That’s my Fu**ing life says a guy

Posted: November 6, 2012 in POEM

I entered this world

Making my mom cry with pain

Still loved by her was over the moon

Felt life is so wonderful and nice

I went to school I never know why

To learn good but I learned bad more

I never like those test, they made me cry

But I loved my life as it was

I hate my teacher, adored my friends

Loved the gal next door in mini skirt

Cursed my dad for his free lecture and advise

I was so messed up may be because I was in my teens

Was in college when I fell for this chick

She was a daemon with a good face

I asked myself what I saw in her

Her body? face? or heart, oh I don’t know what was that

She broke my heart and stole my Atm card

Was in misery when I married this gal my mom chose

Before I know what’s happening

I was father of two kids and I was screwed up to the core

What’s life I didn’t know anymore

I slogged my ass and worked hard

I cried remembering my mom and dad

How I wanted to be that little boy again

My wife irritated me, my kids ignored me

Disease haunted me and my manager dominated me

How I wanted to run away from this life

I didn’t had any interest left to live

I shut my ears to the world

Was just a machine listening to world and working

24/7/365 did I had any holidays? No

I begged my god to remember me, badly wanted to die

When I shut my eyes at last

I was all alone in an old age home

Kids were somewhere and wife was already in the world of dead, sure for in hell

I was happy that I don’t have to live anymore

When god saw my face, he smiled at me

He patted my back with love and affection

He ordered his angel to tend me and said

“Sit next to my right son, you deserve the best”

  1. rakshith says:

    nice palli


  2. Gaurav says:

    Really Gud one…!!!


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