I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter14

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Part 2

I am one of them now

As the days passed I felt Caleb and his clan accepted me. I used to dress like them, long robe, and hair covered with scarf. I never complaint about the outfit even though it was irritating in hot summer. While they used to do Namaaz 6 times a day I used to sit on the sea shore and remember my pa. I was always worried about him. With Sam gone wondered who is taking care of him. My unshead tears always disappeared with the heavy breeze. Rall never left me alone. He used to spend lot of time with me. Rall was always there beside me to help me, guide me. Even though Caleb avoided me he haunted my dreams. He was always there back in my brain no matter how much I tried to shut him down. As much as I tried shut him down I was pulled towards him more and more as if he has some magnetic power.

Every evening Caleb used to train his men with gun, sword. He was master in everything. Even though other ladies were not interested in the activity I was interested. I wanted to learn. So that next time when I find myself in danger I can protect my dear once and myself

Day time I helped Aleeba in her daily chores. She was a lovely lady, she treated me like her daughter. Night I used to practice the sword with Rall on the sea shore. For his age Rall was too quick. He taught me many tricky tactics.

It was one night when I was practicing with Rall I felt somebody was standing and watching me. I turned around but couldn’t find anyone. Rall took the opportunity and put me down . I was on the pile of sand and was cursing myself for my stupidity. It was then I saw Caleb’s face in the moon light. He looked serious but his eyes were dancing seeing her. It looked like eyes want to tell me something.

Caleb stood in front of me and said “distraction is dangerous when you are fighting, focus and caution will always help you”. With that said he extended his hand to Zoovy. Zoovy ignored his hand and stood up. Caleb said “Leave us Rall, I want to talk to Zoovy”. Rall looked at Zoovy’s worried face and left. Zoovy stood there with her back to Caleb. Caleb said “ladies in my country no need to fight, you are safe here..”. Zoovy said “not always, it better to learn than rely on somebody else”. Caleb lost his patience and said “at least while talking don’t show your back, its bad manners”. Zoovy said “I don’t think it necessary, as I have nothing to say I am leaving. Have a good night Caleb”. Zoovy took few steps when she was stopped by Caleb. He was furious. One look at him and Zoovy knew she went too far. Caleb said “The last thing you can do for me is be polite. All men are not bad, trust me.”

Zoovy said “I didn’t say that, but most of the men are bad”.

Caleb held her hand in his and said “don’t give up your faith zoovy, Allah always protects his people. I never let a soul hurt you again, trust me”. Zoovy looked into his eyes and said “When you are not there then what you will do Caleb?how you will protect me?. You have your people to worry about”. Caleb said “even you are my people now. You are one of them now”. Zoovy said in a low voice “na Caleb, I can never be one among you. I am a distress soul who found shelter under your roof”. Zoovy’s eyes filled with tears. Caleb increased his grip on her hand and said “don’t say that. Aleeba loves you like her daughter; Rall adores you like his sister”. Zoovy looked into his eyes trying to find answer for her unsaid question “and you Caleb?”. Caleb wiped Zoovys tears and ignored her question. Then he said “Tommorow I will be gone. I am going to sea with my men for the loot. Heard some big ship is on waves. Rall will be with you. If you need anything then talk to my father. You are safe here, trust me. When I say I protect my people I mean it. “

Zoovy said “how long you will be gone Caleb? Can I come with you?”.

Caleb smiled and said “next time when I go for fishing I will take you ill promise”. Then he looked at the dark night and said “it too late, go to bed”. Zoovy said “after sometimes, not now. But you go ahead, go to bed you have a long day tomorrow”. Caleb looked at Zoovy and knew she wanted to be alone. He scanned the surrounding and walked away.

Zoovy sat on the sand and looked in to water. She wanted to stop Caleb but she couldn’t. May be they didn’t expressed their love vocally but she knew it he cared for her. She couldn’t even think of anything bad happening to Caleb. In other circumstance she would have prayed to god to save the man whom she loves. Instead she just sat there thinking how she can protect Caleb.


( i am writing this story after a long time. As some of my readers wanted to to know the complete story i took this task seriously. Hope each one of you enjoy. )


  1. megha says:

    Good job…was waiting for this… 🙂


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