Few days at home

Posted: April 11, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

It was Thursday night 9.00 when I was eagerly waiting for my bus, Sugama route 1. As I have no strings attached I was waiting alone. I was excited to see my niece and my dogs. As usual dad called me 10 times to ask whether I got into bus. I realized no matter how much you grow up parents still treat you like small kids. I called my pick-up cab driver(my bro) and begged him to come and pick me next day morning. As I sat on my seat I started to sweat. Damn the summer. For a while I thought it will be fun to sleep in min. clothes but that topic was out of my box. Pu , loly called to say safe journey. Pu said ” I am sweating like hell cant sleep. This Loly is snoring like hell. Know what she even bought her blanket and socks. May be she thought she is going to North pole, poor chick forgot that Mangalore will be boiling hot in summer”. When she finally done updating me with her news she said “gn sd, will meet on Saturday as planned”. I thought again with same gang in my hometown sounds bit WEIRD”

Good Friday

When I reached Kinnigoli my bro was waiting for me. Before I got into the car he started asking “what did you get for me?”. I made weird face and said “my ass”. When he stared at me I realized I was talking to my bro .I said “sorry”. I thought I have to control my boneless tongue When I reached home my niece was awake and was shouting from top of her voice. When she saw me she smiled and made some weird sound “yehhhhhhh”. When said hello she extended her right hand . I was amazed. Then I said hello to my dog-gang Rum, Tequi and new entry Teddy. When I realized they are stinking I gave them bath. When I was finished bathing those dogs I was half wet and was tired. When finally I saw the time it was 1.00pm. As it was Good Friday I was supposed to be fasting. When I saw the delicious grapes on the table I thought its not necessary to fast. But when my mom said “you are 2?, cant you fast? I gave up the the idea of eating grapes”. I had my lunch at 2.00pm and got ready for mass As Jesus died on this day, it was sad day. Mass ended pretty soon. Nothing much happned on that day. Pu called me to make sure that plans for Saturday still hold good.

Most awaited Saturday

Saturday 7.45 my alarm woke me up. As I informed my mom about my plans nobody asked me any question. I love this part. Once you start earning Parents wont ask un-necessary questions. When I reached the meeting spot “Infant Jesus shrine”, Loly and Pu were there waiting for me. As that shrine was my favorite I always visit that place. Alwys I hope that on my next visit one male spices will be beside me but ….no such luck. When Pu saw me she came and hugged me. I said “whats with you? are you on drugs?”. She said “its been almost 6 days we didn’t meet, this is pretty normal way to wish your pals”. I said “in Bangalore you don’t even care to say hello and hugging in Mlore!!! Stay away from me moron and behave yourself. Next spot was “Veera’s” beauty parlor. Owner is a pretty sorry cool lady with bob hair and tattoo on her arm. Pu had her hair cut first. As her hair is bit weird like her we couldn’t make out whether she had a hair cut or just hair set up. That day Loly learned how to comb her hair . Classes taken by Rohan, owners son. He got lots of patience must say. He listens to gals chit-chat and responds. If he works in It maybe even he will run out of patience like me Whatever. I have thick hair which almost looks like savanna or lawn. When my hair was set I couldn’t believe myself. Damn I was so happy. For lunch we went to Mangala in Jeppu. Must say everybody should try that restaurant. Delicious food and tongue’s satisfaction. When Pu saw the bill she said “every week we shld come here from Bangalore to have Mangalore food”. Our tummy was full and we couldn’t walk. Guys were staring at me. I thought when they see my temporarily silken hair taking its original texture they might run. Whatever but I felt good. As we entered Ideals Pu stumbled on her step. She laughed and held her hand to her chest and said “my heart came to my mouth”. We ignored her. You see she is pretty good in in-acting. Other day she was trying to enact “Barney Stinson” from HIMYM. We ordered ice creams and Pu stared asking the question “Ideal is birth place of Gadbad?Whats this senorita?…….When ice cream came even she forgot what she was talking about. As we had to attend Easter mass we stopped our expedition there and got into bus.


Called all my friends and wished them. Played with my dogs, took them for a walk. As I was at home nothing much happened. Monday As I had to go to Mangalore I got up early. When my bro saw me getting ready he said “you never stay at home”. I started my Activa and said “even you used to do the same thing”. What he said I didn’t hear as I increased the speed

8.30 I was in Mangalore. There’s this monastery near Milagress church hall. The second place I visit most. I saw the nuns pics and thought even I can join convent but………may be god wants me to get marry:)

I went to a shop to buy slip for men(banyan). I told the shop keeper I want banyan. He said “sleeveless? I said yeah”. Then I said “I want hand kerchief too”. he showed me. Before I could move he said “do you want underwear?”. I dnt know why I started to giggle. Being a gal buying gal stuff sounds normal but buying guys stuffs sounds abnormal.

Around 10.00 I had American Choconut and water melon juice for my breakfast. Previous day PU had called me and said “Monday dads 60th bday do come. She paused for a while and said “inviting you is bit risky, if you come here and talk nonsense my dad will sue me. I took it as a challenge and called Loly. She said “if you are ready even I am ready”. Around 1.00pm we reached Pu’s house. She gave me lecture on how to behave and act. Damn!!!!i hated it.

We wished her dady. He looked pretty cool sorry serious guy. Around 3.00 we left for Soans farm. Must say pretty place. If anybody want to hangout then soans farm is the best place. We roamed and roamed in the farm. We named all the tress and fruits which we were able to identify. As Loly had invited her younger bro he looked bit troubled looking at mine and Pu’s fight. When he finally got used to it even he enjoyed it. Later me, Loly and her younger bro went in triple ride till Modabidri. As i was sitting at the rear , Loly used to call my name and ask “Ate you there?”

When I reached home it was 5.30pm.My bro said his same song “you never stay at home”.


I stayed home as a result I got babysitting job. My niece is worst than me. She never sleeps. She roams all around and wants to eat everything. When I eat watermelon she sees my face. When I eat cucumber she sees my face. When I click her pics she gives me weird pose. Sometimes I fear she will overtake my being-smart image. When I call her “hey sexy” she looks up and gives her one of cunning smile and sometimes she doesn’t give a damn”. Tuesday evening I got ready to come back to my empty shed. When I said bye to all my dear once I felt sad. Again my same routine will start “getup-office-work-cook”. I looked outside through open window of rick and thought how life changes once we grow up

  1. Don’t reveal your bus route number.. people might hijack that bus.. 🙂


  2. Drama hater says:

    You pretty much wrote the whole shit. You should hav included everythin… Flickin fruit. Velvet apple. Now see my new haircut and write about it…
    Now there wont be a soul who wouldn recognise that I got my hair done.


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