Happy Deewali

Posted: November 13, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Wishing you all happy and joyful Deewali. Have safe and secure Deewali.

I was returning home from my office in the evening when I saw those crazy people burning crackers in the main road. The peculiar cracker-smell made me puke. Tissue in my nose and 2 fingers in my ears was not an easy task.  Even though I was irritated I smiled seeing the family celebrating the festival all together. How I remembered Christmas then. I wished every tom-dick-harry. Rickshaw driver, Pizza delivery boy, vegetable vendor, friends, and strangers it’s after all Deewali.

As soon as I got drown from the cab Deewali bonanza was waiting for me. From staring point to ending point people were burning crackers, bombs….and all I did was held my fingers. Manu laughed looking at me. Every time I heard sound I startled and closed my ears more tightly. By the time I reached my nest I was exhausted. First time I felt Pu’s farts are far better than those crackers.

I was buying some vegetables when I saw a kid burning those Bombs and rocket all I wanted was to run away from there. Vegetable vendor realized that I was scared of crackers and before I could say anything she put the vegetables in the plastic and helped me to escape. Then I saw 7 years old kid burning crackers. When he saw me holding my ears he smiled and all I said was ”let me pass”.

When you burn cracker please remember you are spoiling environment. Do keep infants, heart-patient, dogs and Snl in your mind. Trust me all don’t like crackers.

  1. Gaurav says:

    Crackers really sucks…I was disturbed in my deep sleep when my ppl started lighting crackers as early as 6 in the morning…:(((((;


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