i lost myself to you Blue…….chapter8

Posted: May 22, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Asking Rall was unnecessary as I heard heavy gun fire. Rall held my hand took me near the bed and said “nothing gonna happen to you. I will protect you with my last breath”. My eyes filled with tears. I looked at his small face and said “I know Rall you will never let anyone harm me. I trust you”. He said “those cannibals have attacked us. As we are un-prepared they are taking the advantage. But you don’t worry, my master is unbeatable”. I felt my senses go numb when I heard about it. Seeing those cannibals alive and un-punished, my blood boiled.

Before I could say anything the tall cannibal who had given me dirty water to drink on that ship appeared on the door way. He smiled when he saw me and said “so, my honey bee is here. You know we all missed you. My master is waiting to have you back. So come on honey, don’t make me kill this young lad”. I was so scared that I didn’t realize that I was clutching Ralls arm tightly. Rall pull me to his side protectively and whispered in my ear “don’t  fear, he cant even touch me”. I held him more tightly because I know a young boy cant stand for long in front of 6 feet tall, strong guy. I replied “Rall I don’t wanna lose you. He gonna kill you like how they killed my dog and Sam. You run for your life. I can protect myself”. Rall pushed me aside and took few steps towards the cannibal. He took his knife and said “you know, your are a monster, attacking lone woman is all you can do…..”. Before Rall could finish his sentence Cannibal’s strong fist touched Ralls cheek. I knew it that rall was in pain but he didn’t show any signs of it. Before Rall could regain his balance Cannibal attacked him with his sword. Rall cried with pain. I ran to Rall and saw his wound. Rall was holding his both hands to his wound. I thought 3 or 4 stiches might require. He was bleeding, he needed urgent treatment. I didn’t wanted to loos Rall so I took the Ralls sword which was lying beside him and said to the cannibal “you will rot in hell you B@#$%%”. Cannibal smiled and said “Yeah babes will rot in hell together”. I couldn’t take it anymore. I attacked him with the sword and as anticipated he was able to push me away with his one hand. How I wanted to be 70kg ,6feet WWF wrestler then. I stood up and scanned the surrounding. I knew it I cant fight with that mongrel. The fear of being kidnapped again by those cannibals gave me strength. I held my sword more firmly and looked at the cannibal. Trust me he was all set to fight with me. I took few steps and swung my sword. Before the sword come to its starting position my hand were held and I felt helpless again. How I wanted to kill that Son of B%$$ then. He looked at me with those lustful eyes and said “I love to play with wild cats”. He nestled my neck and said “I love them ,I love them”. I felt 100 needles prick me at the same time. I couldn’t pray or cloudnt call Rall for help. I was helpless.

“Let the lady go……..”. The loud clear icy edge voice broke the silence like a rock. My eyes rested on caleb. How I wanted to hug him then. I smiled at him but he didn’t smile back at me. He just stared at the cannibal and the place where he held me. Cannibal laughed and said “Always protective and caring Caleb”. I was confused. This cannibal knew Caleb. But how? I said “let the lady go free. Don’t make my sword taste your blood”. Mongrel held me more tightly and kissed my cheek and said “else what you will do Caleb? Kill me like you killed your uncle?I like this one and I am not letting her….Before he could finished his sentence bullet from Caleb’s gun entered cannibals skull gracefully. Caleb had taken his gun from his boot within fraction of second. That was a great shot indeed. The hole was not bigger than 50paisa coin between his eye brows.

Cannibal fell to the ground and he let go of me. I stood there watching him. When finally I looked up with my tearful eyes Caleb was standing next to me. I didn’t know who closed the distance. All I know is he was holding me and I was sobbing me. He stroked my hair, my back. He was consoling me like a small kid.

When I regained myself I moved away and ran towards Rall. He was closing his eyelids slowly. He touched my cheek and said “I told you right, my master is unbeatable”. Before anybody could say anything. Rall closed his eyes and drifted to sleep

Rall closed his eyes never to open again????Will Zoovy will save Rall?Caleb is attracted to Zoovy like Zoovy is attracted to him???

(story taking U turn or V i dodnt know. All i know is i have to read previous chapters to remember the names and story)

  1. Sharan Rao says:

    Story is getting little monotonous. Something real surprise is needed to keep the readers going. Hope you come up with few surprises in coming chapters.


    • sylvia says:

      Sure…but story is pretty long so cant revel everything now…..surprises are all around the whle story..But thank you for your suggestion…i will keep that point in my mind


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