Knowledge Transfer…….Whatever!!

Posted: March 12, 2013 in My Silly thoughts
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As I got some new info I thought I will share my knowledge with my readers. Yes i believe in KT or whatever they call it

Some Facts

Guys never cross their legs and sit. They cross their legs only when they want to fart quietly. Every time they cross their leg Tom and his neighbors gets hurt so guys don’t take risk

Ladies don’t like to travel on bad roads and in bad vehicles. Jenny and Renny always complaint when they feel the bad roads.

Guys, my tips for you

Never wear tight pants or any other clothing which will highlight Tom. When Toms struggling looks visible people call it something like moose knuckle, Its Google’s definitions not mine. So avoid wearing ass-over-fitting pants

No matter how much you eat see to that you never get Jenny and Renny. It’s a boon for ladies but curse for men. So do lot of exercise and avoid getting those twins.

I hope the info was quiet useful. I believe in knowing all new generations terminologies.


  1. Gaurav says:

    I always had a different view about KT..:P and according to me…cross legs thing is not correct ..!!..:D


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