My new NAME

Posted: June 30, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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From past one week I am very very busy. When I don’t have time to scratch my ass, my aunt calls me and says “theres a proposal bla bla……..” when she say “u there? I wake from my quick nap and say ”yes aunt I am always here”. Cant she see me I am busy and I need a good sleep instead of a good guy.!!!

Other day Senior guy in team called everyone for meeting. As usual I started writing whatever he said. Its not that I read all that stuff again. Its just creating a good impression with nerdy look, pen scribbling on the book. Speaker gets inspired by that and he goes on n on. When the senior guy saw me, he said send the MOM. I was like what???he said send the MOM. From that day I am responsible for sending the MOM. I still don’t know what it stands for. I don’t even don’t wanna know. I don’t even have time to fart and pee what ill do with the full form of MOM. Sometimes I feel I can be a good secretory with all that fancy words in MOM. There’s my TL who is really cool guy. If anybody does good job he sends appreciate mail keeping everybody in loop. When I send the MOM, he replied saying “Good Job SALIVA”. O man!!!!I consoled myself but to my utter shock he send that message twice. From that day few of my team members calls me Saliva. I couldn’t tolerate when people used to call me Sylvi and to make me more sad Sylvia changed to SALIVA. Oh daddy didn’t you get any other name ???

As my 2? Bday is nearing Loly asked me “what you want for your bday?” I looked at her and said “I don’t think so you want to know”. She blinked her eyes several times and said “defiantly I wanna know”. I said “ok then wrap a nice, cute, loving guy in wrapper and gift me”. She looked at me for a while and said “sorry asked the wrong question”. I know there exist no guy who is cute, loving and caring. If we start to customize like face book wall, then the guy lose their originality and become our puppet.

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