Love…Hatred….& My Poem

Posted: June 1, 2012 in POEM
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Madly in Love(part 1)

Days seems to be ages

When I don’t see you around

Every minute, every second

I get lost in your world

thinking about you and only you

What you have done to my heart

Tell me, Oh please tell me

Will I ever be the same?

There was time when I used to laugh

Seeing the lovers hiding behind the old oak tree

Didn’t realize “Love” is worse than cancer

Now I suffer with pain and distress

You stole my heart with

Your charm and simplicity

I miss warmth of your arms

Where I belong for eternity

Will you love me as I love you?

After Break UP(part 2)

I was alone and happy

Ass H.. made me go crazy

I lost my self, my valet everything to you

You are cursed nobody can be happy with you

Petrol prize I didn’t care

Shopping bill increased I didn’t care

At the end when you gave me clean chit and escaped

Damn it Bit%%% I did care

I am not a puppet to please you

I am a Human with heart trying to survive

I dont smile anymore , I don’t know how to smile anymore

You stood there and laughed

When my heart was broken into pieces

Like glass pieces often found near accident spot in mlore

My friends were my strength

When i repeated my  love story 100times with Jhony Walker

Never appear in front of my eyes

You are like filthy stinking drainage

Dont wanna get infected again!!!!!

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