When A Gal Marries

Posted: November 15, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

The day I was watching Sex and the city , I realized its fun to do things with your friends especially gal friends. Guys please don’t watch this movie because its not good for your ego, with fashion freak bunch of girls who enjoy life and have fun married or not. I know how your male chauvinist ego will hurt and you curse the movie right from the  beginning so don’t BOTHER!!!!!

When a gal marries a guy she have leave everything behind and move on with her hubby. Wherever he goes she has to follow him like a Pug just making weird face but no noise. How pathetic!!!! I can’t imagine leaving my RUM, Taqui, Teddy,my thick blanket, 4 pillows, cupboard for which I fought with my sister, my old tiger without teeth(dad)….. And finally my cute sir name. I don’t know about other things for sure but gals get brand new sir name after new marriage like it or not. When I told Loly about this she said “Come on babes. You can take them with you”. Thank god I didn’t mention cow in my list!!!When I think about all the minute things about marriage I say big “NO”. But no gal can stay single for long says people around me who torture me with new proposal every time I say no. May be its true. If the big, bad eagles come to know about single ladies they might trouble them, with their strong beak,…. Then I think about serving god as a nun but my friends say Sister SnL doesn’t sound cool.

When I finished my 12th standard I told my dad that I will join famous co-educated college in Mangalore but Hitler aka old tiger said “You think I will allow you to roam with guys in their bike so easily?”. Very next day woman’s college’s application was rotting in our house. I begged him but he was adamant.  Then I said “You gonna regret this one day, mark my words” behind his back. Days passed, year passed smart SnL became extra smart SnL and started writing, while dad started to curse. Now my dad says “I am having tough time searching a guy for you”. I laughed like an Asura and said “Oh my poor tiger, you should have allowed me to roam with the guy in his bike. Who knows by now he would have been your son-in-law”. Obviously when I said this my dad was not there.

  1. loly says:

    hahahaha…. yea rite.. Archie should have put u in St.Aloysius instead of St.Agnes ,…. am sure u would have been roamnin with a guy in a Royal Enfield.. 😉


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