i lost myself to you Blue…….chapter10

Posted: May 30, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Do I want to go home? I asked myself. Yes I wanted to go, I wanted to hug my dad and cry on his shoulder. I wanted to tell my dad what those mongrels did to me. All I wanted was to keep my head in my dads lap and sleep peacefully. Peace!! What is that I don’t know the meaning any more. Many times I get nightmares of those Mongrels . I lost the count how many times I have to cool myself. Whenever I remember the bad incident my veins boil for vengeance. How I want to take revenge on them. I looked at Rall. He opened his eyes and was trying to sit. I helped him and gave some water to drink. I thought I should inform Caleb. I went on search of Caleb and found him on the deck. He was there standing facing his father. His back was towards me. He was saying “Father, I had made arrangements for the lady to return.  By tomorrow she will be on her way”. His father stared at me with more worry. Caleb sensed my presence and turned towards me. He said “is the buy alright? he need anything? talk”. I said “hes awake. Sorry to interrupt you. Thought I should inform you….”. Caleb went downstairs before I could complete my sentence. Then for the first I saw some trees. I thought my departure is near. Caleb’s father said “Gal, don’t lose hope. Your father will be delighted to see you. Try to forget everything thinking it’s a tragedy..”. I said “Till I die I cant forget. The print of those mongrels is saved in my heart.”. He stared at me. He closed the distance and touched my head and said “Allah has its own way of loving his people..” I said “Sir please talk anything other than god. I don’t believe in talking about someone who does not even exist”.  I looked in to sky and said to myself “god who the Fu%^& is he? i don’t know anyone named that guy”

I looked at the blur trees. With passing every minute the image became clearer. I stared to walk towards my room. I stood outside the door when I heard Rall saying “she was frightened I fought but he was too big for me. Then she started to fight with him to save me….Sorry I couldn’t meet up to your expectations. Caleb said “I don’t want to hear about it. I was here at the right time that’s all matters.” I knocked the door and let them know my presence. Caleb looked worried. He said “evening will reach home. Late night one of my men will take you to nearest port and then he will drop you to the airport. Passport, air-ticket is taken care. Don’t worry everything will be alright from here”. I looked at Rall who wanted to tell something but kept quiet when he saw his master. I said “is that ok if I stay till Rall gets better”. Caleb said sharply “We are going home and Aleeba will be there to take care of him. You don’t worry about him. It will be good if you leave as soon as possible”.

So Caleb wanted to chase me. My heart missed its beat. At least for few days he would have let me stay. My heart was blooming whenever he was near. May be he doesn’t feel that way. My heart, my feelings, my wounds is my problem. Even though my heart will bleed I decided to take care of it in my own way.


I knew it she will be safe with the boy. But I didn’t expected those cannibals to attack us so soon. He was sure that in near future they gonna attack them again no matter what. But he wanted zoovy to be away far away from sea, his home and his heart. He knew his heart danced whenever he looked at her. He had met many women in the past. Some were gorgeous, seducing and charming. But Zoovy looked outstanding among them. She had something within her which attracted him to her. When he saw her being crushed by the tall, filthy Bas&*& all he wanted was to kill him right there. There she stood crying in the hand of the wicked. When he couldn’t see her stricken face he had hugged her and consoled her like a small kid. When he hugged her he felt something, something strange. Like she belong in there, in his strong arms, which scared him to the core. He had his responsibilities, his clan and his people. He can’t let his heart be troubled by a woman. That’s why he decided to send her away as soon as possible. How he wanted to protect her from the world and keep her happy. He still remembers in which condition she was there when he laid his eyes on her for the first time.

When he walked away he felt the gaze on him. With every step he took away from her his heart cried in vain. He ignored the pain caused by his heart and with determined mind he walked away to make the arrangements for the departure of the woman he started to like

Like a stricken kitten I found you,

With heavy heart I am sending you

Be happy my love

No matter what I will always remember you 

Finally Zoovy going home???Caleb will let the woman of his life go that easily???

(Ohhh i didnt realize day by day story is getting bigger and bigger mean to say lengthy.  did i make mistake starting a novel??)

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