I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 15

Posted: March 23, 2013 in STORY

Jenny smiled looking her over filled bag. She was very much excited as she was going home for 3 months’ vacation. She saw RJ’s pic in her phone and smiled. Then suddenly she remembered  Dexter, his death, Ron and her eyes filled with tears. She looked at the cloudy sky through the window and wondered whether she will ever be free from her past which haunts her every minute. She saw her wedding ring and sighed again. When she felt she wanted to get away she decided to go for a walk.

When she saw the over filled army trucks with soldier she smiled.  For a moment she felt happy seeing the excited soldiers. As she continued walking she saw more soldiers with their back packs. They waved at her and wished her happy holidays. She wished the same and continued to walk.

With the dark clouds sky looked dangerous. Light lighting was indicating any minute by then it is going to rain. First time in her life Jenny didn’t care she walked till the small hill from where she cloud see those trucks. She sat there watching the trucks disappear. Tiny rain drops started to hit her face but Jenny didn’t care. She felt so happy and relaxed. She closed her eyes and lifted her face to the sky. The chilly wind made her shiver still she sat there. Her silken hair was dancing with wind and had fallen over her face but she didn’t even try to push them  from her face. She lifted her hands and lifted her face even more. The cute little smile on her face was telling clearly how much she was enjoying. Rain drops were everywhere, her eyes, lips, hair. She tried to open her eyes but pricking rain drops made her impossible. So she shut her eyes and gave herself to the nature.

Goose bumps on her neck made her realized that she was not alone. She opened her eyes and pushed her hair from her face and turned around.  She stared at Kegan with open mouth. She didn’t like the way her body was reacting. He said “I didn’t know anybody will look happy and beautiful at the same time. I am glad my eyes captured every bit of it and I am sure I will never forget it” Jenny was angry because she didn’t like it the way Kegan was looking at her. She looked at him and said “don’t you think people like their privacy and they like to be left alone?” .

Keagn walked towards her and stood  few feet away from her . Jenny felt like running away but she didn’t want him to think that she is a coward so she stood firm on her place. Her heart was beating fast against her ribs. He looked straight into her eyes and said “I was admiring the nature if that is a mistake then I am sorry” .Saying that he lifted his hand to her face and slowly he started to wipe her face. Jenny flinched at his touch and he smiled. She took few steps back and he stared at her. Jenny felt his eyes are like x-rays. When she couldn’t hold his stare she looked at ground. Kegan laughed and said “you are really a good actress, you hide your feelings very well but your body doesn’t cooperate.” Saying that he closed the distance between them and held her close with his firm hands. Before Jenny could realized what is happening he kissed her on her lips. To her astonishment she started to respond. Suddenly Kegan moved back and said “see this is what I was talking. Don’t fight your feelings Jenny, let it go” Jenny’s eyes were filled with tears. She walked towards him and slapped him and said “how dare you to touch me?, how dare you to kiss me? How dare you? Answer me”. Kegan stood there watching Jenny. When he didn’t answer she started to beat him against his chest. She said with her teary eyes “I don’t hide my feelings in fact I dint have any feelings. Don’t waste your time on me Kegan.  I am Ron’s and always will be. I know I may sound  insane but that’s what I promised him “I will love him and only him” so don’t pester me, you will get nothing but disappointment”. Saying that she turned to walk but Kegan stopped her and took her in his arms. Jenny begged him to leave her alone but Kegan held her close to his heart. She cried again to let her go but instead of letting her go Kegan kissed her forehead and said  “ I am sorry that  Ron is dead and I am sorry you had to go through all this pain. But I am not sorry for falling in love with you and I will never let you go.”

When those words hit Jenny’s ears she lifted her face to look at him. She moved away from him and said “you are crazy Kegan, you are damn crazy” When she started to walk Kegan said “I know I have entered your heart and I will make sure that I will stay there forever”. Jenny opened her mouth to say something but when she heard the bomb blast she stopped. She saw the smoke coming from the road. Truck carrying the soldiers was burning in flames. Kegan phoned and informed the headquarters. Then he looked at Jenny and said “go back to the quarters, I am going down ”. Jenny looked at him and said “I am a soldier I am coming with you”. When Kegan felt it is useless arguing with her he said “ok, but you follow me, its my order”.

As soon as they climbed down the hill they stared to walk towards the truck. When Jenny saw the burning truck she felt sick to her pit. She saw the burnt bodies of soldiers and she felt a storm inside her stomach. Few minutes back she had seen those soldiers all happy to meet their family members. She puked thinking how their family members will feel when they get to know about their death. She saw Keagn walking carefully. He had only his small gun in his hand. She knew it will take another 10 to 15 minutes before help comes from headquarters. They were only few yards away from the truck when she said “don’t go further we don’t have weapons, if they attack we cant fight”. Kegan looked at her and said “stay here I take a look and come”. Before Jenny could stop him he moved slowly towards the truck. Jenny was watching his every move. Without her knowledge she was praying to god for his safety.  Kegan almost reached the truck when the firing started. Jenny held her breath when she realized that they are not alone. 3 to 4 men were firing in their direction.  She looked at her small gun cursed herself for her stupidity. When she realized those men are advancing In their direction she knew it it’s a do or die thing. Slowly she moved towards the truck and found Kegan waiting silently for his chance to attack the enemies. She thank god when she heard the approaching truck sound, she knew it help has been arrived. She was just thinking when Kegan moved from his place and attacked the men wounding one. When Kegan realized that remaining three men were surrounding the burning truck he told Jenny to be alert. He knew its going to be hide and seek game but real one. As the truck sound got louder three of them started to run. Kegan chased them and caught the first guy. Its then Jenny plunged into action. She aimed at the running men and killed both of them. She was smiling at her achievement. But when she saw Keagn bleeding she was shocked. The man lying below Kegan had stabbed him on his stomach.  Kegan’s blood was everywhere but still he was fighting. Jenny aimed her gun to the man lying below Keagn and shot him on his head. When Keagan felt the man go numb he collapsed against him. Jenny ran towards him and tried to wake him up. He touched his hand stained with blood to her face and said “you know what lady, you are mine and I will protect you till my last breath” saying that he closed his eyes.

(were you waiting for this story?did you still like it?let me know:))

  1. megha says:

    Hmm..Sylvia, back to form..;)


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