Forever Yours……chapter10

Posted: September 28, 2012 in STORY
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Sanie smiled looking at her reflection in the mirror. She hoped that even Jake liked her that way. Out of tradition she had worn white and pink mix , It was Jakes idea. She smiled thinking how much he had worked for that gown. She saw Jakes picture which was on the dressing table. She held the framed picture in her hand said “I don’t want you to leave me and go anywhere Jake. You belong to me, Like other couples even we have happy ending. Ain’t I right hero? She wiped her tears and kept the picture on the table.

Her dad came inside and smiled. Her dad, mom and brother had flown from all the way from India for the wedding. When she had explained Jakes health condition to her dad he didn’t say much. He had said only one thing “If you love him then go ahead”.

He looked happy Sanie thought. Her father gazed at her for a long time said “I still cant believe that you are getting married!! till yesterday I was holding your hand and today for the last time I will hold your hand. Then he hugged and said “May you have world all happiness”.

Sanie stood at the other end of the asile with her dad. She saw Jake at the other end and smiled. This is what she wanted. She held her dads hand and started walking towards the man whom she love so much. With every step she took oath to love and take care of the man who stood at the other corner of aisle. Jake looked at her without blinking. He wanted to spend rest of his life with this woman whom he loved so dearly.

Sanie stood in front of Jake who slowly whispered in her ear “I like your dress, I like your hair, l like your pink nose , oh boy I like everything about you”. Sanie smiled at him and said “I should thought of adding little bit of pink patches to your white shirt!!!”. Jake held her hand in his and said “Be guest lady”.

As it was suddenly decided only few guest were present. Jakes mother stood there watching her son getting msrried. He had lost his father when he was small. Sanie smiled at Jakes sister whom she thought was Jakes girlfriend earlier. Sanie looked at the man beside her who was holding her hand and thought “how I love this man” .She uprooted her base of fears by the root and swallowed the tears of pain. Sanie looked out of the church window and thought “Every day of my life I will remember this day. I will tag the day as “it was the day I became his and he mine”.

People were asking about their love story and Jake was narrating it. He looked happy Sanie thought. With that spark on his face he can fight a bull. She still remembers the day when she had asked him to marry her.

It was few days after her accident. She knocked on Jakes mother’s front door. As Jake was ill his mother and sister had moved to London. His sister had answered the door with a braod smile on her face. She had  directed her to Jakes room. When Sanie knocked on Jakes door he said thinking its his sister “Jas get me that mango juice which I told you to get hours ago”. Sanie then went to kitchen and bought the juice his mother had prepared for him. She knocked at his door with her foot feeling nervous. She looked at red roses she was holding in the right hand. As her hands were full she had to push the door with her back. As Sanie entered the room she collided with Jake who was emerging from bath room after having his shower. He was wearing pants and was shirtless. She stood there watching him and his weak body. He had needle marks on his hands. Her eyes filled with tears. She kept the juice on the table , threw the roses on the bed and walked directly towards him and hugged him. He didn’t return the hug. He stood there motionless. Sanie said “please Jake let me part of this. Don’t say no, I cant take it anymore”. She hugged him even more tightly and said “I don’t want anything, but please let me be there with you”. When Jake couldn’t take it anymore he pushed her back and said “I didn’t have anything to give you Sanie. Maximum 3 years I may survive. I don’t want to torture you with my suffering. Look at me, damn it look at me. After few days I may need help to walk around. I don’t want to be a burden on you. With these chemotherapy sessions I feel I may die before my time. Yes its true that I love you but I will never force you to love me. I am not meant for you Sanie. Go find some nice guy…”.

Sanie knelt down in front of him and took out the ring from her pocket and held in front of him and said “I dont want a long miserable life with a stranger,  I dont want money which can never buy happiness, I don’t even want six pack and puffy  biceps which is not permanent. Instead I want a sweet life with a person whom I love madly, I want his heart because I cant live without him, I want him because he is mine. I belong to him”. Her eyes were filled with tears. She looked straight into his eyes and said “Jacob are you willing to give me your name, heart and yourself? Don’t dare to say no”. Jake stood there watching the woman he loved. Even though he wanted to say no his heart gave it up. He knelt in front of her, took her face in his hands , kissed her forehead and said “Yes my love you can have my name”. He hugged her. He took out the chain from his neck and put it around Sanie’s neck. She smiled at him and said “I will never take that off hero, trust me”.

When Jake came and pulled her close she came to the reality. He looked tired she thought. Sanie said “Its time we go home” .Jake removed his over coat and tie pulled Sanie into the dance floor and said “not yet darling, you owe your husband a dance”.

Jake held his wife very close. He smiled thinking how funny “wife” sounded. Sanie held her husband as if she never wants to let him go and laid her head on his shoulder. How she wanted them to live like this forever. She said in her mind “God I want this man as my husband in my next birth too”.


(its definitely not the ending. Last chapter on its way…..:)


  1. Gaurav says:

    Third last paragrp is quite remarkable…..I really liked them…….lets see, what’s the end, I am not anticipating anything this time……but hopefully everything’s ends well…….!!


  2. Gaurav says:

    Yar I am waiting for next edition…….how long will take…??


  3. wilson says:

    nice one veena. i read 7 chapters at a stretch. some incidents looked lil unusual or unreal but overall story is very nice. ur narration is too good. i m really touched by the true love essence of d story.. keep it up.. waiting for the last (hopefully) chapter.


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