I like it to be on Top sometimes, take it or leave it. It can be the usual board room, colorful light storming rich ramp or front seat of the Boeing or carefully constructed tail-on-fire space wagon or closed wall of my bed room. Men, I understand its un-swallow able piece of chapathi, but that’s ok with me. I understand your ego has been wounded thoroughly like wolves in twilight but give it a try its not that bad.

Males are superior and female are meant to work under them, did the society taught us or religion I mute myself rather than talk about religion. I don’t want to get bitten up or get my old parents thrashed for talking about religion. Region comes before humanity, even though holy people we follow didn’t teach us that, we twisted their teaching and came out with brand new statement “Religion is everything”. You talk about religion and you will be clueless about the shelling like LOC. Nobody gives da**(Cursing!!!!A Lady doesn’t curse according to one of the rare Mr i met, but can a guy curse??I have to ask the gentleman) to humanity when religion at stake. Humans!!!

On my own risk again I dare to bring religion, In almost every religion male are the deities, while women just give birth to them. Ram, Krishna Jesus, I wonder which part of heaven they would have would have choose to stay, if their mother went on strike and refused to conceive them. I just wonder how human rusted brain fails to see the importance of women in society. From FB CEO to Jennifer Gates father, King of pop to GOT creator all were born from their mothers womb, nobody fell from sky with gravity watching the creation clueless. There women stop their production here men will be like lost hawks flying high in sky clueless.

India has beautiful culture and there is no place for women. Men with donkey-face, beaten by Male-superior worm and 1paise respect to women says this. They don’t like women to be like them; live their life as their will because they are scared that, with women enjoying their freedom they only have to wash their hand stitched striped blue color underwear . I am talking about those men who think women on top can kick their hornets nest of pride. Ouuch!!!, . According to them women are meant to take care of their siblings when they are small, get married to a guy their parents searched without saying “but”, satisfy him physically in the night with or without her wish, Produce male heir , take care of the all other family members starting from grandfather to the 4 legged, tail wagging dog. They don’t want to listen to her wish list, they don’t want to hear her dreams, They don’t want to know what she like to do other than making Dal thadka, they don’t even want them to uncover their shadowed face with gungat. That’s because they think women are of weak sex, they are meant to be locked inside 4 walls. And have sex with them willingly or with force. According to men women are like puppet, to be used as they please and dump them when they are tired. They abuse them and sexually harass mentally.

If woman tries to feel the freedom of wind, with smile on the back seat of a bike, express her view, raise her voice, 2 leg animal with ding-dong-bell will be always ready to teach her lesson. I dont pity them rather I feel sorry for the mother who gave birth to him.

If we assume woman is safe in her work place then its untrue. school walls to highly surveillance corporate fancy walls fail to provide the safe,sex free work environment. Higher boss demand sexual favors for promotion it can be either fancy private sector or corrupt government sector. Women are degraded, abused almost every corner of the world.

God made a blunder while creating human being. How I wished he created a uterus and 2 womanly breast to men. I also wonder why he created the infra-structure of male body such a way that it can be fertile till its end while infra-structure of female body loses its capability somewhere in middle of 100. To maintain the equilibrium even the male body should have start loosing his capacity. Horses and Men!!! God might be having his own reason I tell myself again.

If a man sleeps around he is still called man,but when a woman sleeps around she is called b***. Just wonder why man is not called country dog!Narrow minded society!! you see, it always have basketfull of names for women but not for men. If a women commits adultery society stones her and brand her, while men commits adultery nobody seems to care.

There are handful of men in society who accept that women can shine like a star in any field. Those men have broaden their views and mentality with time. They respect all women in their life. It can be either their mother, sister, wife or a stranger in metro. Those kinda men stand by the women they care and respect their opinions. Opening the car door to giving his seat to pregnant woman. They are exceptionally rare breed but thank god they exist.

