My SuperMan

Posted: October 15, 2012 in POEM
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Superman superman where have you been

I was waiting from so long; you were not to be seen!!!

You fly reaching the sky so high

I could fly like you, I wish and sigh

Hey superman, can I be like you? asked with hope

Have you seen your face in mirror? First wash with soap

I know superman I am not beauty but ugly Betty

Ha, stop that same old fussing style like Persian Kitty

Don’t say that you are breaking my heart

Stop acting and crocodile tears you pumpkin short

You were not like this: mean and rude

I am changed, now they have spider dude

I never liked that spider guy, no red undies and no style

You like me more!! Keep talking while we walk for a mile

Ok, will you carry me close to your heart?

On your feet, I don’t carry spoiled brat

I stopped, pelted stones yelling “red-undy-bastard”

He held me close and said”stop it at once my apple custard”

Oh superman, don’t leave me ,wait here I have to pee

Cant wait, take care SnL, soon again will see

  1. Gaurav says:

    As every poem need explanation, Please explain MAM, what is it all about…. i am confused…..!!


  2. DBC says:

    SuperMan is flattered!!!


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