I Hate it…I Hate it………I Hate it (part II)

Posted: March 20, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
when DBC read my “Hate” list she said “babes list is quiet small”.  i saw the list and thought for a while “oh man how much they expect me to write”. I sat again with pen and paper sorry my new laptop and started thinking. Writing skill is like a lose motion. If it flows fluently then boy you gonna be a great writer else you will be like a  woman in labour who is waiting for the baby’s exit from her womb.
  1. I hate it when guys see gals face at last. Boys I know what you are see first
  2. I hate it when a gal leaves everything she loved and follows her husband. Damn why cant husband follow wife?
  3. I hate it when guys rob gal’s undies which they put it outside to dry. Lucky guys never lose their undies…doesn’t sound good. May be I should use the word “briefs”.
  4. I hate it when students copying for exam get caught. Poor fellas must have wasted hell lot of time in preparing the chits
  5. I hate when my crush flirts around with other gals. Dude look at me behind those glasses there are beautifully damaged retinas.
  6. I hate it when a married man stares at young ladies. Uncle concentrate on aunty who is following you like pug
  7. I hate it when my niece pees and my mom tells me to clean. “wanna be Snl” I need to train you on peeing
  8. I hate it when my boss says “thoda Google karo yar, its possible not ROCKET science”. Are computer without CPU try to be bit logical.
  9. I hate it when guys focus their eyeballs only in one place whenever a lady bends. Really ladies are awesome creature of god.
  10. I hate it when ladies fight in public like fish mongers. Ladies you can take out your frustration on your husbands at home in your bed room.
  11. I hate it when I go to toilet and I can see ownerless shit. Damn I am tired of seeing my own shit why people are torturing me with their shit.
  12. I hate it when I stamp shit on the way to office. Wonder what Bangalore dogs eat. Shit smells like……sorry no comparison
  13. I hate it when my dog shows his lipstick whenever I touch him. I don’t really know what its called as. Use your brain and you will get the answer.
  14. I hate it when my salary gets over before the month end. I need to stop shopping or salary should grow don’t know what’s the real reason.
  15. I hate it when guys in their briefs, at sea shore, hug the salt water, exposing them to the world. For god sake put on some clothes, this is not your bath room and I am not your mom.
  1. Shilpa says:

    Cool babes!! can v expect some more sequels on this?


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