I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter18

Posted: November 8, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Zoovy never thought she can be so happy. The man she loved by her side she kept on doubting her luck. Caleb was very understanding and loving. She loved her new house,it was nice and wonderful. She learnt Caleb’s favorite dish from Aleeba. With open heart the older woman gave her the recopies. She had touched Zoovy’s head and said “Promise me Zoovy you will take care of him”. Zoovy was touched by the older woman’s love towards her husband. She had hugged her and said “He is my husband now I will love him with my whole heart, protect him from all danger and feed him with your recipes”. Aleeba giggled and said “I believe you”. Then Aleeba kept her hand on Zoovys stomach and winked at her and Zoovy turned red. Aleeba laughed and said “soon there will be junior Caleb”. Zoovy said “Aleeba have patience…”. When Zoovy saw her husband she shut her mouth. He came in and hugged his wife and kissed on her lips. Aleeba walked out of the room saying “I can be wait for 9 months not more than that”. Caleb took a minute to understand what the older woman was saying. He kept his hand on Zoovy’s stomach and looked into her eyes. She touched his cheek and he kissed her palm. Caleb said “not yet, may be soon”. Zoovy hid her face in her husband’s shoulder. Caleb kissed her neck and said “even you want little brat or doll right?”. Zoovy slowly whispered in her husband’s ears “I want either of them”. Caleb laughed hearing his wife’s honest answer.

Caleb started teaching Zoovy to swing the sword and fire the bullet. He tried to convince his wife that he will be always around her so no need to learn all that. But his adamant wife never listened to him. It was then he gave up and started training his wife like his other men. Caleb knew no matter how much Zoovy smiles the pain is still there inside her. Much night she woke up screaming and sobbing. All Caleb did was held his wife and console her. Even though he wanted to do ease her pain he couldn’t do. He knew only he can ease her pain but he didn’t knew how.

Caleb was sailing in his small ship for the first time after marriage. He felt happy to see the water again. As the breeze was blowing with much force he had to hold on to the railings. He smiled looking at Zoovy who was busy talking to Rall. Caleb had said no when Zoovy asked whether she can join him. Then she had blackmailed him saying “you take me or not I will be there on your ship Caleb, I have my ways”. Caleb cursed himself and had given her permission to accompany him in his ship. She had kissed him and said “thank you, trust me you wont be sorry”. Caleb’s eyes again moved towards his wife. She had put on weight. Right now couldn’t say whether she was carrying his baby or not he thought. He was waiting for the good news. He then looked at Rall. He was busy talking to Zoovy. Whenever she went he followed. He liked that lad anyway.

Caleb had decided to fish for few days and go back home. He was worried about Zoovy. If she was carrying then raid on ship will be difficult. He knew it if Zoovy is around during the raid he cant focus so he decided to take a break from the raids

Ship was sailing with its usual speed, miles away from Somalia. Sun was setting and birds were flying back to their dear ones. Caleb felt like he saw some ship moving in their way. He got alert and cautioned his crew and told them to be ready for the attack. When he found out that it’s his uncle’s ship his blood boiled. He was sure the pain he was trying to ease from Zoovys heart going to increase. He was sure his uncle is going to attack his ship to take the revenge for killing his man and taking the girl who they had kidnapped. He went in search of his wife. He found her in their room she was alone and was sewing something. She looked at him and she knew something is wrong. She asked “what is wrong Caleb? Why are you worried?”. Caleb hugged her and said “no matter what remember this I always love you”. Zoovy pushed him back and said “will you tell me what is wrong?”. Caleb held Zoovy’s hand and said “we spotted a ship and……it belongs to my uncle”. He said and waited for Zoovy to respond but she stood there motionless. Caleb felt his wife shiver so he increased his grip on her arm. Zoovy said “why your uncle wants to attack you Caleb? Before this he tried to harm you why?”. Caleb said “he used to stay with us earlier. We all raided the ship together. As he was mean he didn’t wanted to share the profit with our people back at home. My father didn’t like this and told him to leave. He and few of his men left without any argument. He made a mistake when he kidnapped a girl from our clan and raped her. Then my father along with his men attacked my uncles ship and freed that girl. She is non-other than Roomani. My father takes care of her like his daughter. I was supposed to marry her. But when my father realised that my heart is stolen by somebody else he didn’t force me. He sent her to her paternal uncles house who stays in Africa for a while.“ Zoovy sat there listening to the story. Caleb continued “When my father came to know what they did to you he felt guilty. Its his brother’s men who once were his men harmed you”. Caleb saw his wife’s emotionless face and said “you are mine Zoovy, its my duty to protect you and I will fight for you till my last breath. Stay in here and don’t come out”. Zoovy touched Caleb’s cheek and said “I don’t doubt that but this time I fight for myself Caleb not you. This is my fight and only I can end it”. With that Zoovy took her took her sword and rifle and walked away.

Caleb cursed Zoovy for not listening to him. He wondered how much more he going to curse her for not listening to him.


(Wishing you Happy Deepawali. Have a peaceful and blessed festival. Do remember when you have sweets)

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