i lost myself to you Blue……..Chapter2

Posted: April 26, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

When I saw the approaching boat it took hardly 10minutes that it was not pa who is coming. I looked at Sam. He looked tensed. Sensing the circumstance Rex was all set to fight to save his owner. This was the first time I was scared in the deep blue water. I started to pray. Sam hurried towards me and said “go inside, cover yourself with something and don’t come outside unless I call you”. I went in wondering how Sam will handle this situation.  Rex stayed out with Sam. He was silent.

The motors was off when the boat reached us. Sam started conversing in Tulu, local language. When the intruder didn’t response he started to talk in his out dated English “who are you?”. Intruders ignored him and one guy jumped into our boat. I was shivering.  I continued to pray, I could hear my own heart beat in my ear drums. The guy who was in the arrived boat took out a gun and pointed towards Sam. Sam said “no harm, me and dog only”. The guy who was in our boat was picking everything and was examining. When he tried to move in Sam stopped him. He took out the dragger and pointed towards Sam. When Rex saw this he jumped on the guy. He was biting his face and hand when a bullet came and hit Rex. The guy on the boat had fired his rifle. Rex was there lying still in his own pool of blood. When I saw this from my hiding place I couldn’t take it anymore. I came out of my hiding place and kicked the guy on his groin. I saw Rex. He was trying to breath. Tears were rolling down my cheek seeing my pet who gave his life to save his mistress. Seeing the situation one more guy made attempt to come to ort boat. Sam said “before they lay hands on you, just jump and swim. Don’t think about me”. I said “Sam, I am not gonna leave you. I lost Rex now didnt wanna lose you”. Rex was still now, his gaze was fixed on me. I couldn’t see it. I knelt in front of Rex and kissed him . I closed his eyes and said “sorry Rex for keeping you away from your fish”.

Sam pushed me. Situation was already getting out of control. One more guy was already getting into out boats when Sam pushed me in to the water.  I saw Sam for final time and started to swim for my life. I was praying for Sam. I knew it I was responsible for Rex and Sam both. If anything happens to Sam I will never forgive myself. I continued swimming. I didn’t even cross 1 mile when I strong guy caught me. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw Sam’s ashen face.  Before Sam could do something a bullet came and hit his right arm.  He tried to jump in water when the guy on the boat stabbed Sam with his dragger. He was bleeding. The guy who was holding me put me on the boat. I was soaked and was shivering head to toe. I begged them let Sam go. They just kicked me hard on my stomach and tore my clothes. Before I know what’s happening  I was pinned to the floor and one guy was over me inserting his manhood inside me. My was praying to god with hope that somebody will come to my help. I saw Sam he was still then I saw Rex’s lifeless body and then I saw the guy on top of me. I knew it I lost everything to the deep blue sea. I cursed my fate, blue and yeah I cursed my creator.


Sam will survive??Zoovy will die??i know she wont after all she the leading role…Was she raped??did her knight in shining Armour came to her help?did her creator forsake her????? To be continued(soon)

(When i was writing i got 3 calls which disturbed the flow. Had bad cold but still i kept going cos even i dont know the ending. hope you enjoyed it)

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