Long Rides…….Fun n Pain

Posted: May 3, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

As I got into the cab I looked around. Only last seat was available. I knew it it’s a bad idea to sit on last seat. As my ass hit the seat I realized today my lower back gonna strain again. As my ass tossed up in the air due to speed breaker my painful joints, ass, knees remembered yesterday’s tremendous journey

As 1st May was holiday, I was reading some novel on 30th April, I was reading novel till late night. Suddenly Deeks calls me and asks “whats your plan?”.I said “what else bro, reading and sleeping”. He said”ok, will call you back”. As deeks is a good organizer, he takes initiative to plan something good. He calls me back after 10 mins and says “will go for a ride to Mysore”. It was my dream to go to Mysore in bike. You see its fun to go for a long drive in bike in blore weather. I said”ok, let gear up bikers”. Raks and his friend, me and Deeks. It was planned that will start out journey at 5.45. I didn’t know I will be the only one to be ready on time. How I hated guys then.

Around 1 slept. This was the first trip without Chick. I missed her. As she was not around I had tough time deciding what to wear. As my FB albums has most of my tops I had tough time deciding what to wear. Good that it was later else I wouldn’t doubt my instinct to buy new top. Trust me gals are crazy. I charged my cameras battery, filled the water. Pu is experience biker. She has 2 biker frinds who takes her for long drive. She had warned me about long drives in summer. But I I didn’t care. Alwys she used to for for long drive with this guy , I call him Jackfruit2( he cant stand me, ego clashes). I like the guy, you see he reads my blog when he cant sleep. Wahtever , I wanted few tips for the ride like can I wear 3/4th  and expose my legs to whole Mysore or wear full pants and save your legs from sun. As it was late I didn’t get immediate reply from Pu. Thought she must be farting in her sleep

I felt these are the necessary things for the rides

Glares, stole, jacket, sun screen lotion, wet-tissues, dry tissues, drinking water, helmet. never expose your skin to sun.

I felt this is the must

customize sponge underpants. Trust me if you sit on bike for more than 3 hours , your lower back pains. This is what Pu said but I didn’t listen to her.

1st May

I got up with excitement. I was ready within 20 minutes. I cursed those guys who didn’t show up till 6 in the morning. By the time Deeks came I was snoring. You see I was tired waiting for him. Raks came very late. On asking the reason he just smiled. I don’t know exactly what that smile meant.

As we started out journey finally at 7.30 I was flying high with energy. Blore-Mysore highway, less traffic and cloudy weather. Trust me early morning is the best time for rides. As we were travelling we saw 3 bikers with sexy bikes. My folks said its Honda, sports bike. Blue, red and green and riders wore matching costume. I was attracted to their back seat. You see those all 3 bikes back seat was vacant.

Deeks was riding the bike in his own style. No slowing down near speed breakers, over taking those who dony give side and calling my name to check I am still at the back side. Morning I didn’t utter a word other than singing the song “para…..para…para…paradise”. When Deeks couldn’t take it anymore he said “enchina savu marayare(tulu), will you shut up saying para para”. As I was happy I didn’t say anything. I just smiled and continued singing.

We reached Sangam around 10.30. Clicked some pics here and there in water, in filed like farmer. I was speechless when my pic in farmer attire got 52 “likes”. I “like” that. From there we left for Ranganthittu, bird sanctuary. Lovely place, must visit place. There are so many birds, crocodiles. If I ever get a chance again I will visit that place. Then we visited St.Philomena church. I prayed saying “I wanna marry a biker. As it was lunch time we were hunting for restaurant. We got into this RRR restaurant. It was crowded like car festival. Few touched my ass and few my back. When I couldn’t take it anymore I said “I am leaving”. When finally Deeks realized we don’t have a chance there we left. After crossing few lanes we spotted this Maharaj’s Kerala restaurant. I remember only few things about that restaurant waiter and just waiter. He used to call his helper “Ramesh, Ramesh, Ramesh”…… and again “Ramesh,ramesh,Ramesh”. I thought may be theres a bug in his CPU. He looked like psycho trust me his face still haunts me. After having lunch I knew it out stomach went for a toss.

When guys were done with burning the cigarette we moved towards Chamundi betta. Joueny was awesome. Even temple premises was really good. As we enters the main entrance a lady was saying come come, pooja things are ready, hurry up, temple main door is above to close”. I practiced that sentence 3 times when Raks told me to shut up. I forgot that I was telling loudly and many were laughing listening to me.

When we started out journey back to Blore I already started getting symptoms of long drives. Sore back and bad ass. Damn!!! it was then I started telling Deeks  whenever I saw those speed breakers “speed breakers are like ladies, handle them smoothly and carefully”. Few times he listened to me but later he didn’t care. I was in pain every time we crossed a speed breaker. Imagine 100 times ass getting tossed in air. I can still feel the pain. That’s when I realized customized sponge underpants is must for the long rides

On the way back it stared to drizzle. Tell you what its not romantics to ride in rain. When those rain drops come and hit your face like needle all you want to do is run. I stared to pray. As we wanted to reach blore on time we didn’t stop for long breaks. Deeks kept on asking me whether I wanna break whenever I cribbed about those speed breakers and my ass.

It was 8 in the evening when finally I reached my pg. I was wondering what my dad will say if he comes to know about me biking with guys. You see dad don’t like it when their daughter go for long rides with”GUYS”. As expected my dad called he asked me “what you did whole day”. I said”what else dad I was in pg”. But I told the truth to my sis and mom. You see I am bad in keeping secrets. I know my bro will make it big issue if he comes to know.

Whatever I am happy. I got some more moments to remember. I will never ever forget the ride. You see sometimes lying is worth. Trust me






  1. Harsha S Aithal says:

    So, whats you Dad’d number ? let me call him :p


  2. Harsha S Aithal says:

    ha ha.. Now you know how to get more views. . !!


  3. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Rider is not Ur Bro!!!


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