Forever Yours……chapter7

Posted: September 23, 2012 in STORY
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Sanie’s mind was revising every minute she spent with Jake. She was madly in love with the guy. She took her cam and saw the pics she clicked. She smiled seeing jakes pic. There wa something about him that made her like him more and more.

With the ringing phone Sanie came back to the real world from her world of love and romance. It was her cousin who was calling her. She picked the phone and her cousin told her to come back to India as her dad is very serious. When she disconnected the call she was shivering. She called Jake and very next moment he was there with her. Holding her and consoling her. He booked a ticket for her and handled everything.  He even packed her bags.That night Jake stayed with her. All he did was held Sanie very close to his heart. With Jake beside her Sanie was able to sleep for a while.

When Sanie reached airport she felt sick to her stomach. This is the place where they will be separated; thinking that she snuggled close to Jake. Who in response did the same thing. Sanie had 1 hour left for her flight. They both sat in lobby. Sanie was torn from inside. Jake held her hand in his. It was like he didn’t wanted her to go. Her tears were silent too. Jake wiped her tears and said “I Love you and its killing me seeing you this way. Should I come with you? I don’t want here to sit here and worry about you”. She was touched. She hugged him and said “na hero I can manage. Promise me, you will never stop loving me”. Jake gave one of his this seducing smile and kissed her on the lips and said “that I am going to do till my grave”. Then he took his chain from his neck and held in front of her and said “I want you to have this. It’s my mothers. It will remind you every minute how much I love you. Never ever take it off.” Sanie smiled at him and said “I will promise Jake I will never ever take it off”. It was time to leave Sanie looked at Jake memorising his face with every tiny details in her memory. With this picture she have to survive till come back. Jake’s face fell. He closed the distance between them and hugged her close. He didn’t say anything . Then slowly he kissed her on lips. “The Last Kiss” Sanie thought. She didn’t wanted it to stop .She went on and on. It was Jake who broke the kiss and said “ohh boy what was that”. Sanie smiled with her tears and said “this will keep me alive and will give strength”. Jake held her face in his hand and said “I will love you and will love forever no matter what”. He kissed her forehead and pushed her and said “run now”. Sanie walked away with her luggage. Jake stood there watching the woman he loved walk away. Then she stopped right there. Jake looked worried. She came running towards him and jumped like a kid in front of him. Jake held her and she kissed his forehead and said “ now we are even”. Then she kissed his nose and said “fair well hero. Take care of yourself “. Then she was gone .Jake wiped his eyes. Never in his life had he cried for a woman. There he stood like a statue thinking how much he going to miss her.

As soon as Sanie walked into Bangalore Airport she started shivering from inside. Her brother had come to pick her up. He explained briefly what happened their father. He had his third major heart attack. His condition was critical and was in ICU. Directly they went to hospital. Sanie saw her dad fighting to breath with those pipes. He mother hugged her and said “He will live baby, he is a fighter”. She saw her dad and cried. Her dad who she adored is now on bed fighting with death.

It was on third day her dads conditioned improved. He was able to breath without help of oxygen pipe. When he looked at her he said “Did you get JD? Don’t tell no I was waiting for it from long long time “. Sanie giggled and said “ha yeah its at home waiting for you”. Her dad smiled and touched her cheek and said “I want to to talk to you about something which will make me more and more happy”. Sanie looked at her dad and said “shoot boy”. Her dad explained her about his last wish and it was he wanted to see her settle down. Sanie realised he was talking about her marriage. Sanie didn’t say anything. She simply patted her cheek and said “get well soon and will see to it later”.  She wanted to tell him about Jake but she have the courage. That day she called Jake. It was for the second time she was calling him. He cheered her and said not to worry


Sanie looked her reflection in mirror. She was looking stunning in that white gown. The chain gave by Jake still hung round her neck. Her mom had told her to remove it but she didn’t. Any other circumstance she would have loved what she is seeing now but not this moment. She called Jake again but he didn’t pick. She had called him several times but he didn’t receive her call. Sanie looked worried because he even didn’t reply to her mail. May be she is doing this for her dad but she knew it she will bot be happy this stranger whom dad had introduced as “good guy, will keep you happy”. She couldn’t even say no when she saw her dad. He was happy.

