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Posted: August 3, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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As I work on shift now I rarely get time to write my blog. A car comes near my pg to pick me up with already 3 members in it. As I was blessed I sit in front seat royally like the owner if the car even though I am not, while 3 guys squeezed their ass and try to manage at the back. I know how much they hate me. Trust me if I was in their place I would have cursed the seat snatcher like hell.

To be honest I don’t like to work on shift. When I reach office in the noon I will be yawning. As soon as I sit on my chair my eyelids close. Sometimes when I feel nobody is watching I take chance and doze off on the chair. As I am little blessed at present I am “little bit” enjoying my work. I don’t know how long this “enjoying” thing will last

Tell you what nobody sees your hard work in IT industry. You should be good actor . should talk to every Tom-Dick-harry, lean your head 30 degree and smile at every eagle-crow and hyna”. If you are hard worker then boy you will never board the plane “successor”.When they want they use you and when you want them they just ditch you like how a rich guy ditches his poor GF. They make us work till late night, they even call us on Saturday. While world is busy watching the first show of recently released movie we just sit on the same cursed black chair(in your case color may vary, my chair is black) and count the minutes sorry seconds. Funniest part is here. During appraisal time your TL calls you to the conference room and praises you in first half. Boy you will be flying like super man in red underpants and jumping like spider man with no underpants. They say “you are so…..bla bla….you are so so so bla…….” By the time the first half is over you will be there almost reaching the peak of mount Everest and you feel your TL is the best person in the world. Trust me they are notJ(may be some are).  In second half plate changes, TL puts you down to the deep pits, praises himself, points out finger at you and kills you with words. Trust me according to me its section 308, barbaric murder. When you see that finger you feel like showing only one finger at her/Him.. Your BP goes low and sugar high, while you hate the monster sitting in front of you smiles you feel sick. Your brain will filter all necessary bad words . When you sit their motionless your brain executes this command RUN and all bad words runs in the background (pure techie thing). I felt the same thing. Trust me. To put you down they use some common words like you  are NOT-proactive, NOT –Enthusiastic, NOT-Creative, Not-Punctual, Cafeteria-Lover……. . (Dude do you remember I am the same guy who slogged my back for you!!!!! Ohh sorry I forgot that you suffer from amnesia)

All I say is give first priority to you, your health and family, trust me these people wont be even around when your back is paining and you need somebody to apply some balm. It will be always your family and friends. They will be the one who will try to forget the monsters in the scary house:)


  1. Gaurav says:

    Oh, finally you realised, here it is only give and take relation, if somebody is bring biscuits, that means he is going to ask you to survive on that biscuit for weeks,…..any way enjoy your shift, I think shift is best for lazy people…..:P


  2. navee says:

    Awesome madam… Esp Amnesia thing… It depicts how pathetic it (appraisal meeting) was…


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