“V” Day

Posted: February 19, 2013 in My Silly thoughts


When sad January ends my senses automatically get excited. Oh yeah its because of the “V” day.

Theres some story about St. Valentines behind that Feb 14. I am sure only few of us will be aware of that. Don’t worry I am not going to write about anything common which Google can produce instant search option like instant noodles. Darn!!!! Google is too good. Sometimes when you type How and give some space it suggest multiple things. When my eyes fall on that “to get pregnant” I just blink twice. Oppsy!!!you don’t have any barriers dude.

Before Valentines day

Few days before the big day people who are in love go shopping to buy new clothes that to red. If anybody have the color blindness seeing those lingerie’s hung up on the stores they might get cure of the disease.  Trust me it’s a fact red top, red top, red pants, red slip, red undies and yeah red bras. Oh yeah all in bright red.(just wonder why don’t hung men’s red brief? :))

On Valentines day

People who are in love started texting, calling their partners expressing their love. They tell “I love you” may be more than 1000 times. (IT ‘single’ guy might say “dude we can use “For” loop here). They buy roses paying double the real price, they buy expensive gifts, they send expensive chocolates to make the other person feel good. Some choose this day to say “I do” and some to lose their cherry.

What single people like me DO

They monitor every people. When they spot people wearing red they say “definitely this person is committed”. They wish every Tamina-Dolora-Hancilla(tom-dick-harry’s female version) “happy valentines day”. Then they ask “how many roses you got? What special today? . They envy people carrying roses and gifts in the evening wondering when their day will come. When they cant take the depression anymore they sing the song “thank god I am single, I still have multiple options”. (Tell you what that’s what I tell myself most of the time). Some lunatic group of people those who wants to make some headlines  say “we ban Valentines day” and set fire to the greeting cards posing the camera. Dude everything ok, publicity stunt yake(why)?. Hope soon cupid do its magic and you to buy some red undies next valentine’s day.

I am not against “V” day. I just feel for people who are in love everyday should be Valentines day. Lots of love, hug, kisses we can skip the gift part as its too expensive. Lovers don’t need a reason, day or time to express their love. I am just hoping at least next valentines somebody sends me some Ferrero Rocher or some other dark chocolates else “I am happy single” will be sung again by me.

  1. Gaurav says:

    Red, red, i think i need to notice about the dress, yes i went to one mall in V-week and was surprise to see that on floor of the mall was decorated pink….!!


  2. Gaurav says:



  3. swathi says:

    he he he…:-D


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