I Hate it…I Hate it………I Hate it

Posted: March 19, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I don’t remember when was the last time I checked my blog. You see I am damn busy these days. Busy with what? Is one question which I am unable to answer. Filling my empty bucket, washing clothes, talking every two minutes with PU and DBC, pestering Loly to tell me her secret and yeah finally busy with work.
There are few things which make every simple person hate it. I have a list may be they match yours
1. When you see people rotating their finger in 369 degree in their nostrils. Officially I called it PICKLE factory.
2. People who don’t excuse after they burb don’t know the basic of manners. Yuk(thanks PU for correcting my YAK)!!!! When I don’t hear a “sorry” immediately followed by burp I feel like spanking that person.
3. Gals/guys who act like an angel in front and act like moron behind your bum sorry back. Up-down, here-there ohh man they act accordingly. Don’t hesitate to lick anybody’s ass, cry for their benefit.
4. The guys who send FB request or ask phone number immediately after 2 meetings with gals. One smile and guys think they stand a chance. Grow up guys.
5. Desperate guys who publish add “slim, 50kg, 5.4’’, with good family values gal can apply”. If by any chance they get a response they pester the gal, her family to the core. Trust me never make a mistake of sending bio-data to stranger. Damn they f^%$$ passing every minute
6. Over bitchy gals who ditch guys after emptying their ATM card. Because of few “gals species” name is spoilt.
7. Teachers/lecturers who torture poor kids with attendance, marks. Damn they play with their future.
8. My dad when he says is common dialogue “SnL must have spoilt it”. Dad you need to stop saying that.
9. My bro, when he shows me apple not fruit but the i-pod and smiles like a devil. Gonna rob that pod soon. Be careful bro!!!!!
10. Nuns, when they say “sacrifice Sex-life and listen to god”. Do they really know what they are saying?
11. My neighbor, friends when they say “you are 2?, when you are getting married?. People for god’s sake mind your own business and get a life
12. My owner. I renamed him from “the boxer hero” to “bas$%$@ hero”. He is a stingy, illogical oldie who should have been in Beja-fry.
13. A doctor in Kinnigoli. Who keeps the stethoscope on gals assets and says “inhale now”. Pu don’t say “moron heart is right below the asset.
14. Vegetable vendors in Bangalore. When they see me and listen to my Kannada price automatically increase. Damn I hate it and tired of fighting with them.
15. PU when she says “its not YAK its YUK, its not huh bit its hua………..”.Its like you wanna pooo but you friend forcibly makes you eat. Ohhh man she gotta stop poking me.
16. BMTC bus conductor. They fall on women and say “side, side”. Literally they fall on you and try to…….I never understood their real strategy.
17. My salary which never increases. God do something and make it grow like auto rickshaw fair.

When I see the list I wonder whether I am weird or the list is weird. I cant be weird so I am sure the list is weird. Were you scared reading the last lines? Dont be… this is what happens if the human being is staying alone with her laptop, phone and face book.

  1. Shilpa says:

    Looks like the list is too short..!!


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