There are still men who don’t like women working in corporate, women dictating notes and giving final verdict in crowded room of court. May be sometimes they don’t reflex their views but when a firang lady comes with imported camera they boast about “I am the Alpha Male, women are just slave. Women are like gem, if you keep out dog will come and eat it”. Aree bhayya, to eat us just like that are we masala vada pav?

Dear men, we women are not weak sex as you have misinterpreted. We can be humble like Mother Theresa, can wild like Kali on occasion. Don’t take our silence for our weakness. We are just bear you because we know without us you can do nothing, even can tie pajamas nada(string), Without us you are nullified, without us you are that void function which doesn’t written any value. Dont harass us on religion basis. If you would have lived according to religion country would have filled with Buddha’s, Jesus’s and Rama’s . Please!!!stop wishing every woman you meet on March 8th with that 10rs smile on your face. First learn to respect women, understand her value and then will sit in Karna Johars show “Coffee with Karan “talk about women upliftment.

No religion tells you to torture women. No religion has female pastor, priest, or molvi that doesn’t mean we are fragile. We have full faith in you that’s why we never questioned your place in church, temple and mosque. If we are preparing you meals, washing your clothes and doing house hold chores doesn’t mean you can take us for a long stroll on never ending highway. Dont treat us like mute cow. We can kick at your butt and poke with horns when necessary. Again I say don’t take our silence for granted. Dont see women as an java object which you can use according to your wish. We know how your eyes move over healthy breast and butt when we pass by. You are born dog,We know, please don’t try to prove it. Understand our importance when there is still time. When you get the good news of becoming father to a daughter dont kill her when she is still in womb. Give her a chance, and you will see in your final days she will be the one who will be taking care of you. Dont judge us based on our clothes. Its not always clothes you should blame, its your attitude, your ugly thoughts we should balme for. Women in jeans to women in sarees are raped, so kindly dont blame the clothes.

Go educate your self, complete college with first class marks instead of abusing women and find decent job. Widen your views on women, respect them and try to digest the bitter truth women are equal to men in all perspective except standing and pissing in public. Remember a mother bore you, a sister took care of you, and a wife stood by you. Dont take her for a option, if she start taking you as an option, you will be that cursed sperm dreaming about the colorful world outside





We need her when we are small;she carries us in her womb, we want her when we grow;to solve our complicated problems. In case of danger she always puts her life in front, to save us. Mother, I tell you is the best gift to human kind. She knows when we are happy or sad, she can read every happy expression on our face and sulking thoughts in our heart. 

Moomy, My Mommy

Mommy” is what we shout when we are scared. Either seeing the lizard in the broad day light or demon ruling nightmares . Mommy is the first word we learn because we know no matter how far she is, she is will protect us. If she is not around her prayers will guard us like protecting shield.

When we are formed in her womb she bears all pain and body changes without complaining. She smiles and giggles with joy  when we kick . When she delivers us she goes through unbearable pain. But when she holds that little wailing, tiny creature in her hand closed to her heart she forgets the ordeal she had to go through. She doesn’t count the sleepless nights or lengthy days in hospital . When she is tired all she does is look into our eyes. She remembers the moment she carried us, the joy we gave and her tiredness vanishes. When family members complain about our delayed baby activities she is the one who ignores them and stands in front of us like warrior. She doesn’t care when the we puke on her party dress or pee on her best gown. All she says “that’s alright honey, that’s alright”. After trying 100 times again when we go to her with our shoe lace, she kisses our cheek and teaches how to form that twister knot. When we complain her about our bladder and how urgently we need to pee she holds our hand, pats our back and takes us to the loo ignoring the stares from crowded gathering. When shes not around we take her clothes in hand and walk whole house searching every corner. We wait and wait till she comes.

First day at school, when we are all scared to leave her and go, she kisses our forehead and assures us that she will be around if we need anything. She makes sure we are well settled in new strange walls of school and watches our every move from window. She walks home still wondering how we are doing in our new surrounding.

