I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter23

Posted: November 27, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Zoovy stood there watching her husband’s determined face. She didn’t bother to wipe the tears from her cheek. She had to leave without her husband. Caleb’s face was mixture of all emotions. Her babies were kicking hard in her stomach. Her heart was crying thinking about the miserable separation.

Caleb picked Zoovys bag from the floor and said “Rall and one more guy accompany you, you will be safe with them. Go as far as possible from this place. Don’t worry about anything my father will take care of you and the babies”. Zoovy looked at her husband and said “why your father Caleb?why not you? Let me stay with you and fight. You know I am a good fighter…” Caleb pushed her away from him so that he can guide her the way. He said “no Zoovy, you have to leave”. Zoovy tugged Caleb’s hand and said “I don’t want to leave without you. I want to stay with you Caleb no matter what”. Caleb guided Zoovy towards the secret path and said “it’s the time you go. Rall take care of her and yourself”. Zoovy hugged Caleb and said “don’t separate me from you Caleb. You know I cant survive without you. I don’t want to lose you. Please Caleb, I beg you don’t make me to leave”. Caleb fought back his tears and said “no matter what happens always remember I love you”. Zoovy looked into his eyes and said “promise me Caleb you will come, promise me you will find me”. Caleb kissed his wife on her forehead for the last time and said “I promise I will come back”. Caleb kissed on Zoovys stomach. Babies started to kick hard against her stomach again when they felt his touch. Caleb held his hands on zoovys stomach to feel their moments for the last time. He closed his eyes and fought for the control which he lost. He opened his eyes and pushed Zoovy and said “bye my love”. Rall pulled Zoovy and guided her way. Caleb looked at Zoovy capturing every detail. Her swollen eyes, wet cheek, messy hair made him guilty. Once Zoovy was away from his eyes sight he focussed his attention his enemies.


Zoovy saw the ship blaze in fire and her heart sank. She tried to stand in the small boat. Rall had to hold her to keep her steady. Smoke and fire was almost reaching the sky. She knew it possibility of anybody surviving such fire was very less. But still she was not ready to accept the fact that Caleb is dead. She felt sick to the pit. She looked at the sky and prayed to her dead father to save her love of her life. She didn’t cry instead she sat there watching the ship which was burning with fire.

As it was getting dark Rall increased the speed of the boat. They were miles away from their ship. Zoovy sat without uttering a boat until her eyes caught the sight of floating wooden in water. As it was not clear she told Rall to move the boat in that side. Zoovys heart sank when she saw one of Calebs men. Rall with help of other guy slowly pulled the man from the floating plank to their boat. Zoovy checked his pulse and smiled when she found he was still alive.  His left leg was burnt completely. She sprinkled water on his face. The man slowly opened his eyes. Zoovy asked him “where your master? What happened?”. The man explained “master told us to abandon the ship as soon as you left. We were packing our bags when those Americans bombed the ship. We couldn’t even see what is around us. I just jumped into the water. I don’t know what happened to Master. When I last saw him he was bleeding as his left arm was wounded badly with the bullets”. Zoovy realised she was trembling when the man finished explaining. Rall sat next to her and held her hand. Zoovy said “he cant leave me, he promised he will come back to me. How could he do this to me?”. Rall sat there with confusion what to do. He said “Caleb never breaks his promise”. He wiped his tears and continued “if he promised then he will keep the promise, trust me”. Zoovy looked at Rall and said “hope this time he keeps his promise”


Zoovy looked at the moons reflection on water and smiled. She had never seen anything so beautiful she thought. She touched her stomach and said “you guys will be out soon.”

Its been 2 months since the sad incident. Even though Zoovy tried not to think about Caleb her mind always wondered what happened to him. She still stayed in Caleb house. Aleeba and Rall moved in to help her. Caleb’s father was worried about her and the babies. She knew it the people around her are trying their level best to keep her happy. She avoided topics about Caleb. No matter how hard she tried he was always there in her mind haunting her during the colourless day as well as the lonely nights. She got up from the place and started walking towards her home.

Its then she saw a tall figure appeared in front of her from nowhere. She opened her mouth to scream but when she saw those familiar eyes she stood there staring at them wondering whether its reality or dream.

  1. loly says:

    🙂 happy ending eh…!!!!


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