I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 4

Posted: October 29, 2012 in STORY
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With the help of passerby she reached her in-laws house. With her all courage and strength she ring the bell. Her mother-in-law opened the door. She felt like crying. She controlled her emotions and wished her. When she touched Jenny’s hair with love she cried and said “I am sorry, it just that I miss my home”. Ron mom was hugging her when she realized her father-in-law was standing and watching them. She said “I am sorry sir, for being so rude, it just that I was tired”. Lt Lewis said “its ok. But one more thing don’t call me Sir, call me ‘pa’” She turned towards her mother-in-law and said “Ok , I will leave now I didn’t inform Ron that I am coming here”. Her mother-in-law said “have breakfast and go, he is big boy and I am sure he wouldn’t be worried”. Jenny couldn’t deny her offer.

Jenny helped her mother-in-law to set the table. She sat in the dining table along with her in-laws. She was middle of breakfast When Ron walked in and stood in front her. She looked at him and then at her father-in-law. Ron said “we go home now Jenny!!”. Jenny looked at her mother-in-law for some assistance. She opened her mouth and said “Ron have breakfast..”. Ron said “Not now mom, I want to talk to my wife first”. Jenny looked at Ron and said “What now? I already apologized to Pa, you can ask him…”. Ron pulled Jenny from her chair and said “we talk at home”.

Once back in their house Ron stood in front of Jenny. Jenny knew he was angry but she fail to understand why he was angry. Jenny said “Ron, why you act so strange? I didn’t make any mistake this time”. Ron closed the distance between them and said “when I couldn’t find you here I went crazy. You are new here and you didn’t know my parents place. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find you. Its then my cook told me that he saw you on the way to my parents’ house.”

Jenny said “so what, I am big girl, I can take care of myself”. Ron said “when you are under my roof, you have to follow my rules, don’t fight me Jenny”. Even though Jenny was angry she didn’t say a word. She just climbed those steps two at a time and started packing her bag.

Ron stood at the door and said ”what you think you are doing?”. Jenny said “I thought only my dad is crazy but tell you what you are worst then my dad. I don’t have the habit of taking orders from someone else. I am human being Ron not Dexter; don’t do this, don’t wear that, come here…….”.Ron came and stood in front of her and said “I know how to make you stop talking” Jenny continued “run 10 rounds, you are weak,…”.

Jenny went on and on when Ron closed her lips in his. She fought for air. She held him tightly as she was slipping. Her mind stopped working and heart started blooming. She was pushing Ron but not with her will. She loved his touch, his lips. When finally he let her go she couldn’t meet his eyes. He said “You were telling something Jenny?”. Jenny stared at her husband and said “I was telling that you are crazy moron you need help”. Ron said “sure I will be delighted if you help me”. Jenny thought she will go crazy talking to Ron so she left her room.

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