Men, you OUGHT to reSPEct Them!!!!!

Posted: March 28, 2013 in My Silly thoughts


Behind every successful man there’s a woman. It can be anyone Mother, sister, Alma makers, your wife or your neighbor’s wife.  All I want to say is respect them. A guy who doesn’t respect a woman will never find and understand the true meaning of love.

Mother: She is the one who protects you and loves you no matter what. 9 months she carries you in her womb in spite of all pain and difficulties. She doesn’t care how bad she looks with buldging tummy and extra fat. All she care is about you. Hats off to you mom, I don’t know whether I will ever love you like how you love me.

Alma Maker: Without their impositions and punishments you don’t know which slum you would have been residing and which jails iron grills you were counting. Thank my a***(I know its hard to thank them), ok Thank you mam, I don’t know where I would be without your cane and that 5 inch sharp tongue .

Sister: They say sister is the best friend you could ever have. She cares, fights, hides your mistakes and loves you. Without them your childhood would have been colorless. Thank you sis, without you I would never hide those lipstick mark on my shirt and the cigarettes in my pocket

Female classmate: Dude, you have to bow your head to your fellow female classmates. Without their high tech fashion and seducing smiles classes would have been die hard boring. Never forget your crushes because they have the capacity to make you smile

Girlfriend or Money swallowing machines: Tell you guys, without them in your life you are void. You will never know what is to be loved and pampered. I know shopping, waiting, complimenting is tough job but pal you love that part don’t you?

Better half: You win an Oscar or lose everything she will be always there by your side.  She completes you. She supports you in all possible matters. Ok, sometimes she bosses around and argues, but dear hubby who doesn’t have arguments in their life?. Love your wife with whole heart; keep her always happy, because she’s the one who left her everything for you.

 Daughter: When you hold your daughter in your arms you feel there’s nothing in the world makes you so happy. They are your pride take care of them. I am sure you don’t want anyone to hurt your pride.

I am telling you guys without woman’s presence in your life you are nothing. Respect and love all women who turned your colorless life into rainbow. Cheers to you ladies!!!


  1. navee says:

    nice one 🙂


  2. deeks says:

    hey about neighbor’s wife u dint explain ……!!!


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