Her brother came to escort her. She walked the aisle with her brother . She saw her dad in wheel chair and smiled. She had imagined walking in the aisle with the man she loved on other end. She stared at the stranger who was standing there.

Priest started stared the ceremony. Sanie looked at her dad and the guy who was standing in front of her. She might get marry to make her dad happy but she is going to soil three lives together in one shot. She looked at her dad again. Sanie knew it was too late to call off the wedding. If she wanted to stop the wedding also she had a chance. She looked at the crowd around her and she got frighten. She looked at the chain around her neck and at the guy who will be her husband in few seconds. Priest was saying “repeat after me……”.

Sanie sat on her bed and hugged her knees. Her eyes were swollen crying whole day. She didn’t expect that Jake will play with her and leave her like a broken sparrow. She saw her reflection in the mirror and cried loudly. She touched the chain around her neck and said “Your words were so real Jake I never thought you will do this to me!!!

She opened her lap-top and started rafting a mail to Jake.

Hey Stranger,

Hope you are doing fine. If you ask “how I am” then all I can say is “I am good, in fact great”. Hope you will read this mail when you get some time from your busy work. I called stranger because even though I know you, you are total stranger to me now

I fell love in love with you in not knowing a thing about you. May be I sound silly . If I sound silly then world almost all gals are silly trust me. Which cant be true. As it was destined or may be cupid wanted to play around I met you. Unlike other guys you didn’t try to impress me with your charm or influential words when we met for the first time. With the passed days I don’t know how many times I remembered your smiling face.  You see first time I felt that there’s someone for me.

You don’t have time to respond to my calls or emails. May be you found me less appealing or maybe you found somebody else. I don’t know. All I know is my heart started crying whenever you ignored me. For a gal to fall in love is not an easy thing. She has to compromise a lot. I was ready to do that for you.

You were interested till I was in UK but gradually that interest disappeared with the dark night. I tried, I told my heart to forget you but It wouldn’t listen to me. I killed my ego for your sake and you killed my heart I don’t know for whose sake.

Today iw ore my wedding gown. I didn’t have the courage wear it not knowing its not you who will be there waiting . I had dreamed about you being by my side when I wear it. But to my bad luck somebody else replaced you. May be its for my good or may be for yours. I don’t know what to say. All I know is that I want to hate you but my heart wont listen. Hope you find world all happiness and live a happy life with that gal of yours. May be I shouldn’t have give up so easily but I can’t ring on bell knowing the door never ever going to open. I still feel the same about you I know you don’t.

The last kiss in airport was so magical I thought I live in fairy tale. The chain given by you is still around my neck. I thought it was a long lasting promise to care, love and cherish one another. Jake why did you played with my heart?why did you made me fall in love with you?why?why?. Instead of killing me this way you could have killed me in one shot

May be I will never love any one this way but I will never stop loving you. I know I sound silly but that’s who I am. Even though I am cursed for making my dad and mom sad I will live with the fact that I didn’t ditch you. Its you who ditched me. You know Jake when you took me to that wonderful place I thought we will be together forever no matter what. Where you using me? Oh how foolishly I was in love with you then and still I am

I know my love was and is pure. I didn’t expect anything from you other than your heart. Even though my heart bleeds I will live you don’t worry about me.

I pray to god that you and your gal live happily ever after in love and only love. I wont curse you or blame you for stabbing my heart like other gals. I even wont call you Bas*** or MF. After all I did nothing wrong than loving you; pure love, which I felt for the first time. Hope someday you will remember me and say “I am sorry for hurting you”.

She clicked on the send button on the screen. She wiped her tears and said to herself “I will not cry Jake not for you. I may take some time to get over you, but sure one day I will”.

  1. Chandini says:

    Hope this is the end of the story – tragic!

    Am mesmerized, you are still not out of those M&Bs which we would fancy in hostel more than half a decade ago.

    I’m glad that you still have all the effort, energy and enthusiasm for love stories.


    • sylvia says:

      Hey Chand Thank you… Its not the ending ….you still have to curse me when u read those lame chapters….:)
      Thank you. Its all because of good friends like you i still keep on writing:)


  2. Gaurav says:

    Strange twist…..probably it is end…if it is not then it is going to be fabulous……..fingures crossed…..!!


  3. Beverlee says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …


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