i lost myself to you Blue…….chapter9

Posted: May 28, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

I was still frightened and scared of the event occurred in front of my eyes. When I saw Rall I knew it I have to attend him. I told Caleb to carry him to my bed. I saw his wound. It badly needed some stitches. I started to clean the wound with a clean cloth. Caleb said “We cant reach shore till the evening. Wonder how I will stop the bleeding”. As I didn’t want to waste time explain my occupation I said “get me some more clean sheets and a needle”.

When Caleb came back with the things I mentioned his father had accompanied him. I said “ I am a nurse and I can handle. Don’t worry nothing can happen to Rall”. I started to stitch his wound with my study hand. As Rall was sleeping he didn’t feel the pain. Once his wound was bandaged I told the father and son that I will take care of Rall and they left with a worry on their face.

I was seated on nearby chair. I checked on Rall. As his breath was steady I felt he is out of danger. I don’t know when I dozed off on my chair. When I got up I found myself covered in a warm rug. I looked around and found Caleb pacing the floor. As I got up from my chair and started walk towards him. I said “he is out of danger”. Caleb stopped and said “I wont rest until he opens his eyes. He is my responsibility”. I said nothing. I looked at Rall who was sleeping soundlessly not knowing how many people are really worried about him. I said “I want to thank you again for saving my life. If you didn’t show up on time then I don’t know what would have happen”. I could see Caleb’s jaws tightening. It was obvious that he was angry. He didn’t say he just stared at the empty space.

When I started to walk he said ”as soon as we reach shore I will make arrangements so that you can go back to your home. they might attack us in near future. I dont want to take risk. So by tomorrow you will be with your dear ones. Its not safe to be with us and on sea”. I didn’t know what to say. I stood there motionless still digesting the word while Caleb looked at me with for the final time and left me alone with sleeping Rall

Back to my home…to my dad. is that what i want? i asked myself.

Finally Zoovy meet her dad?Theres not a thing between Caleb and Zoovy??


(working whole day rarely i can see the keys on my laptop. Neuron almost stopped working…wonder how i will finish the story)

  1. Dileep Pandey says:

    Nice story.. Happy Ending please..


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