I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter21

Posted: November 20, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Zoovy was nervous as well as excited to meet her pa. It’s been ages since she had met her pa. She looked at Caleb who was talking to Rall. She touched her baby bump and said “that’s your father I just wonder what I would have done without him. You know what babies, I love him and you  more than anything.”

They had left immediately once Zoovy made up her mind. Caleb had taken few of his expert man with him. Rall was very furious when he realised he is not going to be the part of the sailing. Then he had convinced Zoovy to take him along with them. Caleb had raised his eyebrows when he realised Rall had approached Zoovy instead of him. Caleb knew Rall was very much attached to Zoovy. He used to take care of her like his own sister which he never had. He loved the kid anyways.

The small ship was moving with steady speed. To avoid the unnecessary attention Caleb had selected the smaller ship for his journey. With all the American navvy taking rounds he had to be extra cautious. He looked at the water while his mind started to wonder about Zoovy. She will come back with me to Somalia?She will stay with her pa? He will never get to see his babies? With all this unanswered questions he was becoming restless. He knew Zoovy will make a wise decision and if she decides to stay with her pa he is going to respect her decision he thought. He looked at his wife and walked towards her. Zoovy looked at Caleb and said “thank you seems to be small word to express my gratitude to you. I don’t know how to thank you Caleb”. Caleb said “no need to thank me Zoovy, I am your husband and its my duty to keep my wife happy”. Zoovy moved closer to him until her head rest on his chest. She tightly hugged him and said “I am scared Caleb, terrified. What I will tell my pa? If he comes to know that I was gang raped he will be devastated. His old heart cant take that burden Caleb. What should I do? What should I tell him?”. Caleb held her close and said “He is your father Zoovy, he will understand, trust me with this”. They stood there for a while without saying anything while Caleb mind wondered about Zoovy, Zoovy wondered about her pa.

When Zoovy saw the familiar coastal area her heart jumped with joy. The cold breeze, fish smell welcomed her. Zoovy held Caleb’s hand more tightly. She had covered her face to avoid attention. She knew it nobody can easily recognise her with the new appearance.

Caleb had anchored his ship few miles away. He thought it would be wise to reach the shore in his small fishing boat. As he saw the sea shore his heart cried with pain. He just wondered whether he made a mistake taking back Zoovy to her pa. He held her hand more tightly. Before they reach the shore he hugged Zoovy, kissed her forehead.

Zoovy guided them to the shore. As people were busy with their work they were able to walk without any suspicious look. Zoovy walking in anarrow path and was telling about how she loved to play in water with Rex. They almost reached the house when Zoovy saw the huge crowd gathered around her house. She looked at Caleb. Caleb tightened his hold on her hand. Zoovy could hear her own heart beat and she knew it something is wrong. Slowly she took the courage and walked inside. She almost fainted seeing her pa’s lifeless body in coffin. If Caleb wouldn’t have been at her side she would have hit her head to the floor. She stood there staring at her pa’s closed eyes with a fake hope that anytime he will open it and recognise her. She had lost Rex, Sam and now Pa. With all her loved ones gone she felt alone. She looked at Caleb who wiped her tears .She wanted to run away from that place. Old happy memories were everywhere. She walked towards her closed room and unlocked the door. Slowly she walked inside and took the framed picture hung on the wall and said “its time we leave Caleb. I am never coming back to this place”.

Caleb was torn seeing Zoovy crying. Few minutes back she was chattering and now she was mourning for her dead father. She didn’t even get a chance to talk to her father. He knew it will take another few months till he ease her pain. He decided to fight against all odds to keep her happy in future.

Sun was setting, birds were flying back to their nest. Zoovy walked in silence till their boat. She knew it with Caleb beside her she can bear any pain.


(oopsy….that was sad…..all r dying i didnt like it eaither..)


  1. Sahana says:

    This is becoming interesting day by day Sillu 🙂 eagerly waiting for the next one……. Loved all ur stories esp this one 🙂


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