Miss L uttered.

We headed home dead tired and sleepy. When my head hit the pillow I realized I don’t really hate Dubai anymore, it’s just another country offering all it has; its heat, sand, oil, job opportunities, sheltering so many nationalities also I am not in love with it either because it’s not all fancy and perfect as it looks from outside or how they show in google images, YouTube. One needs to live a day or two in Dubai to say “Its heavenly”. There are people who adore the never sleeping, crowded, happening Dubai but definitely not me, I prefer serene, serene and serene Abu Dhabi. I closed my eyes, thanked god and drifted to sleep hoping to dream about my home.

“Jana-Gana-Mana-Adhinayaka,Jaya He”
My 4 years old niece started to sing out
​our ​national anthem with a ​steady​ voice. A ​Sales guy in the show room was startled to see one of his customer’s daughter singing the ​ national anthem, which she taught at school ​, not caring the bystanders. I was supposed to be standing for the anthem​ but I didn’t ,​not because I don ‘​t respect my country but because of ​my niece’s inappropriate timing to sing our national anthem in the ​middle of a ​shopping mall. Before I could stop her she continued with a ​firm voice
Tava Subha Name Jage
Tava Subha Ashisa Mage
Gahe Tava Jaya Gatha.
Jana-Gana-Mangala Dayaka, Jaya He
Jaya He, Jaya He, Jaya He,
Jaya, Jaya, Jaya, Jaya He”
Which was followed by three times of​ “vande matharam”. I sat there watching her and wondering what is the difference between her and us. She sang the beautiful song without understanding its meaning and we grown up do the same thing. The ​Only difference is,​ she sings everyday before leaving the school and we just ​on independence day or on republic day after the day’s ​lengthy, spiced up speech . While our tongue automatically picks up​ the familiar words our mind wanders about thousand other things.
This country has given freedom to you; freedom to talk, freedom to dress as you please, freedom to follow your so called man made religion, Freedom to eat whatever you like, freedom to go anywhere you like. If you are deprived of this freedom then don’t blame the country just blame the humans around you​
We may not understand the true meaning of freedom because we were born free .​ W​ild animals​ trapped in a ​zoo, a ​ p​risoner in a ​jail and probably ​ many others trapped in, truly realize the meaning and significance of freedom. I agree we are officially the slaves of corruption, rape,moral policing,over population, scams but intellectually​ we all are free. Aren’t there so many countries which​ treat their citizens like mere insects?​ W​e Indians are still better than them,so let’s all be grateful for that. Indians might be perceived in various disparate ways round the globe, but don’t we all ​belong to this ​ race of exotic ,extraordinary ​people ,who​ work hard, play harder and entertain the whole world with our​ catchy Hindi songs ?
​ Patriotism is something which you cant develop on independence day listening to speeches of our​ ancestor​’​s sacrifices and singing national anthem, its something you should feel everyday, every minute in your bones regardless of country you reside and currency you earn.

Enjoy your freedom and let others enjoy theirs​. You are born free, thanks to our ancestors, just make sure you die free. Have a en-kindling 69th Independence day.



UAE, Here I Come

Posted: August 11, 2015 in My Silly thoughts, TransOceanic

Day 2: Dubai 

I opened my eyes slowly to see unfamiliar surroundings. I relaxed when I saw familiar figure sleeping on my right. I changed my side and looked at my left expecting Miss N to be there but it was empty. Then I saw her sitting on sofa with phone her favorite gadget, I closed my eyes wondering what the hell she is doing up at 7.00 in the morning. I must have dozed off because next time when I opened my eyes Miss N was on the bed awake and Miss L was still sleeping.

Hungry I was, I tried to remember whether I had my dinner previous night. Then I remembered mutton curry prepared by one of MBFD’s(Multi-talented Boy From Dubai) friend and the kori rotti(paper like rice made roti). Hmm it was so yum, my mouth started watering remembering it. I smiled remembering Miss N’s questions about the guy who prepared the mutton.How many whistle he took? where he learned to cook?is he from Takode?….and so on. MBFD was so bugged up answering Miss N, finally he said “ask me anything other than mutton”. I smiled remembering Miss N’s reaction

“How much you guys sleep” Miss N grumbled

I yawned lazily and said “UAE is tiring”

“For a lazy bum like you everything is tiring” Miss N complaint

I smiled and pulled the comforter till my chin

“So how you find Dubai?” I asked Miss N

She chuckled and said “not bad, I miss Bangalore but Dubai is not bad, I am getting adjusted”.

“Ohhh, I see” I said

“OMG!!you two started one of your talking session” Miss L complaint opening her eyes.

After a while Miss N and I were still rolling on the bed and talking when Miss L barked “you two out of bed right now or else I am going to whack you both”

“Good morning Miss N, SnL, I hope you guys had pleasant dreams”  asked MBFD with raising his eye brows

“Sweet dreams in Dubai!!!!You must be kidding” I said

When Miss L screamed I ran to washroom with my brush. After having breakfast MBFD said “let’s do some jam”

Confused I was I just sat there wondering what jam is

MBFD walked slowly into hall, now playing his guitar singing “Sylvia Mogacha(Sylvia, my dear one)Konkani song.

Miss N said “don’t sing Mogacha, sing Sylvia Wagacha.”(Sylvia, the tigress)

“I know you are jealous” I said admiring MBFD


He was casting his spell with his magic with his fingers on those strings and voice. The depth, emotions of the songs were clearly displayed on his face

“Looks like he is going to cry” Miss N said

I laughed in one of my un-lady like fashion

“He is entertaining you and you are laughing?” Miss N said

“Which song you want me to play SnL” MBFD asked me holding his dear guitar to his heart.

