i lost myself to you Blue…….chapter11

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I looked at Rall who looked sad. I said “it was nice knowing you Rall, Will surely miss you”. He said “You could have stayed with us on the land for few days. Wonder why master is hurrying so much”. I knew it why he was hurrying. He wanted to get rid of me. Rall got up and started to walk.He stopped near the door and said “come to deck if you like it”. As I was bored I went with him. People were more excited now. The surrounding was very soothing. I guess I was the only soul who was crying inside.

I observed then our ship avoided the crowd. I was surprised when we crossed the port and the ship didn’t stop. Rall sensed my curiosity and said “usually we put an anchor near to our home. We never visit port”. May because of they are pirates they avoid the port or whatever I didn’t give a shit. I looked at Caleb. His expression was hidden by his happy mask. His father was talking to him and he was reluctant to answer him.

As the ship finally stopped I didn’t know what to do. They started unloading the things which they looted in the attack in smaller boats. Rall said “you come with me, I will show you my home”.

As I walked on the sea shore I realized how I missed walking on the shore. Few days back I used to walk on sea shore with Rex now I dont have anyone except my pa. I saw Caleb who was giving orders to his men and they were obeying him without a question. How I am gonna miss him only I know. Whatever my feelings for him will be hidden in my heart. I cant show my feelings for him anyways who wants a gal who was gang raped. If I was in his place I wouldn’t have looked at the gal for the second time

I lost in my thoughts so much I didn’t realize we reached civilization. Elderly woman came running to Rall when she saw Ralls bandage, she started asking questions in strange tongue. With her came a beautiful young gal. I thought guys will die to be with her. When I was staring at her,elderly woman turned towards me. As I didn’t know what to do I bowed my head. She said ”Its ok. I am Aleeba, thank you for saving my grand-son. The rob looks well on you than on Caleb”. I started to blush without my knowledge. She pointed towards the young gal and said “this is Roomani”. I smiled at her. She looked more beautiful when she smiled. My brain wondered may be Caleb will take this gal as his wife. Some more people came to meet Rall. Most of them were women and children. Before I open my mouth Caleb came and said “Aleeba, she will be living soon so tend the gal”. He looked at the gal and smiled. The gal returned the smile. Caleb said “Day by day you look more beautiful Roomani”. The gal started to blush. I looked away. Do I need to be there listing to their love talk??i looked at Aleeba. She took my elbow and guided me towards a small house. She said “Wonder why that gal is still waiting for him when she gets good proposals. The boy is crazy he wont listen to me and wont take any gal as his wife. I ignored whatever the old lady was blabbering about the man whom my heart is obsessed.

After having bath and having heavy dinner in the evening I was relaxing. Caleb called Aleeba from the door way. Aleeba came in and said “he is calling you”. I went out where Caleb was standing. When I came out Caleb stared at me. I just wonder why. I hugged the old lady and Rall. My eyes filled with tears. Aleeba said “May Allah keep you always happy”. I wiped my tears. Caleb said “you are getting late, hurry”. Again I hugged Rall and said “Thank you kiddo, always you will be my little bro”. Caleb said “I don’t have habit of repeating my orders”. When I heard his icy voice I started to walk. I continued walking wondering how I will be going. He said “Maffez will be accompanying you. I have given him my instruction. Just do whatever he say. Take this money you will need this. My father sends his regards”. I took the money and looked at him. In the moonlight he was looking more stunning like Greek god. I said “Zoovy, that’s what my pa calls me. Thank you for helping me. I am greatful to you……”. He ignored my comments and said “be strong and be happy. May Allah be with you”. With that he was gone. He left me there alone and started walking never looking back. How I wanted to run behind him and hug him. Tears were rolling down my cheek, heart cried in vain. When he was out of my sight I turned to find a tall guy. He smiled at me and guided me towards a boat


I had to be strong. When she looked at me with those eyes how I wanted to hug her and say “stay, don’t go back”. I know I cant ask her things which are not possible. She doesn’t belong here. I have my responsibilities, my people.

When I saw her in Aleeba house all I wanted was to tell her not to worry. When she cried hugging Rall, my heart was crying too. But I had to be strong.

When we walked on the sea shore for the final time I wanted to hold to that moment, wanted to stretch time, wanted to stop her. Then she said her name. “Zoovy” that’s what she is called. When I thought I cant take it any more I walked away from her. I knew it she was standing there and looking at me. I stood there where she cant see me and watched until she was out of my sight.

If this is what Allah wants then be it. I know her face will be always in my heart.


next chapter is the last one????sad ending???

(everyday i wrk 9 hrs with only lunch break. So much stress so much pain i wonder i will go blind seeing the monitor. Wonder when it will be when the next chapter will be out)



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