We grow, and she still walks beside us holding our hand when necessary, supporting when we stumble, scolding when we astray from right path. When we come home after tiring day at school she inquires about our day, makes sure we fill our empty stomach. She gives us pocket money to eat our favorite snacks. In spite of her bad cold and fever she washes our uniform and iron it so that we don’t have to worry about it next day. She stays awake with us during our exams and makes sure we don’t doze of with lights off.

When we are confused which profession to select she doesn’t pressurize like society, or our bossy father. She supports us no matter which profession we select. When some insensitive person breaks our heart she holds our hand assures everything will be alright. Yeah she says “you will find the best gal/guy”. When we walk home drown in alcohol for the first time, she weeps seeing our state and put us to bed. Unlike father she doesn’t scold but explains us the consequence of drinking.

When we keep count of the unsuccessful interviews attended she’s the one who boost our energy and makes us laugh at her silly jokes. When our appraisal goes wrong she curses the boss along with us because she hates anyone who makes us sad. When we fall in love with some guy/gal she supports us, and falls in love with her/him because she loves whom we love madly.

When whole world forgets our tiny mischief’s, she is the one who stores every single moment in the store room of her memory. When the same world remembers our failures she is the one who recalls our success and erase the bad memories of our failures.

 Shes the one who turns concrete walls of house into loving walls of home.  Home is not same without her those enthralling giggles or high pitched scolding. She finds her happiness in taking care of whole family ignoring her wants and needs. Only those know the true value of mother, who lost her to fate, destiny and time. I wouldn’t dare to say I know how it feels to live without her around. But, sure I know the pain one need to go through when somebody close to heart closes their eyes permanently.

Mommy May Not Be Around Always!!

Home is not home without her around. Sometimes we get enough chance to say our goodbyes , but again unlucky ones never get a chance. One moment she is there standing in front of us and next moment we see her lifeless body on hospital bed. How desperately we want to give life to her lifeless body and tell her we love her, we need her. Its hard to imagine world without her by our side  No matter how rich we are, how many servants we have, how many relatives are around to pamper us but mother is mother, no richness in this world can replace her

You may not be attached to her through umbilical cord but there is something more stronger than the easy sleazy cord which connects us to her. Mother-child bond which is the strongest bond in this world. When suddenly she leaves this world it might be hard for us to cope up with situation, Because she was always around to worry for us, to feed us, take care of us and choose clothes for us from underpants to the matching shoes. I don’t know how hard it is to leave without her around, I really don’t want to know.

Those who lost their mother be strong, instead of sulking and crying everyday or hiding your tears between four walls of bath room, live your life not for you but for her, who is watching over you even when you sleep. Live your dreams because that’s what she want you to do. Learn new things because she will be proud of you. Let the unshed tears get vapourized by your positive attitude towards life. By doing things which you love, which you are crazy about you will give your guardian angel everlasting peace. Let the tears be your power, her smiling face be your courage, her scholding will keep you from astrying from right path and her love be your will to do things. Live your life not for you but for the guardian angel who is protectiong you and wathcing over you

 Life is hard without mother but again you have her memories, her ever smiling face imprinted in your mind and permanently she stays alive in your heart. Be strong, be brave she may not be around but she is always with you because she is your guardian angel who watches over you every single minute.

                                         Dedicated to all wonderful Mommys.

King of his Kingdom

Posted: March 13, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

With the unstoppable clock ticking; its only job, I waited patiently for the ride back home in the evening. With increasing heavy traffic, dust and heat in beginning of March I just wonder how it will be in mid summer. With the friendly Security guy’s assurance I waited killed few mosquitoes, waited and scratched my ass, waited and listened to the pigeons “hun-hun” , saw their feathers falling from fly over, waited and then I saw him.

With dirt rolled pants they were un-distinguishable of its real color, torn dirty white stripe shirt which opened to his chest, long uncombed hair was flying in its own direction along with wind. Water, healthy food, clean clothes, foot wear I am sure his body wouldn’t have seen those things in the past. What caught my attention was his escorts. Some where crippled, somewhere healthy but the common factor was they were all from street.

