I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter16

Posted: November 5, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Zoovy was smiling looking at Rall. He was showing his new tricks with the sword. She never felt so relaxed and merry. Its then her eyes rested on Caleb who was observing them from his hidden place. She saw the same joy in his eyes which she had seen before. Her heart was blooming and she got goose bumps. Some moments caught her attention. She saw American soldiers were moving slowly towards Caleb. She got up from her place. She has to protect the man she loved and save. She opened her mouth and called his name. But to her utter dismay no sound came from her mouth. She started running towards Caleb and tried calling his name again but no sound came from her mouth that when she saw an American aiming his rifle at Caleb. He eyes filled with tears and she heart started to bleed. She didn’t know what to do. She looked at the American aiming at Caleb and called his name loudly. His name echoed and at the same time the American shot Caleb. Zoovy called his name again and again.

Somebody was waking Zoovy. She didn’t have the will and strength to open her eyes. She tried to move but pain in her left arm made her impossible to do so. The cold water drops on her face forced her to open her eyes against her will. Very slowly she opened her eyes. She found Caleb’s face few inches away from her face. She tried to sit that’s when she realized he was holding her with both of his arms. Slowly she touched his face with her trembling hand and said “you are safe, thank god you are safe Caleb ”. She hugged him with her all strength and said “I thought they killed you, Oh Caleb you are safe”. Her eyes were flooded with tears. Caleb held Zoovy closed to his heart. He knew how much he loves her. Slowly he moved away from Zoovy so that he can see her face when he talk. He said “you saved me Zoovy, you are my guardian angel”. Zoovy held Caleb’s face in her hand and said “I am in love with you Caleb, I love you. I don’t even care if you don’t love me. I am always beside you no matter what. Don’t share your joy with me but share your pain. I will live with that. But don’t ignore me. I don’t ask anything from you other than your heart.” Caleb closed her lips with his for a long moment. When he broke the kiss he said “You own my heart, lady. It listens to only you”.

Zoovy looked tired Caleb thought. He was happy to see her awake. When he had seen her screaming his name over and over in her sleep, he was torn into pieces. When Caleb bought wounded Zoovy to his home Aleeba helped him to clean the wound. She had clean the wound and bandaged it. Rall felt guilty as it was his responsibility to protect her and he couldnt do anything. If Caleb was angry with Rall he didn’t say a word at the moment. Caleb never left Zoovy’s side. He was there sitting beside her holding her hand and praying to Allah to save her


On second day Zoovy’s condition improved. She was able to walk around. When she came to know she is in Caleb’s house and on his bed she was happy. Caleb never left her side until she started walking. Zoovy knew he had his responsibilities and he have to attend them. She was seated in hall when Caleb’s father came to visit her. He looked bit worried. After asking her about health he said “I want to discuss something important with you”. Zovvy said “Sure”

Zoovy knew something is wrong. She held her breath and her fingers crossed. She thought may be they have decided to send her back home. He mind started thinking all possible possibilities when Caleb’s father said “he wants to marry you”. Zoovy just stared at Caleb’s father. He continued “He loves you and the way you protected him it’s clear that even you love him.” Zoovy didn’t say a word. He said “this is the first time somebody from our clan marrying a different religion woman. But its ok, Caleb doesn’t want you to change your religion. If you are willing then please let me know I will fix a date for the marriage”. Saying that he walked towards Zoovy and touched her head with love and said “thank you for saving my son”. With that said he was gone.

Zoovy sat there in the chair frozen. She couldn’t believe her ears. Slowly she got up from the chair and walked out. She wanted to see Caleb right then. When Rall saw her he said “what happened Zoovy, you look pale”. Zoovy said “I want to see Caleb where’s he?” Rall was about to answer her question when Caleb walked towards her and said “leave us Rall”. As soon as Rall disappeared Caleb looked at Zoovy and said “So my father talked to you”. Zoovy thought how well he can read her face. He continued “I won’t force you to marry me Zoovy, its after all your decision”. Zoovy stood in front of him and said “knowing after what happened with me you want to marry me Caleb? I cant be so mean and selfish. You deserve something better than me”.

One looks at Caleb and Zoovy knew it he was angry. He held her hand and said “I don’t give a shit about your past Zoovy. Never ever talk about it again, I cant see the pain in your eyes every time you talk about it. I want you as you are. I want to be part of your pain, worry, joy, I want to be a part of you. Just say yes that’s all you have to do”.

Zoovy kissed Caleb on his lips and whispered in his ears “yes Caleb I want to marry you”


(wowo, wedding, i love weddings. i never thought Caleb will end up marrying Zoovy. you think this is the end? or no?….)

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