I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter24

Posted: December 3, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Zoovy stood there staring at Caleb without blinking er eyes. He had lost weight and hair was a mess. They both stood talking to each other with their eyes. Zoovys eyes were filled with happy tears. When she couldn’t take it anymore she walked towards Caleb and hugged him. Caleb held her close with his arm. Zoovy took a step back and looked at Caleb to have a closure look at him. It then she realized that Caleb’s face bore burn marks. She traced a finger through the mark and said “I am sorry, I am really sorry, because of me you had to bear this pain.” Caleb wiped her eyes and said “don’t be sorry Zoovy, I can fight anybody for you.” Zoovy hugged him again and said “I know that Caleb, I know. I would have been damned if anything would have happen to you”. Caleb kept his forefinger on her lips and said “don’t say that”. And he moved closer to her. Its then the shawl he wrapped around his shoulder fell to the ground and Zoovy’s eyes fell to his left arm. His left arm was trimmed below the elbow. Zoovy couldn’t take the pain. She tried to run but Caleb held her and said “during the bombshell I badly hurt my left arm. As soon as you left our ship sank. I was thrown out of the ship into water. I was rescued by some good fishermen. When I opened my eyes I knew it I had lost my arm. But trust me I don’t care about it because you and only you is what I want. You are my life and without you I am nothing”. Zoovy saw the honesty in his eyes and said “Promise me Caleb you will love me forever no matter what”. Caleb kissed her on the lips and said “Yes Zoovy I love you and only you forever and ever”.

Zoovy was cuddled in Caleb’s arms when she felt something happened. She took a second to realized her water bag broke. Caleb lifted her in his arms and carried her to his house. He said “Its time our babies come into this world.” As soon as he laid Zoovy on the bed he called Aleeba. Older woman smiled looking at Zoovy and said “buckle up gal, you need all energy you have”.

Caleb was pacing outside his bedroom waiting for Aleeba. When he saw her worried face he knew it something is wrong. Caleb held the older woman by her shoulder and said “tell me what is wrong?Is she going to be alright? are the babies doing well?”. Aleeba said “patience Caleb. Its her, looks like she has to go through lots of pain. Its not the easy one.” Caleb said “do anything but save her and the babies. I want them, I cant lose any of them, do you understand?”. Aleeba touched his shoulder and said “i will try my level best to ease her pain”. Saying that she disappeared behind the closed doors.

Caleb wanted to run inside and hold Zoovys hand. He was becoming restless by passing every minute. His heart ached listing to Zoovy’s sobs. When he couldn’t stand there anymore he went inside. He knelt beside bed and held Zoovys hand. She smiled and said “its going to be alright Caleb. Don’t become so restless. Go outside and wait. Its going to be messy and I am sure you don’t want to see it”. Caleb kissed her forehead and said “I am the reason for this pain and I am not going anywhere. I am staying with you right here”. In spite of her pain Zoovy giggled and touched his cheek. She said “ Love you Caleb”.

Caleb looked at Zoovy and thought she is doing great. He held her hand and said few encouraging words. He cheered her up when first baby came out.He kissed her lips and said “it’s a gal Zoovy, same like his mama”. Zoovy looked at his husband and tried to smile. She felt so week and helpless. Second babie’s entry was not easy. umbilical cord was twisted around its neck .As the baby moved  It was hurting killing her. She hid her pain and tried to relax. When she felt she is drowning in the dark she pinched herself to keep her awake. She tried till the second came baby came out. Caleb shouted with joy “it’s a boy, same like his dada”. Zoovy looked at her husband’s smiling face and closed her eyes. She smiled thinking “how happy Caleb looked”.

As soon as Zoovy closed her eyes Caleb asked Aleeba “tell me she is alright”. Aleeba looked at Zoovy and said “Only Allah have to save her Caleb. I could see the pain on her face , just pray to Allah to save her”.

Caleb looked at Zoovys closed eyes and said “you know, I cant live without you, don’t even try to die on me. Please Zoovy, I need you, babies need you, come back to us”.

Caleb sat next to Zoovy and held her hand in his hoping she will open her eyes soon. He was dying to see her smiling face. He touched her cheek and said “I will be waiting right here till you open your eyes”

  1. Sahana says:

    Pls Zoovy, dont die 😦 Nice going Sillu 🙂


  2. Chandini says:

    I liked the effect your background has…. snowflakes!

    Story is going as usual… if i average it with other stories, all I say is Zovi is dead! I had read two other stories of yours where in heroine of the story died during pregnancy


  3. megha says:

    Sill…pls dont kill Zoovy, its her story…


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