They walked when he walked they stopped when he stopped. The synchronization was intact.  With army of 6 dogs he looked like a king of his own kingdom.  He never barked any command at them.

He spoke to himself, stood there shouting at some invisible object, passerby stared at him and walked away. When the street dogs who were the owner of that territory observed the intruders, they started barking at the proceeding army with fear in their eyes. For safety they took the near by car as barrier. When they didn’t get any attention they collected their broken courage and took few steps and continued barking in high pitch.

The king  walked while his army ignored the unwanted noise. I waited and counted for the king to react. King didn’t budge to anyone and continued to walk with head held high. I was wondering how the king is still calm when my nerves were almost at the peak listening irritating bark. King took me by surprise and stopped walking. Annoying dogs got into the kings nerves and he shook his head like angry asura from Mahabharata. .He chased the dogs who were barking at him and scolded them in some language. His pitch, or his attire or his language I don’t know what made the dogs pee in their pants. All I know was they ran with fear. With Kings loyal soldiers taking advance steps towards them, and those loud cursing grunts made those scared dogs to run to their grandmothers place. When he was happy with his armies work, he continued walking towards destination which is where his legs, and road would take him.

Passerby laughed at him, they stared, I smiled because I didn’t see a mentally unstable guy, or dirty filthy human being, I saw a king with his loyal army

PS:When you see some mentally unstable person on the streets, dont laugh, dont make fun of them. They are not fortunate like you to have firm mental balance like great Wall of China. You have no clue what kinda stress they are going through. Dont call them crazy or crack head, instead call them less fortunate human.


Jog In LALBAGH it is

Posted: February 23, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

With my bestie’s left for country of sand, oil and sheikhs  I was left alone to wonder how to kill my time. Gone are the crazy time of shopping, scooty rides, house parties, Tequila shots and hangovers. With little option left , I thought its time I started striking out the things I listed in my infamous “To-Do-List”. Owning Rolls-Royce(In my dreams), visiting Scotland(Really!!), Playing Tennis(Dying to play), trek to Himalayas, publishing a book(unusual possibility), falling in love(not in this birth), help somebody to achieve his/her dream,…, with my crazy list I decided I will go for “jog in Lalbagh”. My only sensible thing in To-Do-List.


I asked my friends would they like to join me to the morning jog. When they got to know hitting Lalbagh (4 KM away from my place ) at 6AM is in my mind they laughed their lungs out. They pointed out the park near my pg and said “that SNL, is your location, first you get up at 7 on Saturday go for jog there then will talk about Lalbagh. I sat on my bean bag and wondering why on earth I asked them. I am independent, working woman, for a person I am, who watches movies alone in theater, goes to shop alone, travels all around bang lore with pepper spray in hand Lalbagh was nothing.I know the fact friends can not be around always. I set the alarm at 6AM on my usual resting day ‘saturday’ , usual rest last till 10AM but that day I was cutting it short.

Banglore’s chilly morning tempted me to sleep but something may be the forces around me made me get dressed and buckle up. 6.30 I was there waiting for my usual, favorite ride BIA, with puma on and jacket zipped till my throat and water bottle in hand. When I got into bus, plane lovers gave me one of those weird look. While everybody travelling to catch their plane i was there travelling to jog in Lalbagh. Crazy things i know!!
As soon I entered the gate of Lalabagh I put my head phones on and started to jog. When you don’t have anybody with you, music keeps you company.With all the morning walkers it looked like bird santuary for me. With all excitement I started to jog. It was not even 5 minutes,there I was breathless and panting for breath cursing myself from where I got this crazy idea. Food? hormones?environment or just time I wondered. I took a small break just after 5 minutes of my jog. Thanks to 9 to 6 office work for all tiredness


