I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 7

Posted: January 16, 2013 in STORY

When Jenny opened her eyes she found herself in hospital. She tried to see around when she found her husbands worried stare on her face. She tried to smile when she looked at her mother-in-law. MR Lewis said “don’t make me wait for my drinking partner” and winked at her. Jenny tried to smile listening to her father-in-law. When again her gaze fell on Ron, her heart contrasted with pain. His eyes were swollen and dark circles below his eyes were the proof of his sleepless nights. Jenny said “go to bed Ron, you look worse”. Ron chuckled and held her gaze. All she wanted to do was wrap her arms around his neck and tell him that she is fine. Her eyes filled with tears looking at the man she loved so dearly. Ron torn the gaze and said “try to sleep and don’t strain yourself Jenny, you need rest”. Jenny let her tears fall on cheek. Seeing Jenny cry MR Lewis said “don’t boss over her in front of me Ron. She will sleep once she say bye to me”. Then she turned towards Jenny and said “don’t worry Jenny if you want anything let us know”, saying that he left the room with his wife.

Once Ron’s parents left Jenny extended her hand and said slowly “come here Ron”. Ron walked towards Jenny and held her hand in his. He wiped her tears and­­­­­­­ looked at her. He said “I am sorry Jenny for this mess, it was my responsibility to protect you but….”. Jenny held his hand more tightly and said “don’t feel guilty army boy, i am fit like fiddle. I don’t mind dying saving the man I love”. Ron stood there watching his wife. Jenny said “don’t look at me like that as if I have done some big crime. I just love my man”. Ron smiled and said “I thought you will never say that Jenny”. Jenny moved on her bed and pointed at the empty space and said “come here Ron lie beside me”. Ron moved towards the bed and lied down near his wife’s side. Staring into each other’s eyes they tried to tell each other how much they love each other. Jenny put her free hand around Ron’s neck and pulled him closer. She said “I love you Ron, only you I love. I thought I will never say these words but here I am saying again and again how I love you”. With her wrapped hand she pulled Ron even more closer so that she can kiss him easily. Ron smiled seeing his wife’s boldness. He touched her face and said “hope you remember we are in hospital and your arm is bandaged”. Jenny giggled and said “I know army boy how I can forget that. When every 5 minutes nurses carrying big syringe prick your bum, its hard to forget you see”. Before she could kiss her husband again nurse came in without knocking the door and was surprised too see Ron on bed. She smiled at the couple and said “hope you know these beds are only for patients”. As she took out the syringe Ron winked at Jenny and Jenny said “see I told you”.


Jenny was recovering with time. When she was discharged from hospital, Ron had taken her directly to his parents’ house. Her in-law showered her with love and care. Ron used to call her every half an hour. Now there were guards around everywhere. Jenny knew it something is wrong but still she didn’t ask. She missed Dexter badly. He was the one who used to be by her side when she was alone. She knew it Ron misses his best buddy more than her.

It was March and sparkling rays of sun were pricking everyone. Jenny never thought she could be happy so much. As Ron was celebrating his 30th bday she decided to gift him something special. Jenny woke her husband at 12.00 and took him to the ground where they jog every day. When they reached the ground Jenny pushed Ron to the center and said “find your gift army boy, dig, search, scream or do whatever you want.” Ron pulled his wife close and said “are you crazy woman? You spoilt my sleep to dig? I don’t want any gift when I have you, you know that”. Jenny pinched his cheek and said “come on, be a sport”.

When Ron realized his wife won’t help him he started to search the ground. When he couldn’t find anything he turned towards his wife and opened his mouth to say something. When he saw a black and brown mixed Doberman puppy in his wife’s hand he just stared at his wife. Jenny walked towards him and said “happy bday army boy, may all your wishes come true”. Ron held the puppy in his hand and looked at it. The pup licked his face and wagged its tail. Jenny said “RJ loves you”. Ron said “looks like you already named him!!! I was supposed to name him. Its my bday gift remember”. Jenny put her arm around her husband’s waist and said “He is RJ, R for Ron and J for Jenny”. Ron laughed and said “you do have nerve to name him RJ”. Ron looked at his wife and said “thank you Jenny, I liked my bday gift”. Jenny touched Ron’s nose and said “I thought I will get a thank you gift”. Ron kept RJ on the ground and looked at his wife and said “sure I was about to give you your return gift”. Before Jenny could say anything Ron put his arms around his back and pulled her close. So close that he could hear her heart beat. Then slowly he kissed her on lips. Jenny held her husband for support when her legs went weak. All she could remember was his lips, his smell and his heart beat

(Sorry readers for making you wait for the story. Hope you are enjoying it. )

  1. Megha says:

    Ofcourse enjoyin !!! 🙂


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