I lost myself to you Blue…….chapter25

Posted: December 5, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

Caleb saw the babies in Aleeba’s arms and said “you think they can survive without their mother?”. When Aleeba didn’t utter a word he continued “when I cant how they could? Few months back I was a happy man. When I laid my eyes on her I fell in love and trust me I have never been so happy. Look at me now I am half dead seeing her in this condition. She is fighting with death and I cant do anything. I never felt so useless, damn me. I loved her from very first day. I loved her sparking eyes, her spirit and I still do. How I wish I should have died in that ship wreck. I cant even think of living without her, I can bear any physical pain but not this pain Aleeba, I cant live without her.”

Aleeba wiped her eyes and said “you have to live Caleb at least for this babies’ sake. Be strong, and be brave Caleb”. Caleb saw the little baby gal who was staring at him with wide open eyes. Caleb extended his finger to touch its cheek and the baby caught his finger and smiled at him. He knew it then he have to be strong at least for his babies sake.

**********************************************************************************Caleb saw Zahina playing on the sand. With her tiny hands she was trying to do something out of the wet sand. He smiled looking at his daughter. Her curly hair and twinkling eyes reminded him of his darling wife. He walked towards his daughter and said “Come Za, enough playing”. His daughter looked at him with curious eyes then extended her hand and smiled. Caleb carefully lifted her up with his right hand and wiped her sandy hands. She then wrapped her tiny arms around his neck and looked at the sea. She got excited and said “dada water, please water”. Caleb smiled and started walking towards the sea. He let her wet her tiny legs in water and said “now we go”. His daughter held his hand in her hand and started walking with him.

When Zahina saw his twin Connor playing with the goat which their father had gifted them, she ran towards them. Caleb saw the twins playing with the goat and smiled. Then his eyes rested on his darling wife who was busy gardening. She looked more beautiful he thought. With the baby bump she looked breath taking. When Zoovy turned and saw her husband staring at her, she walked towards him. She kissed him on his lips and put her arms around his neck and said “you think again will have twins?”. Caleb touched her stomach and said “may be triplets”. Zoovy giggled and traced her finger around Caleb’s cheek and said “I love you Caleb, I want to have dozens of kids with you”. Caleb nibbled Zoovy’s neck and said “watch out what you are asking for”

 The End



About Author:

Famously known as SnL, is part time writer. Being a techie by profession she finds writing is more relaxing and thrilling. Her “Silly Thoughts” section in her blog is pretty famous for among her readers. Pee, pu, poop, ass are some of her favorite words. In spite of repeated warnings from her readers she still does spelling as well as grammatical mistakes.

She will be thrilled to know your opinion about the story, so don’t hesitate to speak out your heart. You can mail her at:sylvianavina@yahoo.com.


Writers Note:

When I started writing this story, I had a doubt whether I will complete it or not. Few chapters went with speed and then the story was stopped in a station of “chapter 13” for more than 2 months. Its then few of my readers reminded me of my incomplete story. As a result today I am able to complete the story first time with “HAPPY ENDING”.

Caleb was supposed to die in ship wreck but I kept him alive thinking I will give a happy ending. One fine day when I was pooping I felt writers shouldn’t change the ending no matter how much he/she hurts reader’s feelings. So I decided I will kill Zoovy during her delivery time. Few of my readers again pleaded not to kill Zoovy. One of my reader said “I know, Zoovy is going to die”.  Its then I decided to give a HAPPY ENDING to my story.

I would like to thank my honest readers, my colleagues who kept on saying how well the story is going on. Thank you guys, without your support and encouragement I wouldn’t have been able to complete this story/Novel. Thank you again

Any suggestion, complaint, compliment is accepted with open heart. Dont hesitate to speak up your heart!!!!1

  1. Sahana says:

    Thank god Zoovy is alive. Love this Happy Ending. Waiting for ur new series Sillu 🙂


  2. megha says:

    Heyyy…Finally Happy Ending…ThankU 🙂 Saliva….:)


  3. Chandini says:

    Much expected ending!
    Liked the way you concocted the tale 🙂
    I have been passing your blog links among friends to keep them away from world-weariness as reading your light words are nicer, keep writing!


  4. Wilson Kinnigoli says:

    well story was good. i almost read the whole story at a stretch. may b because of tht i cud notice some drawbacks of d story. hope u ll accept it wid open mind. story was cool in d beginning in terms of flow, continuation etc. but may b coz u wr taking time in between u lost d flow, it wud hav been resolved if u read d previous chapters and start wrting d new. thts y overall story has come out nicely but flow is missing in many places. there r some technical mistakes, m not abl to point out them here, but it’s like u say some things sumwhr n then story goes with d opposite feeling later. u ll notice them if u read d whole story again.

    yup ending was nice even i ws expecting happy ending. but similar situation ws thr in ur previous story also. climax with delivery, twins, n then all will die ( may b u had similar plan for this story too 🙂 🙂 it seems so in ur writers note. )

    but anyways story is good. n its really great that u r writing so much. i never thot u would b writing poems, stories etc in our high school days. n it feels so nice to read ur articles. i like d humor in them. in fact in all ur write ups.

    so keep going. write more n more.. enjoy madi.. 🙂


    • sylvia says:

      Hey Wilson,Thank you for your review. I never feel bad when somebody says what they really felt. i do agree that the story need some editing and some more input.
      This happy ending was not planned and Nth moment considering my “always sad ending” i felt this one i should make it a happy one so it was messed up.
      HUMOR is like a hard rock and i am clinging to it like a coral.
      Thank you again


  5. loly says:

    Aiichhh!!! i read it todayyy finallyyy… happy endin ehh 😉 good.. keep goin..


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