Poop and Poop reLated StufF

Posted: March 5, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

If anybody ask me which is your favorite place then definitely I will say a relaxing washroom. Non-stop flowing water, Soft and smooth tissue paper, enchanting foaming soap, a mild room freshener fragrance and a focal point to focus during your task that’s all one need in a washroom, nothing more, nothing less. Ohh!! Man its heaven, trust me.

In countries like India where population is getting multiplied every second having a shelter over our head is a big thing. But if you have a relaxing washroom then oopzima!!!!, you are really fortunate. In places like Bombay you find people utilizing tax-paid roads to poop without any hesitation. With pants down, bum exposed to the air and bees, water waiting in the mug when you see these all you want to do is puke. In Bangalore only you can find dog poop, cow dung but in other advanced cities you can find human poop on road. May be that’s why they call those cities as cosmopolitan cities!!!

One fine day while walking on road you get a nature call . You look around and search for a washroom. You feel the pressure building up in your lower body, you want to get delivered from that pain but still you are not able to spot a washroom I tell you it’s the time you feel “how unfortunate I am”. So make sure before leaving from your house make sure you don’t get such urgent requirement from your  lower body

Points to remember While pooping

What usually people do while pooping?They just sit on those English toilet and focus on their task not caring the noise pollution they cause. Phur…phurrrrrr!!! oh its really annoying. So don’t ever forget to on the tap or keep on pressing the flush whenever you feel small harmless cracker is near.

After your work is done sit for a while on the toilet seat. Thank god for the golden opportunity. Then sing a song with a smile on your face. Don’t forget to flush. Always remember to clean up your mess

Many times when I go to wash room I keep my fingers crossed. Most of the times I have seen mannerless-techies  poop!!!Yak,  never expected “non-flushing behavior from techies that too ladies!!!! Sometimes even grown-ups act like kids. They leave the crime scene as it is not bothering about the witnesses floating on the top.

What we usually do in washroom?

If  we are waiting in a queue we wait for a while , if the person doesn’t come out within few minutes we tell to yourself  “guess didn’t had time to poop at home”.

If somebody comes out while we are washing our hand we check the mirror to see the face of the person who was inside. Trust me all women do this I don’t know about men as I never entered men’s washroom.

After coming out of the washroom do wash your hand with soap and save the keyboard from the poop.

Sometimes when ladies wash their hand they try to remove something from their nails. Wait a minute did they poop and come!!!OMG they are digging the poop out of their nails!!!!!Ladies its time you trim your nails. Nobody wants to see you digging your nails for poop, seriously you looks lot more good with short nails.

I have friend named Golu. Most of the time he will be busy working and when he is not working he will be busy pooping. So out of curiosity I asked him “whats with you and your pooping timing? How many times you poop?”. He said “Usualy guys poop 2 to 3 times day while gal poop only once”. I was like “I don’t think so? guess all normal human poop only once”. Golu said “75% of guys poop twice a day while gals poop only once. Gals also don’t poop when they go to new places. They take time to adjust”. As his last point was true I felt may be he is correct. Its then I started asking my male friends “how many times a day you poop????!!!

Hi reader, i hope you enjoyed the Poop related write up…:)

 I have a news for you all.If you like my blog and want to be part of it then here is a golden opportunity for you. Send me your write up with your name, pic and little info and i will publish it in my blog. Techie, non-funny, non-humorous stuff will not be entertained. Even thought of the day, 4 lines poem i dont mind. I will be honored  to be part of my reader. Hope at least few of you send your write-ups 🙂

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  1. loly says:

    HOLY SHIT !!!!!! 🙂 :):)


  2. :D says:

    you can also check for the shape of your poop… sometimes it comes as I or T. My fren once got a Q. Also wen you eat brinjal or lot of diced tomatoes, you see the brinjal seeds floating and tomato peels too(applicable when you have runny poop) 😀
    Also wen u eat drumstick or indian spinach, it kinda sticks out.. u got to pull it out urself. Disgusting!


  3. Gaurav says:

    Pretty good observation..!! Specially about the ladies nails,..!! also in gents washroom, ppl look into the the mirror to see who came out…pretty common human nature..!!
    One thing i liked about your blog is you make shityyy things interesting….:P


  4. navee says:

    brought a smile on my serious techie friend’s face also (who never smiled in office)…. U got something to cheer up others.. u are gifted..


  5. DJ says:

    Pls write a sequel of this whn u experience a rush to poop in inappropriate places.. also no water after pooping would also b interesting if write in ur style…


  6. churningthewordmill says:

    Its quit difficult to take any topic express your point of view and convey your message that too in a humorous way good job well done:)
    To be a part of our blog its a nice oppurtunity for non writers to become writers atleast they can start with this as saying goes “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”
    Thanks syl i always enjoy your blog


    • sylvia says:

      Thank you Roopitha:)……I just wonder where i would have been withour my friends, readers support:)
      Make use of this chance…you are a good reader and trust me readers take min time to become writers:)


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