Forever Yours……chapter3

Posted: September 1, 2012 in STORY
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Sanie thought to herself “what has happened to me? Why I am dying to see him? may be its just infatuation…”.Her thoughts were all about Jacob and only him. May be cupid already did some magic around them.

Sanie got up early on Sunday. All she wanted was to be in the church next to the stranger “Jacob”. With her mind full of his thought she had her bath and wore navy blue color salwar suit. She smiled to herself. She knew it people will stare at her but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to talk to Jacob.

As she reached the church she saw a guy in front of the church. It was clear that he was in pain. Sanie walked towards the stranger. As strangers face was hidden by his hat she couldn’t see his face clearly. She said “may I help you”. The stranger looked up with distress. Sanie took a while to understand that it was Jacob. Sanie took off Jacobs hat and said “jacob, tell me what happened?……”. If Jacob was surprised to hear his name from her mouth he didn’t show. He said “take me to the hospital, now”. Snaie took him to the hospital immediately.

Sanie was waiting outside when doc came out. Sanie was anxious to know what is wrong with Jacob. Before Sanie could say anything doctor said “its just acidity, nothing to worry. Jacob forgot to take his tablet.” Sanie exhaled and said “thank you doctor, thanks a ton”. Doctor smiled and said “it’s the first time I am seeing Jacob with a gal”  and winked. Sanie said boldly “In future I will make sure that you see lot more of me with Jacob. Doctor burst out laughing. Then he said “I like that, may be we can have lunch….” when he saw Jacob coming towards them he said “here comes the handsome”. He smiled at Jacob and left.

Jacob saw Sanie and said “Why I didn’t realize that before!!! All I could remember was navy blue. Sanie looked at him and said “ohh you forgot to see the face??” Jacob said “Not this time, but last time when you wore that skirt…”. When Sanie started walking Jacob said “Thank you my fellow Indain”. Sanie stopped and turn around and said “its my pleasure Jacob”. Jacob said “about that, how you know my name”. Sanie said “Indians are smart; they have their way to find out the things. Its just a name. I can tell you your address by tomorrow evening”. When he heard that he burst out laughing. Then he said “ok mam, It will be my pleasure to know your name”. Sanie extended her hand said “Its Sanie”. Jacob took her extended hand in his and said “nice name”.

They both started walking towards the exit. Jacob said “ok time to say bye”. Sanie said “I am coming with you”. Jacob said “not necessary”. Sanie stopped a cab and said “get in punk”. Jacob didn’t want to create a scene so he got into the cab and gave the driver his address. When they reached his apartment sanie said “I believe you don’t want me to see your house. Its fine by me, you go in”. Jacob paid the driver and said “come on missy, don’t be so bossy”. Sanie giggled.

Jakes apartment was small but it was clean and nice. She liked it, actually she loved it. After having coffee Sanie said “its time I go to my own room”. Jake said “I thought you will prepare lunch and go”. Sanie smiled and said “oh sure dude, so what you like to have”. Jake said “I was kidding…”. Sanie walked towards the kitchen and said “roti and dal will be fantastic what you say  Mr.?”. Jake opened his mouth to say something but when he saw determined Sanie he said “sounds fantastic”.

They both prepared the lunch together and had it. It was a day to remember Sanie thought. She had fun and for the first time after coming to London she realized how much fun she was missing.

Snaie said “Now its time to say  Bye”. Jake said “I will drop you…”.Sanie said “oye superman, its you who came from hospital remember and I am a big gal can take care of myself”.

Jake said “ok ok mam. “  He opened the door for Sanie and said “thank you again. I had wonderful time”. Sanie smiled thinking (this is when the guy kisses the gal) and said “no problem”. When she saw Jake not going to do what she was thinking she walked out and stopped. She said “I know its weird but do you mind if I ask your number? Its just that if I need any help I know whom to contact”. Jake smiled and gave his number and said ‘give a miss call lady. Don’t wanna keep the lady waiting for long.”

Sanie smiled to herself. She had a wonderful day indeed. She liked Jake anyways. He was good man and he made her smile whole day. She saw the Jakes number in her phone and said “will see who will call first handsome!!!”



(Hi folks, i know i made some of you wait for long , sorry was dead busy working hard not in gym bit in office!!!! Do you think its boring story??? should i leave it unfinished???hmm i am just wondering. Few of my regular readers said “its the same old story”. What you think????the same???Do tell me)

  1. Gaurav says:

    First of all…I think from this’s taking the new turn……….and if it is normal one…then fun part will be missing….I added at the end of my last comment that something like valentines day one…it was fun reading….and definitely new, which I encountered for the first time… (i am not good with love story thing…:(… may be I am wrong…), I never mean to offend…..and off course, I was the one who was waiting impatiently for the next chapter…..


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