Every Time I Enter The Mall

Posted: October 16, 2012 in POEM

Every time I enter the mall

I observe men checking out Women figure

They chuckle and check on next one

As if they are buying some candy bars

How I wanted to pat their ass and

say “move on boy we have worries of our own”

With a smile I walk on till something catches my attention

I stop for a while and check the guy with great biceps and flat abdomen

Rushing crowd takes out the guy away

My eyes search all corners in vain

I slap myself and say “You human species are same

Never stop admiring good things”

I walk and admire the beauty of new arrivals

Some I try, some I select, some I discard

I laugh my lungs out seeing the guys

Whose eyes loiter in the lingerie section

How I want to pinch their cheek and say “it’s a common thing boy

You have a mom, sister and will have wife and daughter too”

My greedy eyes look for more stuff when I hear a kid say

“mommy I want Benton car, bogie man, angry bird..”

Some doesn’t ring a bell in my Db

I stop for a while and watch the kid

How I want to pinch kids nose and say

“you are only 4 feet kid ,why your wants are longer than your size?”

Wondering what I will do with my own kids I walk

My senses alert me about love bird

Holding hands, gal points out at some fancy things

Guy gives green signal while his left hand count the money in his pocket

How I wanted to ask them politely

“do you change your partners more often like your clothes?”

I walk and walk till I reach the food court

There I see old grand ma, scared of escalator

I smile and extend my hand

She smiles and rejects thinking her grandson will come

How I want to hold her hands in mine say

“only few nice people around don’t be so stubborn”

I see the crazy crowd with junk food

Their belly bigger than pregnant woman

They hog and order more while I eat my sandwich in silent

I smile and walk back with the things I bought

I smile at the strangers and tell my self

“This is the new world, new life and I am one among them”


  1. Gaurav says:

    Very Nice one SNL….I really loved it……and really appreciate your way of thinking….!! loved it…!!!:)))))


  2. Chandini says:

    this is nice! 🙂


  3. ur observation skills are spot on (Y)


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