Posted: November 13, 2012 in POEM

Decade has passed with no change

Only in my salary nothing else

Tomato, onion price change every day, month and year

How I wish sometimes I was a fish monger rather than techi

I rot in office till late night

Remembering my mom cooked meal

I eat Maggie with teary eyes

Helping my intestine to grow fat, twist or whatever

First day first show I don’t watch anymore

Beer, rum and whisky call me every Friday

I drink water and wave my hand

Promising soon to be there before it’s too late

Hope of spark rises in my heart

No life, no friends and defiantly no fun

I smile and tell myself

“Don’t worry dude, you will get nice hike”

I burn with fever I ignore it

I get ailment in my stomach I ignore it too

Still I go to office instead of hospital

With one and only one hope

Hardly I go to cafeteria to sip coffee

Sometimes go to refresh my brain with GOLDFAKE

I work without cribbing to meet the deadline

Even though my brain screams “I cant take it anymore”

Manger sends me meeting request

I smile and enter the with confidence

I nod at my TL and manager as I sit

Obviously they know my hard work

Only praises I can hear around me

I feel I am balloon and am floating

I get horn like unicorn and fly still higher

Not knowing what’s going to happen in next half

When THEY feel its enough, they stop

Then they will start and show their wicked face

I stare at them and ask myself

Are they really THEY whom I know

You are not this..

You are not that…

You are not a team player

Don’t have communication skills Says the boss

With the horn gone and needle prick

I float till I feel the chair

Sit there like paralytic patient

 Not understanding their strategy

How I wish to open their skull

And see whether they have brain or shit instead

I sit and stare without uttering a word

While they continue adding “NOT” with “YOU ARE”

Even though I want to bang the phone to their head I control

I curse them, their family, and their whole clan, dead and living both

Urge to tell “shut the FU** up” still in my veins

I sit still and control my tongue and fingers

Meeting concludes with “don’t take it personally”

My tongue itch to say “you ……………..”

Lip closed I smile sarcastically

I walk out and  let my tongue take it stroll

Still boiling I lighten my cigarette

Chuckle thinking what a workaholic ass I had been

I dial my friend and say “where’s the party tonight”

I smiling and say “I learn my techie lesson today”

  1. Gaurav says:

    Really this is the story of every IT person…!!Hope you get good hike this tym..!!


  2. Priyank says:

    it is a truism about most of engineers life. sad but true. hoping that you get better side of it.


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