Ladies, Their Design & SPORTS DAY

Posted: July 12, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

The college from which I bagged my bachelors  is famous for its strict dress code,beautiful girls, high standard rules and obviously for breaking-rules. No matter what people say, that’s one heck of a college to study. There might be scarcity of male population but women rule with style.


No matter how modestly the girls dress up following the”No jeans, no showing your skin” one day they will get to wear above knee skirt and flaunt their shapely legs, well designed uniform. “Sports-Day” you ought to be there inside those highly guarded.

Nuns, lecturers just sit there and watch while the girls march. Its fun!!! Ask me. I was there for 3 years.

Girls choose short skirt as their uniform utilizing their one day freedom to the maximum. There will be hardly 5 gals who can march properly. Rest will be contributing to form a big snake tail. Even famous designer Manish Malhotra wouldn’t dream about designing such costumes. Some in skirt, some in army uniform some with AIDS awareness badge, some with something extra but new.



No matter how hard guys try to enter Chaddi-Peter would chase them with mere bark. Old he might be but he is a true knight in shining armor guarding the whole gate wearing only his large below knee oversize shorts and a faded shirt

Brave guys can take courage and visit the pretty ladies, rest please sit at the bus stop for the evening. There’s is different colorful world behind those walls. One who has been there know the value of it and I am proud to say I am part of it.



Please note: If you are able to identify somebody identical to me then ignore her. It’s not me. Its “ugly betty”!!!!!

  1. Babitha says:

    missing those days 😦


  2. Chandini says:

    Lol!! I loved the way in ended… Ugly Betty 😉


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