Facts Reloaded!!!!

Posted: September 19, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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After writing my lame and boring stories I felt I need something to cheer up my reader. So SnL is back with a bang!!!. Here is some funny stuff in SnL style.

-People think twice entering the same wash room from which they see a human creature emerging with a joy on their face. Joy of relaxation of losing something stuck up in lower part of human body.. its poop we are talking aboutJ.Trust me when  I have to visit a washroom from which my college emerges after 10 minutes I cross my fingers, hold my breath and say “Praise the lord, the smell is killing me”

-Don’t eat chicken heart more often. They say it reduces the sexuality. When the consumed chicken dead heart meet our live heart  it turns the hetero in to homo and bi. This knowledge from one of my “relative”. He gives awesome knowledge after having 2 large JD

-Gals love the guys with gotty, six sexy packs, spiked hair and RF or Yezdi or Harley Davidson. But they marry guys who trim their bear neatly, who had beer tummy and who has BMW, jaguar and audi. Like wise guys love to roam gals who booze, smoke and wear micro mini clothe, who never visited the kitchen but they marry gals who are professional in kitchen, who don’t smoke or booze

-Some babe type of female species suffer from “absenncio syndrome” . Female suffering with this syndrome suffers absent mind due to the lipstick they apply on their seducing lips which contains high percentage of lead. Lead goes straight into their brain and it makes them go numb and affetcs their brains functionality.

-Every month ladies curse all male species on earth. They say “why god  why only I am having uterus??????Couldn’t you give male uterus to them to maintain the equilibrium?”

-No matter how bad and rotten ladies are from inside but they are the most beautiful creature in the world. Some scholar has said “because of her beauty he is suffering in kitchen/prison/street” and the scholar is ME.

-We Indians are the most active living creature in the world. How much energy they waste while pooping???Boy may be more than 50%. Boy you need lots of energy sit and shit in that Toilet of ours.  Concentration, energy are the things used in this activity. If you lose focus boy you are screwedJ

-Everything about ladies is interesting. Their seducing smile, enchanting move, smoky hot long legs, dazzling ear rings and underpants. Everything about guys is so boring like their pricky beard, plain pants, make-up less face and pale underpants. Guys learn something from ladies.

-No matter how well your wife or husband cooks she/he cant beat your mom’s cooking. May be this is the most decent and already known pointJ

(I am sure after reading this many will say “Gross!!!”. Is it Grosss???i don’t think so…or may be it is. But its funny and silly. You will get such stuff only in my Silly thoughts so keep reading”. One thing fellas it’s a fun blog read , laugh and forget it.

  1. Preethi Kishore Shetty says:



  2. Gaurav says:

    Very nice picture to start with…..and I loved the crap…specially the gorls love and marriage stuff…quite a true thing ….:P…….but I disagree that only things about ladies are interesting…..males are very interesting just look around from different angle….!!


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