I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 2

Posted: October 17, 2012 in STORY

Jenny packed her things as she was leaving to Delhi with her new family. She was still angry with her father for not trusting her. Her parents came to airport to say fair well. Her father didn’t utter a word. Her mother hugged her said “be happy Jenny, don’t be angry with your father. He just did what is right for you”. Jenny hugged her mother and said “I know but I can never forgive him for not trusting me”.

If Ron noticed the tension between his wife and father-in-law he didn’t utter a word. He assured them that he will take care of their only daughter. In the flight he tried to talk to jenny but it was no use.

By the time Jenny reached her new home she was exhausted. When she saw Ron’s quarters she almost fainted. It was very big. When Ron said that his parents stay few block away Jenny felt like crying. She never stayed in such a big house. She never liked the big house and empty space in there. If she was unhappy then she didn’t show on her face.

Their bed room was in first floor. By the time she reached her bedroom she was dead tired. Ron came from behind and said “you need exercise, these few steps tires you!!”. Jenny stared at her husband. She opened her mouth to say something but then she didn’t have the strength to talk. As soon as she reached the room she dumped her things on the floor and rolled on the bed. Ron’s things were spread in the whole room. He moved his hand in his thick hair and said “sorry, room is messy, by tomorrow I will see to that you have enough space”. Jenny tried to smile and said “its ok  army guy I understand, unlike you”. Ron raised his eyebrows and smiled. She got that fighting spirit he thought.

Jenny was freshening up when a black Labrador came in to bed room wagging his tail. He jumped on the bed and stared at his new mistress. When he saw Ron he ran towards him and started licking his face. Ron said “oh Dexter boy , did you miss me?”. Jenny said “Can you please take the dog outside, I don’t like dogs”. Ron started explaining “Dexter is a good boy….”. Jenny snapped “please Ron take the dog out”

Ron did as his new bride said. Once back in the room he said “I didn’t know that you don’t like dogs”. Jenny said “don’t ever get the dog inside the bedroom Ron”. With that said she went to sleep.

When she got up it was dark. There was no trace of Ron. As she was hungry she went in search of kitchen. She didn’t bother to change her clothes. She found Ron playing with Dexter in the gallery. Ron saw her shorts and said “go inside and change your clothes Jenny”. Jenny said ”what’s wrong with these clothes Ron?”. Jenny knew she was testing her husband patience. She knew what she is doing is wrong. She was taking out her anger on Ron.

Ron closed the distance between them and said “this is army quarters, not a resort. Go and change or else I will do that for you”. She saw her husband’s face and she went in and changed her clothes.

She didn’t wanted to fight with Ron but her mothers “Listen to your husband” lecture made lose her calm. When she entered the kitchen the cook welcomed her with a smile. She was a middle aged woman. As Jenny was hungry she had her dinner, she didn’t even wait Ron to join her. She knew what she is doing is wrong but she was too stubborn to loosen up for a while.

After having dinner she went to her room. Most waited first night. She had many fantasies about it. If she was in love she would have looked forwards to it. But in her current situation she was least bothered. By the time she entered the room Ron was already on the bed checking something on his laptop. When he saw her he said “Hey Jenny I want to talk to you”. Jenny sat on the bed and looked at her husband wondering what he wanted to say. He said “As I am busy on some project so will not be able to give you enough time And there are few rules to be followed, no wearing shorts outside, have to get up early 5.30 in the morning and go for jog with me. I don’t want my wife to be lazy like hippo”. Jenny got up from her bed and stood in front of her husband hand on her waist and said “jogging on my dead body. Rules my ass, from tomorrow I will roam in micro mini skirt will see who will stop me”.

Ron looked at his wife , smiled and said “I know you are a spoiled brat and I will be happy to train you Jenny”. Jenny stood in front of Ron glaring at him, her eyes challenging him. Jenny opened her mouth when Dexter came inside. She looked at the dog and then at Ron. He said “Dexter will stay here in this room; if you want you can sleep out”. Jenny said “how dare you, this is my room and I will sleep here”.

Ron chuckled and said “Welcome to army quarters lady”.

(Will Jenny listen to her husband? will she ever be able to love Ron? Did her dad made her mistake by marrying her off?…This unanswered questions tells me story gonna be sad and boring…OMG why I write such sad stories…….U think this stroy gonna be sad??time waste???do tell me)

  1. Gaurav says:

    I think. Girl should leave the army man….!! Seems like he is decteting the terms…..!! You can’t dictate the terms in any relations….I feel….lets see what is there is SNL ponder box….!!


  2. Gaurav says:

    :((((, can’t say anything…!!


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