I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter17

Posted: November 6, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Caleb’s father was busy with wedding arrangements. It was Caleb’s wish to keep the wedding ceremony simple and small. Zoovy suggested that they get marry in Islamic tradition. Caleb had hugged her and said “thank you”.

Night before the marriage Zoovy was seated in her usual spot and was staring the waves. As she wanted to be alone she had chased Rall back home. She knew the place very well then Rall didn’t hesitate to leave her alone. Zoovy was disturbed, she missed her pa. She wanted to see him and talk to him. In every girls life her father plays major role during her wedding. May be the weather or the emotions were making her cry she thought. She wiped her tears off and started to walk.

Caleb’s steady voice made her stop “When I say I want to become part of you, I mean I want to become part of your pain too”. He stood in front of her and said “you miss your pa, isn’t it?” Zoovy still couldn’t understand how he could read her mind so easily. He wiped her tears and gave his phone to Zoovy and said “Talk to him”. Zoovy stared at the phone Caleb chuckled and said “we are pirates it doesn’t mean we don’t have electronic gadgets, its just that we use them when its necessary”. Zoovy turned her back to Caleb and said “I don’t want to talk to him”. Caleb held Zoovy’s hand and said “talk to him, you will feel good”.

Zoovy slowly took the phone and dialed her house number. It was ringing and her heart was beating fast. When nobody picked the phone till the last ring Zoovy exhaled. She missed the beat when somebody picked the phone on last ring and said “hello”. Zoovy didn’t reply. She just held the receiver close to her ear and stood there listening to her father’s voice. Her father said “hello, hello anybody there”. Zoovy stood there motionless without uttering a word. Caleb slowly said “talk to him Zoovy”. Zoovy disconnected the phone and threw the phone back at Caleb and said “tell him what Caleb?That that…his dead daughter is alive and getting married tomorrow? I don’t want to talk to him. He thinks I am dead and its better that way.” She wiped her tears and started walking towards the house. Caleb came and hugged her. Words felt useless for Caleb at that moment. With his warm touch he tried to ease Zoovy’s pain. She kept her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ears “thank you Caleb”.

Nikha was simple and only few people were present. Caleb was wearing traditional groom clothes and Zoovy was wearing Aleeba’s hand made dress. The man Zoovy had seen in mosque was leading the ceremony. As a mhar Caleb gave his dragger to Zoovy. Her eyes lit up with joy when she saw the gift.

After the Nikha was over Caleb took his new bride to his home. He was so happy that he kept on hugging Zoovy and said “I am lucky”. Zoovy was laughing seeing Caleb’s new face. Aleeba and Rall had come with the nuptials to see their needs are met. Aleeba had called aside Zoovy and gave her some free “first-wedding-night-tips”. Zoovy turned red listening to older woman’s tricks. Aleeba winked at Zoovy before leaving and Caleb burst out laughing understanding the meaning of that wink. Old lady is wicked he thought. Left alone Caleb played Ronan keating’s song “when you say nothing at all”. He came forward and extended his hand in front of Zoovy and said “may I have the pleasure of having dance with the lady?”.  Zoovy touched his cheek with love and said “sure you can have this dance and rest of the dance with your wife!”.

Back in nursing college Zoovy had told her friend that she going to dance for this song on her wedding day. May be circumstance changed but here she was dancing with her husband on the song she selected years ago. She leaned forward and kept her head on Caleb’s shoulder and closed her eyes. She smiled thinking how words seems useless around them.


(How i wish this was the ending of the story:))

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