Forever Yours……chapter6

Posted: September 20, 2012 in STORY

They don’t how long they stood there in each other’s arms. With birds flying back to their nest and sun disappearing it was clear to both of them its getting dark. Jake said “we can stay here if you are fine with it. But I wont force you. Its your decision”. Sanie looked at him wondering what he really meant. She moved away from his arms of circle picked her bag and tied hair and said “ok lets keep on going then”. Jake stood there for a while observing Sanies move. She turned towards him and said “are you going to leave my own from here?? Come on handsome pick your back now”. Jake picked his bad half willingly and followed her. She walked for a while. When she found what she’s searching she said “ok this looks fine”. Jake stared at her with a question on his face. Sanie said “See this place its nice ,cozy and we can see the sky”. Jake came running towards her and picked her in his arms and said “you wicked witch!!!! I am going to cook you and eat it”.  She started giggling.

Sanie thought to herself “what I am ding with this guy here alone in this beautiful place? I hardly know anything about him. Is he going to use me for his desire and dump me like other guys?”. Her questions and doubts started disappearing when she saw Jake spreading the blanket on the grass. She stretched her hands and jumped on the blanket like a small kid and said “wowow feels so good”. Jake stood there watching her. Slowly he came and lay beside her and said “Thank you for coming with me, you made my day. They both lay on the blanket facing each other. Sanie said “come on hero don’t be silly”. Jake said “seriously, I will never ever forget this day”, saying that he hugged her. She snuggled closed to him. She placed her hand on his heart and said “looks like you mean it whatever you said”. After a while Sanie said “Jake are you awake?”. Jake said “hmmm yeah”. Sanie said “I want to pee”. Jake opened his eyes and said “ok . you have my permission”. Sanie pinched his cheek and said “I didn’t ask for it.” She stood up and tried to comb her hair with her hand and said “will you come with me please? Its dark”. Jake stood up and pulled her close and said “don’t be so formal with me. Surely I will come with you”. They started walking when Sanie found a bush see said “ok you stay here, I will get in to business”. Jake said “you want me to close my ears and eyes?” Sanie said “close whatever you want”. Jake laughed. When sanie came back he said “you sure snake didn’t bite you on your bum?”. Sanie  said “go and check the place where I peed snake must be there waiting for next victim”. Jake laughed again seeing her spirit

Once back on their blanket Jake switched on the charging light he bought and took out the snacks. They ate in silence seeing the trees that looked like ghost now. Once their stomach was full they cleaned the place and lay there on the blanket. Sanie was bit nervous she didn’t know what will happen next. She held her breath and became edgy. Jake pulled her close to him and she was frightened. Jake sensed her change of mood. He turned her so that she can see him. He touched her hair and then cheek and said “I will never ever harm you or do anything against your will. Trust me ok”. Sanie snuggled him very close and said “I know you will never hurt me”. Sanie closed her ears .All she could hear was he own and Jake’s heartbeat. Jakes said “close your eyes and try to sleep “. She knew it Jake is still awake. She said “I love you”. Jake said “I know”. She smiled at him and said “You don’t have anything to say?”. Jake kissed her forehead and said “Silence talks more than the spoken words” .Both lay awake listening to each other’s unsaid promise.

When Sanie got up in the morning she was sleeping on top of Jake and a blanket was spread over her protectively. Jake was awake and was watching her. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek and said “good morning sweetheart”. Sanie kissed his lips and said “love you”. Sanie thought “how I want to get up rest of the morning of my life with this man beside me!!”.

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