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Posted: April 23, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Adele 23, got 6 Grammy awards. She is just awesome. She got talent and she already reached the top. Look at me, What I got? talents: no, awards: other than ”most talkative” person I got none. Ohh god at least you could have given me the talent of writing novels like Jeffrey archer or Sydney Sheldon. I feel god should have used some more time in creating me. May be he was busy watching cricket or soccer who knows.

Daily morning I have to get to the alram of “Browny1234” and run to catch my cab. Being a dog person I just don’t like cats. As I mentioned earlier Boxer, the Bas*** hero had this cat named Browny. Its hell to listen to the cats named called out 1000 times per minute. Now I hate that Browny to the core. May be I can keep the Browny in my cooker and take 2 whistles and peace will rule all over again. Idea sounds pretty cool and I am loving the idea. Other day It was eating its food and its tail was on the path. I thought it’s a good opportunity to take revenge. I stamped its tail and before the cat could turn I ran away. When I saw the cat I felt sad. You see I don’t like to hurt animals other than chicken and pig. I went and said sorry to the cat. It seems to like it. When I was above to leave I couldn’t resist, I pinched the cat again. This time I didn’t say sorry. The cat thinks twice before entering my room. I like it.

Theres a college on the way to my pg. in front of the collage I can see small small ballons. Guess they are called something like “condemn”. They are everywhere, side,center, foot path. I feel during recess time or lunch break all couples will be busy blowing those ballons. When I see all that I feel Its good thing that i am not married and dont have kids. Handling kids around FB, google, you-tube, twitter, dirty picture, Grown up Harry-potter, sunny leony and brainless Poonam pandey is worst then taming a wild horse

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