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First Day

This is the first time I enjoyed Gandhi baba’s bday to the core. I don’t even remember what I did on GBB last year. But now I have something amazing to remember.

Due to some reason only me, Pu and Loly ended up getting in to boggi no…oh I forgot. Journey from home to railway station was awesome. No rick driver’s irritation, no early morning freezing air. All I did was closed my eyes and sat for 30 minutes. Ohh sorry, It was Loly Who was doing that. Sitting quiet when my friends are around is not real me.

When I realized that only we three gals are going I prepared myself . I packed some chili powder, knife.  As I was eldest (age wise not size) I determined to protect myself and the ladies. That’s when I thought it would have been better if god would have created all females with iron locked underpants and armor. And the key to the lock will be hidden somewhere in peaks of Himalaya. Just imagine if that was the case ladies would have been safe anywhere.

Whatever when we started walking on the platform Pu almost puked seeing the human poop on the tracks. I closed my eyes and nose and scanned the surrounding like a true warrior. With my over filled bag I looked a baby Kangaroo. When Pu saw the size of the bag she said “what the heck you have there?”. I just smiled and said “nothing, just clothes”.

I was breathless when we finally sat on our seat. There were mother, son and a lady. Son was around 27. I don’t know how his faced looked like all I know is he had great legs. With that Khaki ¾ he exposed his legs in all possible ways. I kept on staring at his leg when Loly said “for god sake keep your eyes off his leg”. I said “can guys have such great legs?”. My question was interrupted by the entry of one more guy. He was tall and aged may be around 35.

As I was tired I drifted off to sleep. In regular intervals of time I felt somebody was farting. The smell was so bad that I had to get up from my sleep and look around to find the culprit. When I looked in PU’s direction she said “Come on lady, have a grip on u r brain”. Then she said “May be guy sitting in front of us is the farter.  When he too held his nose with his fingers I was confused. Then PU said “may that ¾ guy is farting. Don’t go for ¾ gals, may be he is the one”. I kept quiet too confused to determine the farter. When Kadur came we just escaped with our bags; So much relieved to breathe the fresh air.

We climbed Chikmagalur bus with a smile on our face. Finally we were on the way to a beautiful place. As we sat a typical kannadiga boy started playing songs loudly in his phone. It was really annoying. There was this lady conductor who was really pretty. With plaited hair and jasmine on her hair she looked amazing. We just sat there observing her and admiring her beauty.

In the next stop lady conductor opened her mouth and said “for god sake boy off that thing, its pissing me off, people move hurry up”. We sat there looking at each other. Pu said “she’s really is something”. Then Pu said ask her about the surrounding places. That’s when I did mistake. I asked her and she in return stared asking my janm kundali,”Who are you? From where you came? Only you three gals….”. I answered all her questions with smiling face. How I wanted to strangle her to death. As soon as we got down from bus I spanked Pu and said “because of you she got into my nerves.” She laughed her lungs out and said “ poor SnL baby!!!”

From there we got into rick to reach “The Hidden Valley”. It was Pu who found that place. We saw those amazing pictures on their website and we were dying to enjoy every tiny moment in there. On the way to our destination we saw the Sunday market . Even though we didn’t wanted to buy anything we got down to admire the beauty. As we started exploring most of the people started admiring us. I couldn’t control my laugh when I heard a guy commenting in our direction “Good that we came to market, it looks very pretty today”. Drama reached the peak when Pu clicked few pics. That’s when I called it off. We got into rick again and started our journey. It was after 15minutes we reached THV. It was lovely. They had rabbit, dog, lake, boat, duck….

Manager Suraj welcomed us with his pretty smile and  firm shake hand. As soon we entered the room Pu climbed the bunker bed and said “I am loving it baby, today I am gonna sleep here”

It was Dillep who knocked our door and said “lunch is served”. He is the guy who takes care of the guest. That was the first time I didn’t open my mouth while having lunch. Fish fry, chapathi, chicken, dal, rice, curds, pickle, sweet….everything unlimited. When I said I wanted to have curds too pu and Loly said “are you crazy woman? how much you will eat? If you eat you will defiantly puke on the way to Mullayangiri betta”. My mouth was already watering the delicious curds. How I hated them both.

We had higher a car to see Mullayangiri betta(MB). As soon we sat the driver started the engine and drove as if its high way. After my first accident I am bit scared of speeding vehicles. I don’t know whether he was waiting to meet his girlfriend or boyfriend, I even don’t know whether he was getting late to have his country peg. All I know  he was driving the car like a crazy frog, I even started praying. He didn’t even reduce the speed in the steep U turns. He even over took other cars and drove like a bat man. Boy I almost screamed when he over took a car at the peak of Mullayangiri. If we would have fell from there nobody would have identify who is Pu , who is loly and who is SnL. May be they could have identified by bunny teeth

Within fraction of second we climbed those steps. We stood there at the peak watching the surrounding places. When I saw the place I was overwhelmed by the beauty of MB.

My description:

I stood there watching the blue sky kissing the clouds. Its breath taking view. Standing at the peak I felt I am the queen of the place(only king missing). I stood there in middle of the thick clouds and closed my eyes. Cold breeze and running clouds….oh I don’t have words to describe. As some scholar (PU) has said “few things are meant to be felt. Everything cant be captured”. Amongst the clouds I kissed them and felt them. Even my thick jacket couldn’t prevent from the chills of the amazing breeze. OH yes I felt cold but it was amazing feeling. Goose bumps shook my whole body. How I wished I could stay there forever

We spent almost 2 hours at the peak. When we came down our cab driver was waiting. I prepared mentally myself and entered the car. Booom!!!!!Even James bond wouldn’t have drove car like that.

As soon as we reached Dileep knocked the door with smoky hot coffee in his hand and some delicious snacks in other.  After having snacks and coffee we got ready for the most excited event “Bon Fire”.  While getting ready I gave 5 minutes lecture on the “decent clothes and no exposing legs“. When I finished my lecture Pu called my “Roza Pinto”. I smiled and didn’t even bother to ask the story behind the name.

We sat in front of fire talking this and that.  We lower our voice as we were only the bachelors present. Most of them were couple on their first or may be second or may….nth honeymoon”

Dileep prepared chicken BBQ .Wowo that was delicious too. After sometime everybody left except us. We sat on the wings like small carefree kids. We jumped up in the air, fell down and laughed on silly jokes. Wow it was a day to remember.

For dinner again we had chicken, rice, dal, chapathi… rest I forgot. After having dinner Loly and Pu started watching cricket. How I wanted to spank them. I hate that sport I don’t know why. I feel I should start liking that sport because every guy loves and adores that sport. India won yes that’s what Loly and Pu were screaming from top of their voice. Loly jumped on the bed with joy while I said “kay hoga desh ka”.

With lot more plan to enjoy the next day we dozed off:)

(Second day was more fun  with new friends:))

  1. lyuba says:

    i missed it 😦 plan for another trip


  2. Gaurav says:

    Nice trip…..seems u guys had lot of fun….put some more information about the place, I may even plan…..!!


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