“pehla nasha song” I said preparing myself to get lost in music

He started to play his guitar and sing the song so skilfully I started dozing sitting on sofa

“This time definitely he is going to cry” Miss N said

“He learned to play guitar from you tube, an you believe that” she continued

“What!!?, he didn’t get trained? He plays like a pro” I said

“He had interest, passion and look at him he is punter now. I am sure Takode girls must be crazy about him” said Miss N listening to MBFD

I closed my eyes, kept a pillow underneath my head and started to enjoy the song. I was so lost my in the song with my eyelids closed, I didn’t realised when I drifted to sleep.

“Look at her, all she wants to do is sleep. Get up SnL” Miss N and L  screamed from top of their voice.

After doing RnD we were heading towards Umm Hurair to watch the dolphins shake their booty and seal wag their tail. One spin from dolphin and Miss L screamed “I want a dolphin” .I looked at her and smiled; she chuckled and said “keep your comments to yourself SnL”


I enjoyed the dolphin, seal show but I felt sorry for them. Dolphins were supposed to enjoy the ocean’s big waves, listening to sea roar, spinning and jumping as they please. And here they are entertaining so called bored gulf people spinning on command.

MBFD started taking a stroll in the vast green park. Trimmed lawn was soft against my feet it tempted me to run like a wild horse. The monkey was busy climbing the tree

“This is not India, get down you moron. Because of people like your our country name is ruined” I screamed at Miss N

“After long time I am climbing a tree and about spoiling our country name, there’s nothing much left to spoil”. Lying on the branch she said.

Lying down on the mattress of grass I saw the deep blue sky without any clouds only occasional eagle and quails.

It was 4 in the evening and sun was still shining with its pricky rays. While Miss N, Miss L and MBFD discussed about our next destination I sat on the bench nearby.


“Does the couple come to park to make out, like how they do in Kadri park, Cubbon park” I asked my eyes glued to the water

“From where you get such questions SnL?. To answer your question, we never saw anyone doing anything inappropriate in public” Miss L said in firm voice

After deciding our next destination which was “The Dubai Mall” we started to walk when we spotted a couple sitting in isolated place guys hands were freelance

Miss N said “I hope your curiosity is resolved”. We all laughed looking at the couple who were busy doing their own things. Love doesn’t have barrier India Or UAE, I smiled.

“SnL, see that building that’s Burj Khlifa, total 163 floors” said a male voice seated next to the taxi driver

“Tallest building in world. Look at her, she’s such a beauty” said other

“It’s named after Abu Dhbai’s Sheikh.” said the last one.

I sat there following their hand direction, stretching and bending my neck whenever necessary. This was bound to happen 3 tour guides for a one tourist. I felt sorry for myself.

“Welcome to Dubai mall” Miss L said with a enchanting smile as if she owns that mall. Holding Miss L’s hand I was admiring the shops, brands like a creature from other planet in the passage we were walking by. When the passage widened into hugeeeeee hall I almost screamed seeing the crowd Indians, Philippines, Chinese, Firang’s almost all nationality people were present in that famous mall. I tightened my grip on Miss L’s arm and said “hold me tight, I don’t want to get lost in this place, it’s like India’s car festival or Kumbh mela. Imagine getting lost in this crowd like typical old Hindi movie.”

All were walking so fast I was literally running to match their long strides scared like a new puppy in that gigantic mall.

It took almost 1 hour to get a vacant table in that huge food court. It looked like whole Dubai was there to see me. Mexican, Indians, American, Italian, Philippines, Chinese…. all kind of fast food counter stood proudly tempting passer-by. We were having our burger when I saw a Muslim lady eating her fries and drinking her coke under her face veil like how they had showed in Sex And The city. At least while having food those ladies can be excused from their rules but no.

If any of your relatives are dying to visit Dubai, then take them to The Dubai Mall and leave them there. Let them get lost in that overcrowded mall and then they will never mention Dubai again.

We were walking towards the water fall with diving statues. One look at that and I was lost in the mesmerizing beauty. With water falling from height there were many divers jumping into the water. It’s looked so real and hypnotizing.

“You think those divers are nude?” I asked scanning the individual diver statues

falling men

“SnL, out of all you want to know whether they are nude or not?”. Miss L stared at me with open mouth

“oh, they are wearing their underpants, see there can you see the line” I said blooming on my new discovery

“See their 6 packs, oh man, mighty they look. SnL , one question for you, how those men are hung there?” Miss N said

I scanned the divers statue and said “poor fells hung with one hook that too at their delicate center part!!”

All laughed again watching the divers.

MBFD guided us towards the giant aquarium. Well-fed shark, sting fish, jelly fish were swimming, not caring the spectators. In that artificial man made habitat tourist divers were admiring the fish and the underwater lives. Humans!!! I tell you there is no limit to their interference in other living creature’s life.


When we heard the loud music playing outside we rushed there to see the dancing fountain in its glory. With rhythm, beats by beats, fountain danced in front of beautiful Burj Khalifa in its own style. Night was young, temperature had fallen we stood admiring the beauty dance, entertaining everyone not caring the religion, nationality and gender.


I smiled when the music ended, Dubai might be crowded but it’s not that bad. Life is not easy like how outside think but again it’s not bad either.