I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter20

Posted: November 18, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

With the familiar smell hitting her nose Zoovy realised she’s back in her house. He exhaled her breath with relaxation. She opened her eyes with all her strength to see Caleb watching her. He came to her and held her hands in his and looked into her eyes. Zoovy’s hands itched to touch the hair fallen on his forehead. She tried to say something and Caleb bent to hear her. Zoovy moved his hair from his forehead and said “Did I tell you how much I love you Caleb?”. Caleb smiled and said “its been 2 days since you told me that. In spite of the pain Zoovy pulled him in her arms and said “I love you”. Caleb touched her head with his lips and said “I know, I love you more than anything. When I saw you in the pool of blood I thought I lost you forever. But it can’t be true I told myself I got you few days back and so soon I cant lose you. I keep on reminding myself and prayed to Allaa. Then I decided never in my life I will let you fight”. Zovvy smiled and looked into Caleb’s eyes. When she saw the tears her heart cried with pain. She just stared at him and said “this was my fight Caleb; i couldn’t let you fight this battle for me. I am sorry for worrying you.” Caleb took his time to answer “I know that’s why I let you fight. But promise me you will never fight in my presence”. Zoovy looked into his extended hand. Then she placed her hand in his and said “I promise Caleb I wont fight unless it is necessary”. Caleb hugged her, kissed her forehead and said  “You cant fight at least for 7 months Zoovy”. Zoovy took time to understand what Caleb was saying. Zooys eyes sparked with joy when she looked at Caleb. He kept his hand on her stomach and said “Aleeba gave me the good news. You don’t know how happy I am. Little Zoovy and Little Caleb wow, you made me happy Zoovy”. Zoovy asked with a stun tone “we are having twins?”. Caleb bit her earlobe and said “yes, we are having twins. I love you “. Zoovys eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t believe that she can be so happy after what she had gone through. Loving husband and 2 babies, finally she’s having a family she thought. She pinched herself to make sure its not a dream

It was after few days when Zoovy was walking with Rall on sea shore she saw a headless body hanging on a wooden pole in the water. She stopped walking and stared at the body. Ralls stopped when he saw the sources of her destruction. Rall said “they hanged him as soon as we came. Caleb’s father boiled when he saw his brother. He didn’t waste a second to punish this old bastard for his wrongs. Good never comes to bad people”. As long as Zoovy stared at the body her brain started wondering about Roomani. She asked Rall “Did Roomani loved Caleb?”. Rall said “I don’t know about her but trust me Caleb never looked at her the way he looks at you. When you are around he is a different person. He smiles which is rare, I have never seen Caleb so happy. Zoovy turned red listening to Rall. She loved Caleb with her whole heart. She cant even imagine how her life will be without him around. She touched her stomach and smiled.

Zoovy was 5 months pregnant now. With her body changing Zoovy looked more beautiful. Zoovys face had new glow. Aleeba cooked good nutrition food for her and Caleb listen to her each and every needs, even though she couldn’t stop herself wondering about her pa. Many times she picked Calebs phone and dialled her house number but before it ring she had disconnected.

Every night she was sleeping in Caleb’s arm. Caleb never complained about her rolling and occupying more space. He always liked the way she put her legs over his leg, he loved that habit of her. He was happy that Zoovy stopped getting those nightmares. Now peacefully she used to sleep in arms.

From few days Zoovy started crying in her dream. In the beginning of her pregnancy it was rare but as the time passed it became more. Whenever she cried Caleb held her more tightly but she didn’t reduce. It was killing Caleb to see Zoovy in such distress. Caleb knew it that she is missing her pa. Caleb knew then what he has to do.

One fine day when nobody was around he asked Zoovy “would you liked to meet your pa?”. Zoovy was startled to hear that question. She got up from her chair and said “why you ask that question Caleb? What’s going on inside your brain?” Caleb smiled and said “I am taking to you to your home, to meet your pa!”. Zoovy stood there without uttering a word. Caleb continued “I am sure you dont want him to believe that you are dead when you are not”. Zoovy said “I don’t want to meet him Caleb. Don’t ever..”. Caleb interrupted her saying “we are going to meet him Zoovy, pack your things. I know how you miss him and how badly you want to see him”. Zoovy wanted to argue but she didn’t. She stood there watching her husband. She never understood how Caleb ccan understand her so much.

She packed her and Caleb’s clothes and necessary items for the long journey. She was happy that finally she is going to meet her pa

(wow, i love this Caleb guy. If all husbands were like him life would have been so easy. Wht will happen now?….hmmm..Happy ending???

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