I picked my speed and started to jog with rhythm of the music flowing in my ears. I saw the yoga group lying on bed and doing shavasana and i was tempted. I smiled when i realized the guy who was teaching Yoga was busy watching gals passing by. Men are always men!!!.When I saw those lifeless Roses in rose garden I felt sorry for them. Never realized even roses can be malnutritioned  Then I saw people bowing their heads to the ruler of day ,with folded hand. We humans do have sentiments attached with everything. Plants, planet, trees, moon, sun stars. Then i saw a lady in her tight fit hot pants and long legs. I dont know whether shes gaining anything from her morning jog but I was sure she motivates all men to follow her on their toes. Street dogs were waging their tail when they saw their friend with biscuit in hand. Couples were busy posing for their wedding album or profile picture. Pigeons were dancing with their own tune while picking the grains from the ground. Never in a single minute I felt alone. After jogging,walking and resting for 1 hour I stood there watching the sparkling sun’s reflection in water. I felt placid, not even weekend work call could have changed my mood .


Don’t let lack of goals in life demotivate you from enjoying your life. Sit and list out the crazy things which you want to do in this life time. It can be anything making love under shining stars, or having 7 kingdom in monkey bar, asking a guy out or ride Harley Davidson. whats life without little bit crazy “To-Do-List”

When First month of New Year rolls with grace we all embrace second month with heart filled with love and joy. Not because it had deformity of lesser days but because of it has this special day.

With Fifty shades of grey’s promising poster hung high, bloody red hearts ruling all shops, red lingerie flaunt its own beauty. From John Legends “all of me” to Bryan Adams “Look into my eyes” with heart throbbing love messages dedicated over radio are enough to tempt you to change your status just for one day.  Who doesn’t like to be loved, pampered and showered with flowers and gifts.  I don’t know about men but every woman secretly wishes to have a lover who loves her unconditionally without any limits. We human no matter how defiled are, love is the one thing which melts any thugs heart and makes any wicked women’s knee go week. Love is to be blamed for many heart breaks and depression, suicide and crime. One can never have enough of love. Lucky ones get it, unlucky one loose it, remaining few bargain it for the things they feel are important than love.

With expensive gift wrapped in gift box, double priced flowers tied together, reserved candle light table in famous restaurant, fancy lacy lingerie might help you to get into your partners pants, promised orgasmic panting night (before marriage). But will it ensure you selfless, meaningful, everlasting love? May be few handful ones marry the one with whom they would have spent the special day for years, rest are just torn pages of history. Sometimes a silent stroll on beach (park in case of cities:)), few lines of poetry, long run lover letters are more than enough to express your love. Renew your vows to love another, in poverty and wealth, In pub and church, while sleeping and awakening, in health and disease. Why limit your love, gifts, pampering only for one day while you have rest 364 days?

My special note for Singles: I know it’s hard to be single especially on Valentine’s day. Jealousy seeing the gifts, migraine listening to love songs, sulking seeing the couple holding hand…in spite of this I tell you, you are still the lucky one. You can still do anything, anytime with anyone anywhere. Consider yourself happy because you are still the boss. Open a bottle of wine or vodka and get drunk, envy your committed friends, curse the St.Valentine and pray that by next year cupid would have aimed its arrow in your direction.

I don’t care much of Valentines day, Its just another day with its own worries and buries. Some heartbroken saint told the world to celebrate the day as lover’s day. If he would have anticipated the increased flower business and free marriage warning from culture protectors, Saint would have reconsider his wish. Wish you all happy Valentines day, Spread Love valentine-roses

I basically come from a place where some people still use their thump for signature, legs to reach their destination, their sweat to earn money, patience to swallow the injustice of any crap system. No matter how developed cities are with big fancy ring roads and electronised process, towns are still same with crowded bank and post office.

During Christmas vacation I had been to this bank to invest the money, not my money but the money I borrowed from my mother to escape from Income Tax, so practically it became my mothers money:). I was bit taken to see the AC room with puffy chair and a young security guard in uniform. I asked myself “when this happened?where did the fan go?”. I couldn’t stop looking at the young security clad in uniform. You see most of the security guards are old, sometimes i wonder in case of robbery whether we have to run or save the security guard. With the thousands wrinkles on their face, worn out skin, countable bones i don’t think they are fit to take any blows.

