T……..a…..F….R Really!!!!!

Posted: March 14, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

When I wrote about poop stuff, many liked it, sorry loved it. Many of my friends said “its nice, i cloudnt control my laughter”. I am not happy because people liked my post, i am happy because i made somebody laugh. Laugh and make others laugh that is what i follow.

Golu got angry when he came to know that I wrote about him. He said “Kya SnLji, app ne mere bare me blog mae likha?ohh be potty ke barre mae(you wrote about me in your blog, that too about poop?). I just smiled and said “take it light yar, nobody knows you except me and your potty secrets are safe with me. He just smiled and started talking about fart. Then he winked at me and said “so your next topic will be fart?” I just chuckled and said you are too smart

Now every time I visit washroom I smile thinking about my article. Other day when I entered the washroom holding my breath to be lucky to not to find the poop, I was amazed to see a flower instead of poop. I smiled wondering how the flower came in to that place.  I said to myself “all days are not shitty”. Sorry for deviating from my main topic FART

What is Fart and what does Fart contains

Its nothing but a sound notifying the audience about the gas released during the process which is caused due to heavy consumption of any food containing high proportion of gas. Most of the times farts acts as a reminder for those people whose exit process is blocked to due to some reasons. Gas and sound together forms the whole fart. Please note gas released during the fart never contains fragrance and highly toxic. Intake of such toxic air makes your whole body shiver for a while.

Who farts?

There is no human  creature who doesn’t fart, manager, clerk, office boys, security guards…..I don’t know about god!!!. If anybody says “I don’t fart” then trust me they are abnormal or they have some issues with their digestive system.  Most of the people fart according to the situation. When they are at home they fart with full volume with a smile on their face as if they have achieved something big. When they are at office they fart with mute volume. While they fart you can see stressful lines on their forehead. Few cross their leg and few lift their ass little up and do the needful. Farts with mute volume are difficult to identify. Only foul smell helps us to find the existence of the fart. Mute-Farters never agree that they farted. After farting they make a weird face and try to blow the air and say “oops, somebody just farted!!!!” Everybody does that nothing new in that. Only human with brave heart can fart in public with full sound. In reality no such human accepts as we are follow up the good culture, educated, manners……bla bla

Farting is a knack. Pur, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, pur…pur purr…… and goes on. People do fart in their sleep. People who are farting in their sleep may not be aware of the noise pollution they created but people sleeping next to them wake up thinking it’s an alarm which they had set before sleeping.


Even babies fart. My nephew who is barely 2 months old farts, my niece AL farts loudly and giggles and says “I farted checkchy”. Even dogs fart. In fact every living creature farts. Lets not be ashamed of our own farts. Purr……. excuse me, I just farted!!!!!

  1. I was wondering about that smell.. it was you !!!


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