Pom Pom here comes my Passing Thoughts

Posted: March 29, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

You cant expect more from a software engineer. All they can do is see the monitor and write some crap code. Even I am software engineer but unlike others I do some good work like writing blog. Sometimes I get the compliments like “nice blog SnL, its just awesome, whenever I feel my neuron gonna burst I peep into your blog”.  At least my blog saved few human brains. Thank you Chick for creating blog for me(a person who knows in and out of SnL).  Else my scripts, thoughts would have been resting in shit hole

Here are my passing thoughts

  1. Kids are not the only one who get rashes on their bum because of the pampers. Kids you will be glad to know women and old age people are already in your gang.
  2. When you pee, at least one drop of urine you carry back with you. If its Indian toilet then many drops of urine on your ankle, English toilet then few drops on thighs.
  3. There is a certain age for guys so sit on sea-saw. I am telling you guys if you sit often then you will lose……. them forever.
  4. Vodka decreases the production of X and Y. So guys if you wanna play who-is–the-daddy game then stay away from Vodka.
  5. All female spices produce one or other kind of eggs. Let’s all get into thinking business……
  6. Guys can never sit with one leg crossed over other. Ohhh!!!!poor fella
  7. 90% of men spices remain fertile till their old age. Thank god men cant produce babies. Else population would have doubled.
  8. When people commit suicide, because of the pressure they pass urine and shit in their underpants. One tip don’t eat or drink anything at least 5 hours before committing suicide. Follow my policy “die-beautifully”
  9. Roles which are tough to be played are neither Hitler nor jack from Titanic but its father, headmaster, principal and damn f%^king husband’s role.
  10. Every human being has a secret story about their torn underpants. Even I have one. But difference is its not secret. When my underpants bow to the concrete slide, my torn chaddi went live and became public(Please Not :it happened when I was 7 years old).
  11. This is gross. But I felt I should mention it. Once a spy whom I know told me, they got a cure for the pimple. I said what “whats the cure”. Spy said “before having bath scrub your underpants to your face”. I puked, damn my spy!!!!!. Every time dont believe what people tell you to do. Damn you got your own brain
  12. Never fracture your hand. If you do then you are in trouble. Who the hell will wash your bum?
  13. There is 2 times in life time we became completely dependent on others in normal circumstance. Childhood and old age. Old age sucks big time.
  14. In India during summer pee comes faster from the bladder than the water from the tap.


As its 12.00 in the night I have to hug my pillow and warm my bed. As my body is sore and soul is sleeping, my nervous system is jammed up. All I can say is “good night, may god bless each one of you with lots of goodies and me with good night sleep.

  1. This post of your is more biological..!!


  2. This post of yours is more biological!!!


  3. basantbharti4@gmail.com says:

    I am sure, it is written by any gals only coz she has very little knowledge about guys.
    Assessment : OK, some of the points are so difficult to understand e.g. 8 & 9.


  4. Drama hater says:

    Lets not get into details here. Its a fun blog. Nothin to take away from.
    Wat you don understand let it go cos am sure wikipedia wont be of any help with snl’s blog.


  5. Dileep Pandey says:

    Lolz Very funny thoughts.. Couldn’t stop laughing 🙂


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