i lost myself to you Blue…….chapter5

Posted: May 12, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"
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When I open my eyes after a long time I felt good. I tried to get up. Then I saw Raleeba dozing off in the near by chair. As my legs hit the floor Raleeba got up and said “you want anything? hungry?”. I said “nature call, want to go to toilet”. As I stood I realize my legs were still paining. I took few steps and looked at Raleeba. He understood and came for my aid. He helped to go to toilet. When I saw my reflection in the mirror hung the toilet I felt sick. My hair was a mess, still dirty, scared cheek and swollen eyes. How I hated my reflection. I hit the mirror with my hand. Raleeba came inside and was startled to see my bleeding fist. He just carried me to the bed and bandaged my fist. He didn’t ask me any question. I said “whats your age Ralleba?”.He said “15 years old”. I said “would you mind if I call you Rall?”. He smiled and said “no, call me anything you want”. I told him to sit on the bed, he did as he was told. I touched his shoulder and said “thank you for everything”. He smiled and said “thank my master, he is the one who saved you. I was just following his orders”. I said “but you helped me”. He didn’t say anything. After a while he tucked me to my bed and left. I slept for a while.

When I couldn’t sleep any more I got up from my bed and walked outside. It was bit silent. As the sun has risen I didn’t find difficult to find my way to the deck. Before leaving my cabin I had tried tying my blood stained hair in a knot when couldn’t do anything I left just like that. Few men were there on the deck. They looked surprise to see me in my long rob. When I spotted Rall I smiled at him. He retuned my smile and walked towards me. He said “you need rest, you look tired”. I said “ I am ok, couldn’t sleep anymore so I came out. Where are we?”. He looked the deep blue sky and pointed his finger in direction and said “there, that’s our home, one more day and we are home”. His eyes were dancing with joy. I said “want to meet your master will you take me to him?”. His eyes became serious and focus on something as if they are communication with somebody. He said “He is resting, will take you later. Let me help you to wash your hair”. I smiled and touched his cheek and said “you are such a darling”.

Once he was finished my blood stained hair he left me alone in my cabin. My mind started to recall the incident. Pa, Sam Rex and my home how I missed them all. My life took a “U” turn and within fraction of second everything changed. Few days back I was dreaming of my marriage and now I am thinking of taking my revenge. How I wanted to kill those guys. When I remember the incident on my boat my blood stared to boil and I hit my hand to the near by wall. A tall figure appeared in the door way. He was in his late 60’s.His cloths were somewhat similar to mine. But something about him made me realized that he must be the master Rall was talking about. His eyes were serious and attitude was reflecting on them. He said “Take it easy lady, you will hurt yourself”. With my tearful voice I said “there’s nothing left to get hurt. I am a living corpse”. He looked at me for a while and said “Whatever happens its god’s will”. Tears were rolling down my cheek, I said “there’s no god, if he was there he would have saved me”. He said “see, he saved you?”. I said ”no, you saved me. If he was there he would have helped me when I clade him, prayed to him. There’s no god. Church, cross, god, prayer everything is fake bullshit”. I was boiling now. I said “you shouldn’t have saved me, you should have killed me. I don’t want to live”. He took few more step towards, touched my shoulder and said “Allah listen’s to everyone. Whatever happen’s it happens for our good”. I got stiffen. So I was saved my Muslims. Its not that I hate them but usually they don’t help. I had Muslim friends and I used to ask them about religion. I know many things about Islam religion. I looked straight into his eyes and said “you wouldn’t have said that if your daughter was gang raped “. He stood there for a while and said “you need rest. Once we reach home, I will arrange for you to return to your home. And its my son who saved you not me”. Before I could say anything he had left. “Home” I asked myself whether I want to go home or not? Who is my rescuer?. Zoovy lost in her thoughts so much she didn’t observe a tall, well-built figure move behind her. When she turn back she was shocked to see the man. This man has the similarities to the old man who had come earlier. It took few seconds to realize that this is the master who Roll was talking about. His calm eyes, well-formed cheek bones and broad chest was everything a woman can ask for. He might be 6 feet. Zoovy so much absorbed in watching him that she forgot that he had asked her a question. When Zoovy didn’t utter a word the man repeated his question again this time loudly and clearly “you wanted to talk to me?”.Zoovy held her breath when his rich voice hit her ears. She thought an angel is talking to her. She continued staring at her. When the man took few step towards her she felt like whole earth moving. She felt she need to sit. Before she could take steps she fainted and the tall man held her in his arms. Before Zoovy closed her eyes she captured the beautiful eyes

Will Zoovy go home?will she fall in love with the stanger?

(tell you what writing is difficult. Thought can be a writer bit i was wrong……)


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