The Most Loved Sociopath

Posted: November 30, 2021 in My Silly thoughts
If he is sad he minds his on business and walks away, when he is extremely happy no matter who is around, minding their own business, he goes and bites them and then runs away wagging his tail, proud and happy. Psycho!!

He looks deeply into your eyes and knows instantly how to piss you off, be it following you, grunting for no reason, pooping in front of your house or just staring at you like a killer.

Inspite of his drama , crazy acts he is loved dearly by the women, kids. Women try their level to tolerate his crazy deeds but when it gets out hand he gets few whacks on his cute little butt. He is will be back few seconds later to piss them off even more

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Hornet Nest

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Our Local, Young Model

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Behind the scene with professional photographer πŸ˜‚

When Toys Come In Search Of You

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Bangalore Never Stops Blooming

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Meet Baby Lizzie

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Still young, baby Lizzie is becoming expert in hunting. Says ‘hi’ from a distance, doesn’t like human company πŸ˜‰
He pooped on my door step and when I questioned him he gave me one of his look. No, he didn’t touch the bread stick
“How are you?” I asked him and he just walked away, ignoring me.
He tried hard to open the gate waking up while neighborhood on a Sunday morning

It’s been couple of years since Bairavaa became integral part of my neighbourhood. With his occasional cute little smile and innocent looks, he didn’t have to crack entrance exam to get bowl of rice from the good hearted women

He seems to be chilled ,cool and cute but suffers from mood swings and goes on biting spree. I used to pat him earlier, ask him about his health, he used to smile occasionally, ignore most of time giving me F off look. One day to my horror, I saw him biting a old man who was minding his own business. Since then I say my hi from a distance,far as possible from his teeth. He still gives me F off look rolling his eyes. He may not have permanent address but have heck lot of atitude, bigger than his small tiny featπŸ˜€

When he feels bored, he welcomes himself into the open gates, ransacking dustbin and pooping on the door step as a ‘Thank You’ gift.

He visits his owner occasionally who is not much worried about his whereabouts. The lack of love and care may be turned him into a Sociopath.

I still remember when a lady had followed him with a big stick in the morning. It was a site to see, guilty Bairavaa chased by the angry lady, I had stopped to talk to him when the lady enquired ” is this your dog?”, “No, but he stays in our block”. Out of curiosity I had asked her what Bairavaa had done. ” That nasty dog, bit me, I was walking my poodle when he came and bit. I am going to teach him a lesson today”. I had giggled listening to her while guilty Bairavaa had vanished. It was just the beginning.

Knowing his mood swings and mental health neighborhood women still feed him and pamper him with their love,leftovers. Except those occasional scoldings for chewing thier slippers or helmet haven’t seen any changes in their love. Semi orphan but loved conditionally beyond his atitude, mental health and mood swings.

Stand-Up On A Rainy Day

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