As I approached the cashier with all the stares on my 3/4 and streaked hair, my head held high i said “”, before i could open my mouth the lady cashier gave me one of her deadly look and said “follow the queue”. Then i realized why the stares on me, i was the queue breaker. With all my balloon air gone i sat there in those puffy chair, and followed the queue like musical chair. People came, time passed more people came but nobody left.

Cashier lady got some old chap to flirt, with her cheeks deepened with red, Jasmine flower on her head swinging along her head i just sat and stared. Its been ages since i had seen fully oiled plaited hair with jasmine flower on them. Server started taking power nap all resulting in increased wait. “This is usual here” one said, other made this annoying sound “shaaa” which implicated how frustrated she is, I sat there saying F*** for several times. I looked around for a complaint box f***,Employess on leave F***, ….my slang were interrupted when Manger showed his big butt in the bank. “F***, at least now the speed will increase” i thought, but whom I was kidding. Nothing changed, queue, waiting people. Time rolled to lunch hour not caring anyone. When my turn came Boom!!, server went down, and i was in my saturated point. I sat there like a puppy who lost his mother, worms churning in my tummy, nobody cared, nobody gave a shit. I wanted to climb the chair shout “there are people waiting here, old people, young people, for love of mercy do your job”. I tried to move the chair when it didn’t budge, realized its glued to the floor i sat there numb. May be cashier smelled something because next thing i know she was crediting my amount and giving me slip

That’s the common scenario there, no one to utter a word against  loss of precious time. Educated , uneducated, old young everybody crib but never do anything. They may be used to living in such environment but I am not. Why to shut your mouth and show your middle finger when you can improve the system, society you live. I am not Anna Hazare in white khadi to do hunger strike and be inspiration item to any fellow Indian. I might be commoner that too woman, of this new generation but being a commoner i know my capacity, my power. After all its from the people to people and for the people. Using my freedom of speech there I was drafting a complaint mail to the senior level. I was not doing it for me but for the people from my place.

After a week I got a call from the bank manager asking me my full name and the reason for my complaint. He started to yap about his future plan to improve bank facility, apologies for inconvenience and again more yapping. “Boss, i know the sweet talk, most HR’s use this tactics, doesn’t work always, you improve the quality of service and show, I believe you” I wanted to say. But there I was again counting seconds hoping the manager on the other end of call will disconnect, hoping to understand i am not interested in his cock-bull story . when i realized he is repeating same thing for second round I took several deep breaths and picked a moment to chop him in middle and started my ending sentence, a knack i learned from my previous mangers during appraisal, and disconnected the call.

I don’t know whether the manager will work on his words and improve the quality of the service, or the long queues will end. I am happy at least I took the courage to raise my concern rather than just sit and crib. Its not my first time I am sure its not my last.

I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 19

Posted: October 20, 2014 in STORY

Jenny never imagined that her holidays will be so relaxing ,reading books and walking RJ .Even though Kegan had holidays he used to spend most of his time in office which gave Jenny more space and time to adjust to her new house. Every day she visited Mr and Mrs Lewis with RJ. Whenever Kegan was free he used to accompany Jenny to Mr Lewis house. Sometimes they have dinner there and walk back home. Even though Kegan was trying hard to make his place in her heart she was still holding to her past, to Ron.

One night after having dinner Kegan and Mr Lewis were talking in hall while Mrs Lewis and Jenny were washing utensils. Mrs Lewis said “Hes a nice guy Jenny, give him a chance, he loves you. You cant hold on to your past for long” .Jenny had looked at Mrs Lewis wondering why she was telling her this. Mr Lewis touched her cheek with love and said “I am not blind Jenny, I can see how you run away from him. I know you married him because you felt its that’s what will make us happy, you don’t know how wrong you are”. Jenny hugged Mrs Lewis and said with teary eyes “I am trying, but its hard, I still love Ron..” When she chocked Mrs Lewis said “Ron is dead, accept the fact, nothing will bring him back, try to compromise with your past and try to live”.

