Hi Checkchy!!!!

Posted: August 16, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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When she saw me she smiled and said “checkchy”. Oh boy kids are too smart. I am sure “wanna be SNL” must have forgotten my real name.

She calls her mother in her cute toddler word “mommy”. I am so fascinated to hear that every 2 minute I make her call her mother. She says few words like Mommy, dada, pa, ma, horse(pointing towards my sister) mama and checkchy”. She loves to play with bubbles. She kneels down in front of altar when we start the prayer. When she’s around nobody concentrates on prayer. As she will be busy running from one corner to other distracting everyone we see her instead of altar. When the blessing time comes we go to her and she gives her blessing , 2 kiss and say “grow up fast”. This is the fun part. When I click her pic she comes running to me to see the pic. Boy from where she learnt this I wonder. After every click she wanna see the pick. When I open my lap top she will come to see what is displayed on the desktop. After 2 mins she will start pressing every key on the laptop. Other day I was in toilet. I don’t know how she came to know. She started banging the door and said “checkchy checkchy”. I said “go away, let me do my potty”. She started banging again and said “checkchy”. When I thought she wont go I banged the door and said “checkchy”.This continued for a while. When her mom starts to feed her she doesn’t have food from her plate. When we have our food she comes to each and every person and says “I want”,”Pa, give me”. If we wont give then she says “giveeeeee meee”. Some times to irritate her I drink water in front of her and say “ha, nice very nice”. She comes running to me and says “give me, give meee”. Sometimes I boss around her and make her cry. She will run to her mom and say “mommmmyyyy”.

When I went to drop her to her gran pa’s house I felt sad. It is fun to be with her. She waved at me and said “bye”. Other day my sis-in-law called and said “she called her other grand ma checkchy”. Grand ma took a while to understand what she’s saying. When she couldn’t get it she asked my sis-in-law. Then she explained the real word. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get this “rules and regulations to follow around AL”. My sis already said “you are spoiling her”. Wonder what my bro will say when he sees my replica in his daughter!!!!!

  1. zeena says:

    She is very cuteeeeeeee………:)….I just want to hug her……:)


  2. loly says:

    heyy Checkchy…. she growin up to be an adorable doll!!! mmuuaaaahhhh…


  3. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Ur Checkchy is really very cute!!
    in future he ll be like you only !!!!


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