SNL got replaced by AL

Posted: June 5, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Few days back when I went home to celebrate losing my title “youngest in family” my niece was over the moon. I lost my 2& years title to her. Now nobody is worried about me. Did AL had her lunch?did AL peed?did ALL had her fruit?where is AL?. Now nobody wants to know whether SNL is alive or dead. Damn it I hate it some time. No body cuddles me. Forget about cuddling nobody bothers to  see where’s SNL. Its not that I hate my niece. May be I dislike 10% cos she inherits my habits, my style. Which I hate to the core. Till last year I was boasting that “I am unique, no one is like me”. My niece proved me wrong. Now she is enjoying the title “youngest and most pampered person”. Must say she is extra smart, doesn’t know to sit in one place and love dogs. May be her genes are matching with mine.

After AL’s bday celebration my dad gave me a duty. To accompany His wife to Shirva. I hate roaming around with parents. Usually I roam with friends or alone but never with parents. As they have to poke their nose each time and give suggestions. As my gorgeous teacher cousin had come from Bombay I included her in the gang. We got in to the bus named “FAITH”. Tell you what Kinnigoli buses are worst than BMTC or any other bus. You should hold and sit else you wouldn’t be surprise to find yourself in the road. As I was lucky I got seat. After few stops bus was crowded. In the hot summer sweat was poring pot of my template when the crowd was getting in to my nerves. Some ladies were standing in such a way that they were literally covering my seat. I hated that. One lady was holding a road  and her arm fit was resting in peace over my head. Yak I felt like puking. When a old lady came in I gave up my seat. Hopefully St peter noted down my good deed. After few ups and downs again I got seat. But this time one old uncle was seated next to me. I had a tough time baclancing myself on the seat as the bus was not ready to reduce its seed. Upon that this old uncles eyes were trying to peep inside my top. How I wanted to poke his eyes with the Fork then. SOB what can I do if his shirts first three buttons are undone it doesn’t mean that everybody should unbutton. Day was bad, terrific. I cursed my dad, summer and damn it. I cursed myself.

As my stomach showed some weird symptoms after having crab curry I was scared as I was travelling next day. To my bad luck mom prepared prawns. How I can I stay away from prawns? I looked at prawns and then said “hey mom, do you think I can eat prawns?”. She said ”eat how much you want”. I thought theres is enough time .If again tummy shows his cyclone I can handle .Around noon cyclone started. I was scared that I have to cancel my ticket. I took some home medicine and said “god save me, My niece nappy doesn’t fit me”. When I got ready my mom and dad asked ”how your tummy?”. I said ”asked me that tom. If everything goes smoothly I will call you in the morning else I have to get down from the bus and poop in the jungle and I will be famous as “one who pooped in the jungle”. I prayed to god. Our father ,hail marry,…..I prayed and prayed. When I opened my eyes I was in blore. I called my dad. It’s a ritual .Whenever I go anywhere away from home first thing I had to do is call my dad and tell “I reached safely”. My mom asked ”hows your tummy”. I said “its fine FL, I could have had more prawns”.


  1. swathi says:

    i agree with the buses in mangalore, its very scary t sit…


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