That’s night as it was late they stayed back. Jenny was pretty nervous as she had to share her bedroom with Kegan. In Kegan house she never faced that problem. She never shared his bed. She always slept on the couch and Kegan never said anything to her. Her mother-in-laws words were still echoing in her mind.

After saying good night to Mr and Mrs Lewis, Kegan, RJ and Jenny walked towards her room which she had shared it with Ron in past. Cold breeze was not helping her to ease her nervousness instead it was increasing. She opened the door to her room so that Kegan can enter. She stood there watching her bed which she had shared it with Ron. Their love making was still alive in front of her eyes. She took a deep breath to control her emotions. Kegan whispered “relax Jenny, I am not going to do anything. I love you that doesn’t mean I will force you. “, saying that he bent and kissed her hair and said “Good night sweet dreams”. Jenny stood there motionless watching Kegan while he put the mattress on the floor and slept on it. RJ climbed on the bed and waited for her to join. Even though Kegan’s eyes were closed she was sure he is still waiting for her to say something. She wiped her tears and walked towards her bed. She picked her blanket and covered Kegan with it. She touched his shoulder with gratitude and said “Thank you Kegan for understanding”.


She tossed her comforter and turned towards her husband’s side. She just wondered how he can sleep so easily. When she couldn’t lie down she picked her robe and walked towards kitchen. RJ yawned and followed her thinking he will be treated for his loyalty.


She was eating ice cream in kitchen when she heard sound from study. She looked at RJ who was alert now. She picked the knife from kitchen counter and started walking in direction ofstudy. When she realised she will be risking RJ life she lifted the dog in her arms and put him in bathroom and closed the door. Furious RJ started barking which made the sound and light in study disappear. Jenny held the knife steadily and walked towards study wondering who it will be in study. Before she could open the door of study Kegan was there holding her hand. He said “Go back to your room and wait there”. Jenny stared at him and opened her mouth to deny. He pushed her away from door and said “go now,  if anything goes wrong I want you to call the police…”. Finally when she felt she cant take it anymore she said “I am going nowhere Mr Kegan. If I am going anywhere it will be study. If you cant believe then watch me when I do”. Saying that she pushed the door to study followed by Kegan right behind her. As it was dark she couldn’t see anyone. She signalled Kegan to be alert and switched on the light. They both were scanning the room carefully when Jenny saw some movement behind the curtain. Before Jenny could reach the curtain Kegan saw an gun aimed at Jenny. Without thinking twice he stepped in front of his wife not caring the consequence. Gun fired shot in Jennys direction which hit Kegan who was blocking its way. If Kegan wouldn’t have stepped it would have Jenny’s last day on earth. Jenny turned to see Kegan bleeding and run towards him. The person behind the curtain took advantage of the situation and took out his gun and aimed at Jenny’s back. Kegan held his hand over his wound and stood watching his wife come running towards him. After all this is not the first time they were fighting their enemies, side by side. As soon as Jenny reached his open arms he held her close and turned his back towards the guy who was hiding behind the curtain. Kegan was still holding Jenny in his arm when the second bullet hit his back. The pain was un-bearable. He looked at his confused wife in his arm and collapse to the floor. He touched his blood stained hand to lips and said “sometimes you should listen to me love”, saying that he lost his conscious.

Making use of this opportunity the two men escaped. Jenny struggle to sit in her husband’s arms. Kegan was hurt badly and was bleeding. She touched his cheek and tried to wake him up. When he didn’t make any move she sat there holding his head second time in her lap and saying that she will listen to him only if he opened his eyes, tears from her eyes were falling on Kegan’s face. He loves her truly she had no doubt else he wouldn’t have saved her twice in single moment.